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Luke Skywalkers 10 Coolest Moments In Marvel Comics




Even before his birth, Luke Skywalker was destined for greatness. Darth Vader’s and Padme Amidala’s son was always going to stand out, but no one could have predicted how well he would perform. His journey in New hope He upgraded him from being a dreamy farm boy on Tatooine to being a Jedi and joining the Rebel Alliance, where he detonated the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. However, this was only the start of his journey.

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After Disney acquired the rights to Star wars, they started releasing new comics through one of their other properties, Marvel. These continued the story of Luke and his rebel comrades, showing his many adventures between the films as he grew up to be the legendary Jedi Knight fans know and love.

ten Luke’s first duel with Darth Vader was at an Imperial weapons factory

Luke fights Vader on Cymoon 1

At the end of New hope, Luke Skywalker had turned out to be an incredible pilot. He destroyed the Death Star and saved the rebellion. However, he was still an absolute hobbyist as a Jedi and possessed only the most rudimentary knowledge of Force or lightsaber combat.

Despite this, he attempted to duel Darth Vader in the first issue of the new comic book series. To Lukes’ credit, he escaped one of the Sith Lords strikes but was quickly disarmed. Just before being beheaded, Luke was saved when Han Solo drove an AT-AT down the hallway where they were fighting, giving the young Jedi a chance to escape.

9 He fought Boba Fett in his old home on Tatooine

marvel - luke vs boba fett

Boba Fett is possibly the most beloved minor character from the original trilogy. It has only four lines (five if one counts its death cry while flying into the pit of Sarlacc) but it always commands a feeling of gravity. Plus, his armor is so cool that the whole concept of the Mandalorians as a group was inspired by it.

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When Luke returned to his old home on Tatooine, Boba Fetts tracked him down and tried to neutralize him with a flash grenade. Despite being blinded, Luke was able to deflect the bounty hunters’ shots with the Force and ultimately drove Boba Fett away.

8 He flew his X-Wing directly into Darth Vader’s forward TIE ship above Vrogas Vas

Father downstairs

It’s hard to say who is the greatest pilot in the galaxy. In most conversations, fans are likely to list four major contenders: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Wedge Antilles, and Darth Vader.

At the start of the infamous Father downstairs story, the Sith Lord single-handedly wiped out two Rebel X-wing squadrons while performing exercises on the planet Vrogas Vas. Then Luke took out the Vaders ship by flying directly into it. The two crashed into the planet below and somehow survived. This is something neither Han nor Wedge could pull off.

7 Luke dueling in a gladiatorial arena on Nar Shaddaa

Star Wars Showdown on Smugglers Moon Grakkus The Hutt Gamemaster

Luke was captured by Grakkus, a powerful member of the Hutt Cartel who operated on the smugglers moon of Nar Shaddaa. Grakkus had a deep appreciation for the Jedi and collected their artifacts. It also had its own gladiatorial arena.

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After one of the people in Grakkuss hired Luke trained in how to properly use a lightsaber, the young Jedi was ordered to fight to the death in the arena to entertain a crowd. Surprisingly, as the fight began, Han, Leia, and Chewbacca came to his aid, all wielding lightsabers stolen from Grakkuss’ personal collection. At the same time, the Empire attacked, forcing Grakkus’ gang to join the fray as well in a pitched battle right in the middle of the arena.

6 Rebels hijack an Imperial star hunter

the Presage was a former Star Destroyer captured by a small group of rebels, including Luke and most of the other main characters. With just a skeleton crew, they piloted the massive ship, intending to crush it on their enemies.

The mission was already almost suicidal. Then the Empire’s elite SCAR soldiers boarded, killing any rebels they found. Led by Sergeant Kreel who carried a lightsaber and had trained with Darth Vader, the SCAR Troopers were deadly effective. In fact, Kreel had previously worked undercover, claiming to serve Grakkus, and had been the one who trained Luke to use a lightsaber. While Kreel was the better duelist, Luke had the Force on his side. It helped that he was accompanied by the coolest rebels in the galaxy fighting alongside him.

5 He defeated Symbiote Queen Abersyn at the Howling Citadel

Luke fights Symbiote Queen Abersyn in The Screaming Citadel

The Absersyn Symbiotes were a dangerous species of parasite thought to be extinct until Doctor Chelli Aphra discovered their remains and unleashed them on the galaxy. These creatures could take control of a host body and control them undetected.

On the planet Ktathatn, Luke and Aphra encountered the Queen of Ktathatn who was possessed by an Abersyn symbiote. Aphra planted one of the symbiotes on Luke, who drew on the living and wrested control of the hive from the queen. He then freed himself from the control of the symbiotes and killed her with his lightsaber.

4 He forcibly made a pilgrimage to a site of destruction on Jedha


After Luke learned the Thief activatedThe mission that stole the plans from the Death Star, he became overwhelmed with the guilt that the entire team had given their lives.

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He traveled to the ruins of Jedha, the first world destroyed by the Death Star and the site of an ancient Jedi temple. The devastation on Jedha had created a break in the Force and attracted a cult of death worshipers called the central isopter. Luke traveled to meet the central isopter, hoping to learn more about the Force. Here he encountered more than he expected, sensing destruction unleashed and recognizing the dark side, even though he was corrupting a friend of his. It was his first contact with the Dark Side and he proved to be able to both recognize it and endure it.

3 He flew against closed hangar doors to fight the Empire and formed a squad of thugs

Star Wars: Hope Dies

After the rebels made a deal with the Shu-Torun Queen Trios for help building their fleet, they discovered that the Queen had betrayed them. Their ships were not functioning and the hangar doors would not open. Worse yet, the Empire arrived to destroy the entire rebellion in a single attack.

Knowing that there had to be a way out of the main hangar of the starcruiser he was in (and that the ship would soon be shattered if left unprotected), Luke flew his X-wing straight to the hangar. doors. Fortunately, the doors opened automatically and let him through. Other ships followed, allowing the rebels to mount a defense and escape.

2 Luke reconnected to the Force after returning to Cloud City

Luke uses the force

After losing his hand in the fight with Darth Vader for The Empire Strikes Back, Luke struggled to connect to the Force. When Lando drove him and Leia to Cloud City so that Luke could retrieve his old lightsaber, Leia was captured and Lando was cornered by the Stormtroopers.

In this time of need, Luke has regained his connection to the Force. He rescued Lando, throwing Stormtroopers through a window in Cloud City, then used his powers to simultaneously free all of the Empires’ prisoners and give Stormtroopers rifles to said prisoners. At that point, he went from a Force-fed farm boy to a true Jedi knight.

1 He fought the Grand Inquisitor in a Jedi Outpost in the High Republic

Needing a new lightsaber, Luke began looking for leads to acquire one. He eventually arrived at a former High Republic-era Jedi outpost. Here he encountered the Grand Inquisitor, who was in fact dead, but whose spirit was trapped in the outpost as punishment for his past failures.

The Inquisitors had hunted down the Jedi and killed them for the Empire. Even dead, the Grand Inquisitor was a formidable adversary. Fighting amid ancient Jedi artifacts, Luke grabbed a High Republic lightsaber and defeated the malevolent spirit of the Force in single combat.

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