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Modi-Shahs BJP needs a new enemy for Bihar’s election. Pakistan and Sushant will not work




Narendra Modi and Amit Shah |  File photo: T. Narayan |  Bloomberg
Narendra Modi and Amit Shah | Photo: T. Narayan | Bloomberg

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WWith China becoming the main enemy in recent months, the Bharatiya Janata party will have to find a new “other” to arouse feelings before the election of the Bihar assembly which will begin on October 28. China is not doing the job because it hardly evokes the same anger or hatred as Pakistan among a majority of Indians to suit the BJP.

The disparagement of Pakistan has always been the favorite pre-election rhetoric of Narendra Modi and Amit Shahs BJP, mainly because it echoes across states from Gujarat to Assam. Pakistan is an easy target, a toxic, bloodthirsty and, above all, Muslim neighbor. This immediately triggers an emotion of being ‘the other’ who needs to be taught a lesson, and this, of course, can only be addressed by Prime Minister Modi. 56 inch chest. For the main BJP voter, it is enough that Pakistan is an Islamic state, and the projection of its perpetual aggressor adds just the right flavor.

But in the Bihar assembly elections, given the overwhelming Chinese factor and Islamabad in the background, Modi-shah will have to find a new target.

The BJP tried to create a new enemy with the Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty case on the dock, but after the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) ruled out any foul play in the actor’s death, a cover was put on this topic at the moment.

Even if the balance tips in favor of the ruling BJP-JD (U) in the state, with the opposition a shattered and weakened mess, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah would find a campaign too dull and soft without identifying a ‘vicious’ ‘ clear. enemy who can be attacked persistently to arouse hatred among his electorate.

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The persistent ‘Pakistan’ factor

What does a state election in Assam, Gujarat or Uttar Pradesh have to do with Pakistan? Why should Pakistan become the center of an assembly election when there are much more pressing local issues?

These questions become irrelevant as the BJP comes into the picture. For the BJP, Pakistan is often the main problem. Pakistan is an alluring mix of a Muslim state, an “unprovoked aggressor” and an ever-green enemy. It also fits perfectly into the BJP’s hardcore Hindutva politics, which is based on demonizing the Muslim community. “Go to Pakistan” a to become a favorite curse in this BJP regime, as if there is no worse punishment for those it dislikes or does not consider to be Indian.

The pattern is obvious. In the election of the Gujarat Assembly in 2017, nothing less than the Prime Minister alleged that Pakistan was trying to influence the results and spoke of a “secret meeting that took place at the residence of the leader of Congress, Mani Shankar Aiyars, in which former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh participated. Prior to the Uttar Pradesh election earlier that year, Modi blame the neighboring country for a train derailment in Kanpur.

In the Delhi Assembly election last year, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath again introduced the P word, this time for to insinuate that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had Pakistan’s backing.

The 2019 election in Lok Sabha, of course, was preceded by a bashing in Pakistan, the terrorist attack on Pulwama, and India’s retaliation in Balakot providing the ideal ground. Rally after rally, speech after speech, Pakistan has become the key theme.

In Assam, far from Pakistan and where immigration from Bangladesh is a much more relevant and exciting issue, Himanta Biswa Sarma of BJP tonne during the campaign We need Modi as Prime Minister of India for another term as he does not care about Pakistan and in a short time has given a suitable response to the neighboring country.

In Kerala, while campaigning in Wayanad, where then Congress President Rahul Gandhi was campaigning, Amit Shah said he did not know if it was India or Pakistan from poisoning the response to Rahul’s candidacy rally.

Modi-Shah’s BJP doesn’t care that Pakistan is an irrelevant issue in a state election, it doesn’t care if its members seem downright rude, and it doesn’t care to be irresponsible when ‘he’s using a serious diplomatic question for cheap election thrills. All he cares about is dropping the P-word for as long as possible and attracting the thunderous applause and extra votes from his constituents he has apparently grown used to.

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The need for a new enemy

This year, however, has been devoted to China, with Pakistan being relatively silent. The military standoff in Ladakh which saw a clash in the Galwan Valley and Beijing’s continued belligerence to the Real Line of Control (LAC) has made China a clear enemy for now. Moreover, the tension at the borders does not seem to be receding anytime soon.

China, however, is not twice as easy to sell as the big nemesis of election season. After all, the other big quotient in BJP’s Muslim worldview is missing.

Can China have the same impact on the Hindu voter of the BJP? Can he stir the same animal, seeking revenge, we hate you with all the strength we have in emotion? Of course not.

Add to that the fact that Beijing is not Islamabad. He is already blowing us in the neck in Ladakh, and is hardly going to accept the brazen denunciations of Modi and Shah during the elections. Remember Aksai Chin’s remark by Amit Shah in parliament last year that the Modi government will take over? What has happened since then is visible to everyone. Amit Shah may have shown bravado and got a round of applause or two from his national constituency, but Beijing was certainly not amused.

For Bihar’s election, it now appears that the BJP relied much more on the Sushant Singh Rajput affair than on the potential benefits it could reap and maintain the momentum generated by the initial fury to carry it all. throughout polling dates. The AIIMS report and Rhea Chakrabortys’ bond have all but watered down his plans.

Another campaign frenzythe Bangladeshi immigrant issue has fallen by the wayside for the BJP. With the new citizenship law in place and the plan for a national NRC exercise now suspended, the issue of illegal immigrants does not seem likely to pay rich dividends either.

A new enemy, therefore, is what the BJP would look for in Bihar’s election, as well as in the major polls in the coming years in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh among others if the Pakistan-China equation remains as it is. ‘she is.

Dealing with Pakistan’s aggression when China already poses a frightening threat would be nothing less than a nightmare for the Modi government. And yet, Pakistan retreating into the shadows poses a strange problem for the Modi-Shah duo, whose brains must spin very quickly to find a suitable replacement.

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