There have been millions of times Bollywood actresses have been ashamed of their bodies and sometimes their age too! However, kudos to those who spoke out against it. here is the list of actresses who have spoken out against bodyshaming as stated in Bollywood Shadis.

1. Neha Dhupia

The actress remains indifferent to the remarks she receives, she said: “But I want to address this as a bigger issue because fat shaming needs to end for everyone, not just celebrities. .”

2. Vidya Balan

The Sherni actress has been shamed throughout her life. To this, she once reacted by saying, I’ve had hormonal issues all my life. It’s probably because of the judgment I passed around my body. When I was a teenager, people said to me, “You have such a pretty face, why don’t you lose weight?”

3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The actress was terribly ashamed when she got pregnant with Aaradhya. With that, her husband Abhishek Bachchan stood up and said: Yes, she is a public figure, but people forget that she is also a wife and now a mother and there is a line not to cross. I never talk about any woman that way and it’s obviously not graceful for anyone to talk about her like that either.

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