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IIT alumni call on PM Modi to condemn Dharma Sansad and Bulli Bai app




New Delhi: IIT alumni have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying his silence on several issues of concern such as Haridwar ‘Dharma Sansad’ hate speech, Sulli Deals and Bulli Bai apps and allegations of abuse organized via the Tek Fog app is “deeply disturbing”.

The declaration, signed by more than 100 alumni ranging from batch 1962 to batch 2020, states that the constitution of India embodies the principles of equality, brotherhood, justice and liberty. “And yet, as we celebrate this legacy in the 75th year of our freedom, we can’t help but notice the dark clouds hanging over the country,” he says.

Some of the speakers at the Haridwar congregation, where calls for genocide were made, “had close ties to the party you lead,” the statement to Modi, in which President Ram Nath Kovind is also copied, says.

“Even though a petition about this is to the Honorable Supreme Court, we urge you and other leaders of your party and government to condemn this act and take prompt and meaningful legal action against the authors,” they add.

The statement describes the Sulli offers and the Bulli Bai apps, which targeted several prominent Indian Muslim women, as a “shameful saga”. The signatories said the young age of those arrested in the case, an 18-year-old, and a few others in their early and mid-twenties “suggests how deep communal hatred and misogyny run in our society”. “We looked forward to you and your government condemning this in the loudest possible voice and reaffirming the country’s faith in its constitution,” they said.

The Tek Fog app, the details of which were revealed by Thread after a thorough investigation, targeted women in the media with organized abuse, they said. “Reports suggest this is a military-grade psychological weapon and in the hands of malicious actors, it can have serious security implications. Your conviction of this alleged weapon is still awaited,” reads the press release.

The statement also notes that former heads of the armed forces and former IIM students and faculty have previously written to the Prime Minister about the issues. “Your decisive action is eagerly awaited on these alarming tendencies to divide India,” the signatories conclude.

The full declaration, with the list of signatories, is reproduced below.

January 12, 2022
Honorable Prime Minister of India, PMO
New Delhi

Cc: The Honorable President of India, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi

Subject: Your silence is deeply disturbing

Dear Honorable Prime Minister Shri Modiji,

As we write this on Swami Vivekananda’s birthday, we remember his words, I am proud to belong to a religion that has taught the world tolerance and universal acceptance. Not only do we believe in universal tolerance, but we accept that all religions are true. Mahatma Gandhi appreciated this quality of Hinduism: its freedom vis-à-vis dogma strongly attracts me insofar as it gives the practitioner the greatest freedom of expression.

We remain proud heirs to this heritage and indeed the preamble to our country’s Constitution embodies this spirit in its founding principles of Equality, Fraternity, Justice and Liberty.

And yet, as we celebrate that legacy in the 75th year of our freedom, we can’t help but notice the dark clouds hanging over the country. As the country valiantly struggles against the challenges of the interminable Covid-19, the steep rise in unemployment and the masses of people being pushed into poverty, we now face the grave danger of growing calls for genocide from one community. On December 24, 2021, The New York Times reported, Even by the standards of India’s growing anti-Muslim fury, the three-day conference in the town of Haridwar, 150 miles north of New Delhi, produced the most flagrant and alarming call for violence in recent years. The report further alleged that the leaders of this congregation who made these calls for genocide had close ties to the party you lead. Even though a petition about it is with the Honorable Supreme Court, we urge you and other leaders in your party and government to condemn this act and take prompt and meaningful legal action against the perpetrators. .

Along with the above events, there is the shameful saga behind the creation of the Sulli Bids and the Bulli Bai app, where several prominent Indian Muslim women with independent voices found their photos and profiles uploaded and auctioned. virtual events have been organised. The UN special rapporteur on minority issues, Fernand de Varennes, called it harassment and called for condemnation and prosecution. The age of the young people who have been apprehended as suspects suggests how deep communal hatred and misogyny run in our society. Again, we looked forward to you and your government condemning this in the loudest possible voice and reaffirming the country’s faith in its Constitution.

The Wire recently published an article about Tek Fog, an app that supposedly manipulates online trends and automates hate. The voices of independent women in the media have been the main targets of these organized abuses. Reports suggest that it is a military-grade weapon for psychological operations and that, in the hands of malicious actors, it can have serious security implications. Your conviction of this alleged weapon is still awaited.

A recent letter from former Chiefs of the Armed Forces to yourself and to the Honorable President of India speaks to these disturbing community trends. The letter stresses, in the context of the upcoming elections, that we urge you to take serious note and take appropriate steps to ensure that the sanctity of the electoral process is maintained and that all these calls inciting violence against the one or the other community are treated. firmly. As a former military, I am deeply concerned about the direct impact of such actions on both external and internal national security. The consequences for the social fabric of India and the general welfare of our citizens are truly serious. The country is counting on you, especially in the important position you occupy, to safeguard our democratic standards and the Constitution of India.

Our friends, students and professors from the Indian Institutes of Management have also, in their letter, underlined their concern at your silence. They wrote: Your silence on the rise of intolerance in our country, Prime Minister, is disheartening to all of us who appreciate the multicultural fabric of our country. Your silence, Honorable Prime Minister, emboldens voices full of hatred and threatens the unity and integrity of our country.

You have often spoken of India’s demographic dividend. Your speech today at the inauguration of the National Youth Festival is timely. Your exact words were, India’s demographics are young, and India’s spirit is also young. There is youth in India’s potential and in its dreams. India is young in thought as well as in consciousness. Young Indians are writing the code for global prosperity. The New India Compete and Conquer mantra. Get involved and win. Unite and win the battle.

To unite and win the battle, the Constitution must be respected. Your decisive action is eagerly awaited on these alarming tendencies to divide India.

