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The Fluffiest Game on GameCamp


Neon lights reflect their hazy glow on wet pavement. A city quietly exists, inhabited completely by robots. In that city, a cat creeps through the back alleys, injured and alone. This frail feline must make its way through the city, interacting with its citizens and completing objectives in hopes of making its way back to its family.

This is the world of Stray, the first game released by BlueTwelve Studio. This third-person adventure game has arguably the cutest, fluffiest protagonist this side of Daxter from Jak and Daxter. As a stray cat, you will navigate a cyberpunk setting that rivals the aesthetic of Cyberpunk 2077 itself.

After a long development cycle rife with delays and other troubles, the game is finally available for both cyberpunk and cat enthusiasts. And most importantly, you can pick up Stray game key for its lowest available price on Let’s take a look at some of the features you can expect when you dive into this adventure.

A Sci-Fi Setting

Stray goes out of its way to make a strong first impression on players. The “long-forgotten city” that serves as the location for the adventure is full of intrigue, mystery, and mechanical beings. Seeing the game in motion and watching the city come to life is truly a sight to behold.

The future/cyberpunk setting is built out in a believable manner. You can tell humans lived there at some point, but they are all gone now. In their place is a citizenry that consists of automatons as well as some organic beings that are less than friendly.

Where did these creatures come from? What are they? Will this cat claw up furniture and take a nap? These questions and more will be answered in the complete version of Stray.

Feline Funny Business

The Blade Runner-style environments serve as characters of their own, but the star of the show is obviously the feline hero. Seeing this city through the eyes of a tiny cat gives players a unique perspective of everything, and creates plenty of opportunities for novel gameplay.

But, if you’ve ever spent time with a real cat, you know they are prone to shenanigans. The cat in Stray is no different. In this game, players will have plenty of opportunities to feel and act exactly like a real cat, including jumping and climbing to places you definitely should not be.

And the cat-isms don’t stop there. There is even a button dedicated to making the Stray “meow”, and you’ll also be able to push all kinds of breakable objects off of ledges just to watch them shatter.

The realistic scratch damage system also makes interactions with different materials almost impossible to resist. With all of this considered, Stray could be the first and only cyberpunk cat simulator!

Companion Drone

Our Stray hero won’t be alone in his adventure. Within the opening hours of the game, players will be introduced to B12, a cute robot companion. This little guy is super helpful and provides a number of services including translation services to communicate with robots, storage, and objective tracking.


BlueTwelve Studio has been working on Stray since at least 2015. With Annapurna Interactive’s help, the game is finally available for everyone almost six years later. You can pick up Stray on at its best price, and get deeply invested into this cat’s journey to be reunited with its family.


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