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John Wayne said Red River was the first time he felt like a real actor




After starring in Red River, actor John Wayne experienced a major turning point in his career. However, it also proved to have a significant impact on his overall outlook in life. It was all made possible thanks to director Howard Hawks, who made a thought-provoking comment for the actor. Wayne once said that red river It was the first time he “felt like a real actor”.

John Wayne had to convince the public to “RedRiver” of the strength of Montgomery Clift

'Red River' John Wayne wearing a cowboy hat and white neckerchief, in a studio portrait.
John Wayne | Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

The book by Pilar Wayne and Alex Thorleifson, John Wayne: My Life with the Dukeexplored the life and career of red river actor. He frequently repeated the words of his mentor, John Ford, to the press when it came to questioning his acting abilities: “I don’t act, I react.”