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Vladimir Putin says Trump told him that U.S. military costs were too high and that “ disarmament was in fact advocated ''




Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Donald Trump once expressed concerns over the level of US military spending which he said was "too high".

In a series of filmed interviews with the Kremlin-funded agency Tass to mark the 20th anniversary of his position at the top of Russian politics, Putin was asked about the military capabilities of Russia.

He told the interviewer, Andrei Vandenko, that Russia did not intend to fight anyone, but rather that its military development was aimed at "creating conditions so that no one please fight against us. "

"Today we are in seventh place when it comes to arms spending. The United States is ahead of us," Donald (Trump) told me, "and adopted. a huge budget for next year, a budget of 738 billion dollars, I think & amp; quot;, said Putin.

Putin and Trump
A combined image shows US President Donald Trump at a Keep America Great rally in Phoenix, Arizona on February 19, 2020 and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Jerusalem on January 23, 2020. Putin told Russian media TASS that Trump had expressed concerns about the United States. military spending.

Vandenko asked, "Was he bragging?" Putin replied: "No. He said it with regret. He said the costs were too high. But he had to do it. He actually advocated disarmament, as I was told said."

Newsweek contacted the White House for a response to Putin's request.

Putin did not say when Trump would have told him that. Last month, Trump sent Congress a 2021 budget request for $ 740.5 billion, including $ 705.4 billion for the Department of Defense, according to a DOD press release.

the Statista The graph below details the global military budgets for 2018.

highest military defense budgetary expenditures
A graph shows the top 10 spenders on national defense in 2018, as reported by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

The Russian President went on to describe how his country's military spending is falling, while in other countries it is increasing ", and we are not going to fight anyone, but we are creating such a situation in the sector of defense so that no one dares to think of fighting us. "

He stressed that in the past, Russia "always had to catch up with its strategic weapon competitors", from the moment the United States developed the first atomic bomb, the first missiles and the first strategic aircraft to be delivered these weapons.

In Putin's opinion, the rest of the world was trying to catch up with Russia, because "for the first time, we have created attacking strike systems that the world has never seen".