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9 Sophisticated Fashion Trends That Ooze Elegance

9 Sophisticated Fashion Trends That Ooze Elegance
9 Sophisticated Fashion Trends That Ooze Elegance


“How can I look more sophisticated?” This is something my friend asked me in our WhatsApp group this week. “Everyone's talking about classic style and 'Old Money'”. She's not wrong. Instead of the hyper minimalism that dominated for years, fashion has taken a very elegant turn, and that's all I see on my social media. Turns out it's not just the algorithm serving me what it thinks I'll like, but even my friends, who all have wildly varying styles, seem to get the same prompts. “I really don’t think you can dress like that on a budget,” says another friend. At this point, I have to ask myself to bait myself, because I've spent the last few months documenting not only how to dress more stylishly, but also proving that you don't have to break the bank to do it . In fact, you may not even need to spend any money.

I decided to take a fresh look at the sophisticated fashion trends I'm seeing over and over again this summer and, honestly, I'd say most of them already live in your wardrobe. Otherwise, they should be easy to get hold of, whatever your budget. Deciding to go further than just sharing this information with my friends, I've listed nine pieces you need to achieve maximum elegance, with purchasing options to suit every price point. Are you ready to be called graceful or classy? Because that's what people will call you when you wear any of the clothes below.

1. Draped Tops

Sophisticated fashion trends: @emmanuellek_ wears a draped, off-the-shoulder top tucked into cream wide-leg pants.

Style Notes: There's something about excess fabric that makes draped tops (and dresses for that matter) feel particularly high-end. Right now, I'm seeing a lot of stylish people wearing draped, off-the-shoulder tops, tucking them into fitted, wide-leg pants for further stylish kudos.

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2. Big bags

Sophisticated Fashion Trends: @modedamour Wears All-Black Outfit and Oversized Tote Bag from The Row

Style Notes: Instead of filling your small purses with all your essentials, throwing them into a larger tote can look much chicer (and, by proxy, more sophisticated). Mary-Kate Olsen loves wearing huge tote bags to effortlessly counter her more formal outfit. Try it and I dare you not to feel extremely cool in the process.

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3. Loose skirts

Sophisticated Fashion Trends: @ingridedvinsen Wears a White Loose Skirt with a White Tank Top and Black Knit

Style Notes: While mini skirts can absolutely look sophisticated (it all depends on the style), there's something inherently refined about the full midis and maxis that are making the rounds this summer. Pair it with a simple top and throw a knit around your shoulders for a very Hamptons look.

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4. Low Heel Mules

Sophisticated fashion trends: @deborabrosa wears a blue linen shirt, white shorts and black low-heeled mules

Style Notes: Many sophisticated trends harken back to the past, and the heeled mule is a retro shoe that goes hand in hand with the aesthetic. Popular in the 1950s, this shoe trend is full of classic connotations. Try pairing it with simple shift dresses for evenings, or fitted shorts and a shirt for a refined daytime outfit.

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5. Capri pants

Sophisticated fashion trends: @sylviemus_ wears black capri pants with a black blazer and mules

Style Notes: Although they seem particularly current right now, there is something very classic about capri pants. Maybe it's the way they pair perfectly with other stylish pieces: pair them with a fitted blazer and a chic handbag and your outfit will look extremely high-end (although this it's not the case).