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Xboxs InXile mocks release date 'leaked' by voice actor

Xboxs InXile mocks release date 'leaked' by voice actor
Xboxs InXile mocks release date 'leaked' by voice actor


The developers of Clockwork Revolution have apparently mocked speculation regarding the game's release date.

Last week, a listing on IMDB suggested that the game could be released in 2025. This was according to a listing allegedly posted by a voice actor for several upcoming titles that appeared to feature release dates, as well as code names for Games.

Although the legitimacy of this list has never been confirmed, inXile, the developer behind the upcoming game, took to X to mock the list.

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A meme containing stills from Netflix [305 articles]” href=””>Netflix series The Umbrella Academy claims that whoever wrote the original message is “inventing a release date for its IMDB”.

Announced last year by Xbox Game Studios, the steampunk first-person RPG is in development at InXile Entertainment. [43 articles]” href=””>InXile Entertainment.

The game is led by game director Chad Moore and lead designer Jason Anderson, who both worked on the steampunk RPG Arcanum.

Clockwork Revolution will be released on Xbox Series S [4,108 articles]” href=””>Xbox Series [7,763 articles]” href=””>PC via Steam [1,475 articles]” href=””>Steam, and will be available with Game Pass. It will arrive in due time, according to its first trailer.