Jai Hind

Signed by,
Satya Talwar, IIT Bombay, 1962
Gurkirat Singh Ahluwalia, IIT Bombay, 1967
HS Juneja, IIT Bombay, 1967
Abdul Subhan, IIT Bombay, 1969
Surendran KK, IIT Bombay, 1972
Ali Entrepreneur, IIT Bombay, 1973
Angeli Surendran, IIT Bombay, 1973
Joeman Thomas, IIT Bombay, 1974
Bhupinder Sabharwal, IIT Kharagpur, 1974
Dr. Koyar Rane, IIT Mumbai, 1976
Dhananjay Mahajan, IIT Bombay, 1977
Geeta Mahajan, IIT Bombay, 1978
Prajval Shastri, IIT Bombay, 1979
Sandhya Gokhale, IIT Bombay, 1979
Pramod Kumar Joshi, IIT (BHU) Varanasi, 1979
Subhash, IT BHU, 1979
Sabir Mashraqui, IIT Bombay, 1979
Akhlesh Lakhtakia, IIT (BHU) Varanasi, 1979
Nitin Borwankar, IIT Bombay, 1980
Shekhar Phatak, IIT Bombay, 1980
Bhupen Kharawala, IIT Bombay, 1980
Janat Shah, IIT Bombay, 1980
Anil Gajwani, IIT Bombay, 1980
Nitin Deshpande, IIT Bombay, 1980
Revathi Kasturi, IIT Bombay, 1980
Rekha, IIT Bombay, 1980
Rajeev Joshi, IIT Bombay, 1981
Ashok Raman, IIT Bombay, 1981
Rema Kandaramath, IIT Bombay, 1981
Ranjini Warrier, IIT Bombay, 1981
Laiqahmed S Mombasawala, IIT Bombay, 1982
Pradeep Meshram, IIT Bombay, 1982
Soumitra Banerjee, IIT Bombay, 1982
Ashok Kumar Das, IIT Bombay, 1982
Shashank Shah, IIT Bombay, 1982
Sham alone, IIT Bombay, 1982
R Vasudevan, IIT Bombay, 1982
Tara Banerjee, IIT Bombay, 1982
R Ravi, IIT Delhi, 1982
Vijaya Rao Verma, IIT Bombay, 1982
Girish Bhave, IIT Bombay, 1984
Sharadchandra Lele, IIT Bombay, 1984
Sunil Jagtiani, IIT Bombay, 1984
Atul Verma, IIT Bombay, 1985
Tarun Bhagattjee, IIT Bombay, 1985
Sunderarajan Venkatavaradan, IIT Bombay, 1986
Venkatesh Sundaram, PhD, IIT Bombay, 1986
Chayanika Shah, IIT Bombay, 1986
Shaibani Azam, IIT Bombay, 1986
Rajesh Darak, IIT-BHU, 1986
Deepti Pradhan, IIT Bombay, 1986
BV Ajay, IT-BHU, 1986
Balachandra Iyer, IIT Varanasi, 1986
Chandru Chawla, IIT Bombay 1987
Sriram Krishnaswami, IIT Madras, 1987
Mohammed Shadbar Qureshi, IIT Bombay, 1988
Veena Devasthali, IIT Bombay, 1988
Sundar Mudaliar, IIT Bombay, 1990
Sudhama Gopalan, IIT Bombay, 1990
Devesh Khatu, IIT Bombay, 1990
Amir Khan, IIT Bombay, 1990
Sriganesh Madhvanath, IIT Bombay, 1990
Shree Sridhar, IIT Madras, 1990
Umesh Malhotra, IIT Madras, 1990
PS Ramakrishna, IIT Bombay, 1991
Radhika, IIT Madras, 1992
Pratap Tambe, IIT Bombay, 1992
Ranjeet Ranade, IIT Bombay, 1992
Shahab Haider, IIT Bombay, 1992
Radha Gopalan, IIT Bombay, 1992
Anis Saif, IIT Bombay, 1993
Prashant Dogra, IIT Kharagpur, 1994
Sachin Patwardhan, IIT Bombay, 1994
Garima Bhatia, IIT Bombay, 1995
Shubha Ramachandran, IIT Bombay, 1996
Shirish Waghulde, PhD, IIT Bombay, 1996
Krishna Ramaswamy, IIT Bombay, 1997
Sahana Murthy, IIT Bombay, 1997
Zenobia Pilot, IIT Bombay, 1998
Rajasekhar Jammalamadaka, IIT Bombay, 1999
Akshay Mishra, IIT Bombay, 2001
Vaibhav Vaish, IIT Kanpur, 2004
Bindhulakshmi Pattadath, IIT Bombay, 2007
Siddharth Joshi, IIT Bombay, 2007
Rupal Agarwal, IIT Bombay, 2007
Ruchika Agrawal, IIT Bombay, 2009
Brijesh Rai, IIT Bombay, 2010
Abhijit Majumder, IIT Kanpur, 2010
Pranav Jeevan P, IIT Kanpur, 2015
Pratik Sonone, IIT Bombay, 2015
Ronica Roopak, IIT Bombay, 2016
Saravanan V, IIT Gandhinagar, 2016
Rohini Karandikar, IIT Bombay, 2016
Kunal, IIT Bombay, 2019
Nishant Chhandak, IIT Bombay, 2019
Mayur Ramteke, IIT Bombay, 2019
Nikhil Jaiswal, IIT Bombay, 2020
Arindam Roy, IIT Kharagpur, 2020
Nawang Yolmo, IIT Bombay, 2020
Nima Stanzin, IIT Bombay, 2020
Harsh Kumar Wagadre, IIT Bombay, 2020
Kaniska, IIT Bombay, 2023
Ankit Raj, IIT Bombay, 2023
Milind Raj, IIT Bombay
Anees, IIT Ropar




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