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How To Start Share Market Business In 2022




Social media marketing has become a powerful tool for both e-commerce and real-world traders. According to statistics and analysis website Statista, 35% of consumers trust social media while up to 93% of marketers use social media marketing. With giant social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter commanding billions of users, it is understandable that most marketers use social media. In addition, LLC registered services can also help.

Although social media has been proven to be an effective marketing platform, it is necessary to have the right strategy. It is one thing to have social media followers, viewers, and likes, and a totally different story to convert these users into customers. The silver lining lies in the manner in which you deploy your marketing strategy. As a larger part of SEO social media marketing should be able to attract traffic, convert and guarantee return sales.

This post shows you how to build a social media marketing strategy and implement it to gain results. Here are the five simple steps to take to achieve the desired results:

Step 1: Set Up Branded Social Media Pages and Link to Primary Website

When you are just starting with social media marketing, you must focus on branding yourself. Although you may not be interested in building a long-term brand, make sure you show some semblance of a brand. According to Havard Business Review, 64% of consumers pay allegiance to products based on the brand. 

When marketing products on social media, you want to start by making your brand known. If you do not have a brand but you are marketing products from a known brand, make sure you put this information up front. If you are selling an Apple phone, for instance, use every opportunity available to associate your campaigns with Apple and Apple products. 

Step 2: Establish a Relationship with Your Customers and Followers

One of the most important factors that most social media marketers overlook is being social. At the end of the day, a social media site is made up of people looking to socialize. Although most people PurchaSe products on social media, few people visit social media sites primarily for shopping. Essentially, all social media users need to socialize.

When you are social and interactive with your followers, you generate confidence in your customers. Customers want to be sure that your brand responds to customer concerns. Ignoring comments and failing to answer customer messages is proof that your brand is a scam or it does not answer customer concerns. While this might seem like a small matter, it affects the running of your business in the long run.

Step 3: Engage in Product and Market Testing

Do not rush into paying for advertisements on social media sites without carrying out tests. Every product has a market and every market has its needs. For you to find a market that needs your products, you must carry out what is known as product testing campaigns and geographical market testing campaigns.

Product testing campaigns gauge the reception of a specific product within a market. If you are selling a given range of products, your initial adverts should be used to collect data on how the different products are received. This should help you know which product is economically viable within which locality. 

For instance, if you are marketing smartphones and you do not know where the market is ripe, you could run three different adverts with three different phones targeting a general global audience. In your ads, market an iPhone, a Samsung, and Huawei products separately. You can tell from your statistics which regions in the world are interested in which of the three products. 

Step 4:Scale Up Ideal Products in Ideal Regions

Once you have found the ideal product that works for a specific locality or targeting specific demography, scale up your marketing campaigns. It is at this point that you can invest heavily in paid advertisements. You may also want to use social media influencers to scale up marketing in a region where you know your product is in demand. This guarantees a good return on investment.

Step 5: Carry Out Retargeting Campaigns and Further Branding Campaigns

Although the above four steps will help any business find customers and make sales, retaining customers could be a challenge. To be a successful social media marker there is a need to invest further in branding. Retargeting campaigns are also vital to ensure that those who have purchased from you do not go anywhere else. The beauty of retargeting advertisements is that they offer more return on investment than all the other campaigns. 


For any brand that seeks to capitalize on the power of social media marketing, a clear strategy is paramount. The above steps should be helpful in putting up a marketing strategy that works. Such a strategy does not only guarantee sales but also ensures that your business grows over time. 



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