Television and film broadcasts took advantage of their downtime to meet virtually, including “Melrose Place”, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “The Goonies”.


The theaters are still closed, but streaming movies keep you and your family entertained during periods of social distancing.

This weekend, Netflix presents a sixteen-year love story and a social drama, Rob Morgan (who impressed in last year’s “Just Mercy”) plays an aging bull rider, plus there are a few Horror movies to keep you on the edge of your well-worn isolation couch. And if you’re in the mood to give back, Lionsgate is rolling out its latestFriday night live movie, the Oscar-nominated musical “La La Land” (9 EDT / 6PDT), hosted by Jamie Lee Curtis and raising funds for theater workers affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Here is an overview of the new movies streamed this Friday for all cinematic tastes:

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If you’re in the mood for teenage love with a twist: half

We have already seen plays on Cyrano de Bergerac on several occasions (Roxanne, anyone?), But the writer / director Alice Wu brings something thoughtful and refreshing to her romantic comedy. Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis) is an introverted Chinese-American girl locked up in a small working-class town who writes papers for her classmates to earn some money. Painfully inarticulated fin Paul Munsky (Daniel Diemer) hires him to write a love letter for him to the hugely popular Aster Flores (Alexxis Lemire), although it turns out that Ellies also crushes Aster hard. Wu brings Cyrano into the era of texts and emojis, and while Half of It strikes familiar rhythms from teen movies, the characters are not cookie cutter archetypes. Ellie and Paul in particular, by embracing their individual minds and their relationships with others, become fun characters to watch grow.

Where to look:Netfix

If you love powerful crime dramas with family issues: all day and one night

Like a contemporary Boyz N the Hood with the emotional depth of The Irishman, All Day is a great empathetic and fearless look from director Joe Robert Cole (co-author of Black Panther) on systemic racism and a cycle of generational violence, seemingly without end. Moonlight star Ashton Sanders plays Jahkor, a reserved young Oakland man who wanted to avoid the gang life of his violent father JD (Jeffrey Wright) but, after committing a double homicide, finds himself in the same prison yard as his dad. Jahkor does not reveal the reasons for the murder, but they gradually come to the surface as he recounts his difficult childhood, the evolution of his relationship with his best friend (Isaiah John) and their relationships with a charismatic pivot (Yahya Abdul- Mateen II) in a bloody gang war. In this majority narrative, Jahkor is not only determined to stay alive as a marked man in prison, but also to make sure that his newborn son does not follow his path.

Where to look:Netflix

If you dig good luck friendship stories: Bull

The writer / director Annie Silversteins is the latest in a recent series of stellar performances by Rob Morgan, who plays the role of a legendary black bull rider in Texas who feels every moment of his years being knocked over and knocked over by d huge animals but refuse to give this life. He takes concerts as a rodeo clown and wrestler when his place is robbed by his young neighbor, the 14 year old delinquent Kris (Amber Havard). Her mother is incarcerated and she hangs out with racist children and drug traffickers. But forming a friendship with the grumpy cowboy next door lets his empathetic side manifest and an emerging interest in the bull offers him a way to stabilize his life. Havard holds out with Morgan and their scenes together lead the emotional heart of Bull, who succeeds as an introspective study of the character of two people desperate to find their way in difficult circumstances.

Where to look: iTunes, google play, Fandango Now

If you like your zombie movies with something extra: Blood Quantum

While gore hounds will love the amount of intestines, viscera and projections appearing in the horror film by Canadian director Jeff Barnabys, Quantum makes its mark in the sub genre of the living dead by focusing on the problems of contagion with an indigenous population north of the border. Migmaq Tribesmen on the Red Crow Reserve, Including Sheriff (Michael Greyeyes) and Two Sons (Forrest Goodluck and Kiowa Gordon) Discover They Are Immunized Against a Zombie Virus That Turns People Into Eating Monsters flesh. It is fine and dandy until the refugees want to come to their homes to seek refuge and the First Nations facing the crisis must weigh morality against survival, even within their own families. The brains of this film are not just for eating, while the cleverly designed Barnabys film puts its characters to the test and leaves a trail of corpses in their wake.

Where to look:Shudder

If you miss the Reagan era fear festivals: the miserable

There is a strong comeback vibe, think of the Goonies or the Lost Boys with a hint of rear window to this surprisingly intelligent and entertaining cooler of adulthood by writing and directing the duo Brett and Drew T. Pierce (Deadheads). John-Paul Howard (Hell or High Water) plays the role of adolescent Ben, who spends the summer with his father in a coastal tourist town after the separation of the children. His feelings of fish out of the water working at the marina and helping the classy and demeaning young comrades do not compare, however, to the strangeness that occurs when a wizarding spirit of the forest inhabits the woman next door . Totally frightened, Ben tries to communicate the harmful darkness on foot but (of course) no one listens, and he teams up with a sneaky work colleague / interest (Piper Curda) to fix things. There are a lot of disturbing visuals and dread in Wretched, as well as some neat turns, to boost the satisfaction of the scary movie.

Where to look: iTunes, google play, Vudu


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