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How Coachella fashion is shaping this summer's trends

How Coachella fashion is shaping this summer's trends


The dust will soon settle in the Northern California desert as the Coachella music festival draws to a close for another year.

The three-day festival, held twice on separate weekends, has become a serious destination not only for music lovers, but also celebrities, influencers and fashionistas.

Articles relating to style trends flooded the internet after the first weekend of this year's festival, and Google searches for “Coachella fashion 2024” jumped more than 2,000% worldwide in the past two weeks. The media of that of New York The cup shape the Bible Vogue provided an analysis of the festival's overall clothing trends, including details on what celebrities wore.

Coachella has the advantage of being one of the “first big festivals of the year,” according to Vito Valentinetti, co-founder of the website Music Festival Wizard, which allows it to set the tone for the next live music season .

“We get a lot of festival fashion out of it because it's the first of these big festivals, so there's a lot of emphasis on style and it's also in Los Angeles, so it's stylish,” she said. he declares. News week. “You start to see some looks filter through.”

One of the pioneering fashion brands at Coachella is online clothing retailer Revolve. It's exclusive Revolution Festivalwhich is held next to Coachella, has become one of the hottest tickets of the weekend and brings together some of the biggest names in fashion, including Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Leonardo DiCaprio and Hailey Bieber.

two women dancing at Coachella
Festival-goers attend the 2024 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 19, 2024 in Indio, California. The festival is often considered a fashion pioneer.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella

autumn lovethe editor-in-chief of her eponymous “digital fashion destination” website explained why Coachella helped set the tone not only for the season's music festivals, but also for summer style in general.

“Coachella isn't just a music festival; it's a fashion show in the desert. When it's 90 degrees outside, it's hard to know what to wear,” Love said. News week.

“People are paying close attention to Coachella fashion for cool yet stylish summer outfit ideas. They're watching how others are handling the heat with different layers, accessories and styles.”

Love added: “Plus, fashion and music are closely linked: what you see at Coachella often reflects the music played and the overall vibe of the festival, influencing fashion trends for the season.”

Love also explained that Coachella attendees put a lot of thought into their festival outfits because the weekend was “all about freedom and going full throttle when it comes to putting outfits together.”

“Everyone is there to show off their unique style and have fun with their look, which makes it a perfect place to spot new trends,” she explained.

“There really is no right or wrong to Coachella: it's all about being yourself and dressing for the desert heat. This free-spirited vibe influences fashion because she encourages people to be bold and experiment with their outfits, creating trends that carry over into summer.”

But some experts dismissed this year's Coachella style and may reflect greater ambivalence about the festival. It had one of its worst years in terms of ticket sales, including a second week without success, and perhaps its title as fashion nirvana could follow suit.

“Unlike in years past, people seem particularly blasé about Coachella right now,” Hannah Jackson wrote for British Vogue.

“It seems like there's a similar slowness around festival fashion. With the trend cycle accelerating at breakneck speed, there doesn't seem to be one dominant fashion trend that everyone is happy with. 'agreement.”

Jackson added: “Today, there seems to be no shared clothing experience, which was part of what made Coachella feel like an escape. Maybe one day we'll find ourselves united again in fashion. But who knows if the festival will recover in time?

While Dazed said Coachella is going through a “fashion identity crisis”, arguing that the festival's fashion heyday, which began in the 2010s, is over. Because many A-list celebrities had opted for toned-down, incognito looks, while social media influencers and regular punters went overboard with camp looks, this had created a fashion “crossroads”.

“Stars need to separate themselves from influencers who are still making this effort – they need to signal that they are different in some way. So it's no surprise that the arbiters of a once-dominant style are changing camp,” Elliot Hoste wrote.

“Of course, fashions change and people grow and evolve – that certainly wasn't the case 10 years ago. But part of that change has to do with the need for some to distance themselves from those who make a a little too much effort.”