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The Black Diamond Bracelets: The Ultimate Combination of Elegance and Edge


While colorless diamonds have long been a go-to choice for high-end jewelry, their popularity came to a point when they needed a refreshment, leading to a rise in demand for alternative options. Black diamonds have become a breath of fresh air in the world of jewelry, offering a unique and edgy look that is both stylish and elegant. Black diamond bracelets make a perfect example of a jewelry that is able to instantly elevate the style without much effort just by adding intrigue and mystery to the image. 

A black diamond jewelry bracelet represents a new generation of accessories that doesn’t require being either bold or delicate, statement-making or sophisticated. Those bracelets are ready to do both and combine edge and elegance creating jewelry masterpieces that are meant to make an impression.

But first, let us talk about the origin of black diamonds and how they actually gain their dark appeal that brings them to playing the leading parts in high-end jewelry.

What is a black diamond?

Natural black diamonds, also known as carbonados, are a unique and rare type of diamond. Unlike traditional diamonds, black gems are opaque and have a unique, dark color that ranges from dark gray to pure black. Black diamonds are formed differently from traditional ones. They are not formed in the volcanic pipes that are common for diamonds. Instead, black diamonds are believed to have been formed in outer space and were brought to Earth through meteorites. This is why they are often referred to as extraterrestrial diamonds. 

Historically, black diamonds were not valued as highly as traditional diamonds. Mostly found in the Central African Republic and Brazil, they were often considered to be impure and were used for industrial purposes. The thing is that these stones get their color from graphite inclusions, which are responsible for their famous dark hue, while clarity is one of the most important characteristics for the colorless diamonds, as inclusions free or as they are also called, flawless stones, are typically more valuable. However, due to their rarity and unique formation, black diamonds are now generally more expensive than traditional diamonds.

Nevertheless, it is unlikely to find natural black diamonds of even, deep black color, as they often have a shady appearance. As a result, most black diamonds are treated or enhanced in some way to achieve their striking appearance. But, despite the ways in which the stones are treated, whether it’s heat or radiation, all black diamonds are real, with some being a bit enhanced to turn their flaws into benefits.

Black Diamond Bracelets

“Diamond jewelry is perfection. But the jewelry with black diamonds is perfect, seasoned with mysterious elegance. Black diamond bracelet will reveal its magic as soon as you put it on your wrist. Trust me, strong will is required to take it off.”

-Dennis Stepansky- Founder of ItsHot


The benefits of black diamond bracelets are numerous and quite obvious. Their unique and striking appearance makes them stand out from other types of jewelry, making the accessory an excellent choice for those seeking to make a statement. Black diamonds also pair well with a variety of metals, including classic yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, as well as platinum. This versatility makes it easy to incorporate black diamond bracelets into any outfit style or to match with other jewelry.

Black diamond bracelets also offer a unique twist on traditional jewelry designs, adding an edge to the already elegant iconic pieces. For example, the famous tennis bracelet, a timeless classic, takes on a fresh new look when mixed with black diamonds. When white gems are substituted or mixed with black diamonds in the design, the conservative tennis bracelet transforms into a piece of jewelry that exudes edginess and style. The bracelet became a top jewelry trend in 1987 during the US Open, when Chris Evert lost her simple looking jewelry and made the game stop until it was found. Since then the delicate bracelet has been known under this name and remains popular and modern up to these days. The presence of black diamonds in the style, adding more rows to the original design of the piece, and experimenting with diamond cuts have brought the tennis bracelet style a new life and even more fame.

The Mariner chain bracelet is another piece of jewelry that often gets covered with diamonds. As the style itself is bold and rather chunky, it looks great when iced-out, but the colorless gems may seem too boring for it. The large links inherent to the Mariner chain style would benefit more from the combination with black diamonds. The black and white contrast creates an extravagant and classic edginess that undoubtedly emphasizes your sense of style and exquisite taste. The black diamond Mariner chain bracelet will definitely make the jewelry everyone will notice and remember. The elegance and dark charm of black stones won’t fail to make your look even more stylish and sharp.

The Cuban link bracelet gained its fame over 50 years ago, in the 1970s, and its iced-out version has become a favorite bling jewelry of rappers in Miami. The recent years have brought this style’s popularity back to the fashion trends. But it was quite obvious that it needed an upgrade, and black diamonds were there and ready. The Cuban link bracelet iced-out with black diamonds has won the hearts of every fashionista and became a game-changer in the jewelry industry. It not only completes the look, the look is built around this edgy statement piece. It definitely won’t get lost among other numerous bracelets if worn in trendy layers. The black diamond Cuban bracelet is the jewelry that screams of your uniqueness, extravagant taste and love for glamour and luxury.

Mysteries and Superstitions

While black diamonds have only recently become trendy in the world of jewelry, they have a long and fascinating history. There was a time when black diamonds were avoided in jewelry due to people being cautious and making up superstitions just because of the stone’s color. There are also famous examples that have only added mysterious flair to the black diamonds. The legend of The Black Orlov is a notorious story about the cursed jewelry that brought doom to its owners. To prevent the sequence of deaths the diamond was cut into three pieces in an attempt to break the curse. 

No wonder that people who are fond of mysterious jewelry with symbolism find bracelets with black diamonds especially attractive and alluring. Clearly, black diamonds don’t bear dark magic or curses, but they do have their supernatural charm and mystical appeal.

If you want to spice your look with luxury jewelry but are searching for something edgy and unique, the bracelets with black diamonds are at your service. Those magnificent dark stones can turn even classic pieces to trendy jewelry with sharp design. As black diamond bracelets are easy to incorporate into different outfit styles, you can only imagine the number of exclusive looks it is possible to create with their help. To fully understand the perfection of the black diamonds you need to try their charm for yourself, the result is worth it!


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