Head of BPN Alor, Jose De Aurojo (black jacket) giving an explanation to El Luase regarding the withdrawal of his land certificate, Friday (29/7) at the Alor BPN office, the Old Region complex. (Photo: tribuanapos.net/demas).

El Luase (40), a resident of Maritaing Village, East Alor District, complained that the Alor Regency National Defense Agency (BPN) office had withdrawn his land certificate.
He was upset because his land certificate had been issued during his participation in President Joko Widodo’s Prona scheme, but was withdrawn by BPN on the grounds that the land was in a protected forest area.
“We regret the attitude of the Alor Regency land office which withdrew our land certificates. Now our certificate has been withdrawn. He said our land is part of a protected forest area, so everything has to be removed. We have about 100 people who have received their certificates, but they also want to withdraw,” El Luase said Friday (7/29) in Kalabahi.
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El said he was surprised because the certificate was issued and distributed to him by BPN Alor agents, along with 100 other residents of the village of Maritaing in 2017, when he participated in President Joko Widodo’s Prona program.
According to him, before the issuance of the certificate, the agents of the BPN Alor had carried out measurements according to the applicable procedures. But what he regretted was why his certificate had to be withdrawn on the grounds that he was in a protected forest area.
“Well, all our certificates were issued under the new rules and they were distributed to us. Why then withdrawn? If from the start our land was in a protected forest, it should have been canceled from the start. And we also ask , since when did the story come that this land, our garden could enter a protected forest area? Who gave it up? We never gave up our land and our gardens for protected forests,” said El.
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Head of BPN Alor, José De Aurojo.  (Photo: tribuanapos.net/demas).
Head of BPN Alor, Jose De Aurojo (left). (Photo: tribuanapos.net/demas).
He asked the BPN of Alor to explain the fundamental reasons which led to the withdrawal of his certificate. He said he was unhappy because BPN had no legal basis to withdraw except by order of a court order.
El then went to the office of Alor BPN to seek clarification from the head of Alor BPN, Jose De Aurojo. The head of BPN immediately called his staff to verify El Luase’s complaint, as he had just served in Alor BPN’s office.
Based on the testimony of his staff, Jose admitted that El Luase’s land certificate had to be withdrawn due to negligence in the issuance process.
Jose said that at the start of the measure, the Alor District Forestry Office informed BPN so that the measure would not continue until the certificate was issued.
The head of BPN Alor also admitted that this problem arose due to the negligence of his staff.
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“Indeed, that was an oversight, so for now, we will get the certificate from Mr. El Luase. Because according to the forestry office, if the land is in a protected forest area, we will secure the certificate for the moment until there is clarification later,” he said while asking El Luase to wait for clarification.
Jose De Aurojo also asked the forestry party to demarcate lands included in protected forest areas, conservation forests and production forests throughout Alor district so that it is easier for them to measure community lands. .
“It is a problem in this region of Alor. So now, who wants to mediate, let’s talk about it. If journalists want to mediate, yes, please, I’m ready to attend. Yes, we need to talk about it. The task of the government or the DPRD is to hold a meeting, to invite all of us so that we can discuss it. I’m waiting for an invitation to facilitate the discussion. I don’t want people’s land that has been gardened, it’s only been said for years that it was a protected forest area. So where do they want to live? “, he said.
The BPN leader called on residents of Alor who were having issues with the issuance of their land certificates, to immediately report them directly to him for resolution. He stressed that in his leadership, there will be no elements of the BPN who play in the rotten practice of the land mafia. If found, he will be fired immediately. (*dm).

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