People will soon be able to see the designs for Bancroft’s latest art installation.

Red Dress Productions, in partnership with Maggies Resource Center, will be hosting a number of feedback sessions where they will give their thoughts on five designs for the Countdown public art installation in Millennium Park. A Zoom workshop will take place on June 22, where lead artist Anna Camilleri will show the sketches. During this workshop, Camilleri will also show what the project team has been doing in recent months. Comments will then be collected until June 25, with all comments in one design. A final design will be presented on June 29.

A number of stone painting kits were distributed by the Maggies Resource Center in the initial stages of the project. Donna Reid of the Center says they were able to distribute 180 of these kits to people in the community. Although there were challenges for the project, many people in the region were delighted to see the project come to fruition.

Camilleri and Reid both praised the work of art ambassadors Holly MacMurray and Jackie Lopez in organizing community outreach. They also listed various organizations like North Hastings Community Trust, North Hastings Community Integration Association, North Hastings Children Services, Algonquin First Nation and the Town of Bancroft as the main supporters of the project.

Until July, the final designs and engineering of the facility will be completed and work will begin at Millenium Park. Camilleri plans to organize a community unveiling session on what will happen on opening day. On August 12, they will host a public mosaic event and the final unveiling will be on September 24.

For updates on the project, follow it at the Maggies Resource Center on Facebook. Those wishing to submit comments on the design can email [email protected] or call 613-334-5406.