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Jokowi’s son and son-in-law supported by the Gelora party, Fadli Zon suggests to Fahri Hamzah as advisor to the president





BOGOR PROBLEM – Two former vice-presidents of the Indonesian Parliament, Fadli Zon and Fahri Hamzah (duo F), who have always strongly criticized the government of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), have now softened and are no longer in the queue.

In addition, his two parties, the Gerindra and Gelora parties, now openly support Jokowi, both at the center and in regional elections involving the president’s children and son-in-law.

However, according to Indonesia Lawyers Club (ILC) presenter Karni Ilyas, the two are no longer compatible. Indeed, Fadli Zon, although Gerindra party chairman Prabowo Subianto has entered cabinet, is still somewhat consistent in his criticisms of the government, while Fahri Hamzah has softened a bit.

This was revealed on the Karni Ilyas Club YouTube channel which aired on Saturday, November 21, 2020.

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The two of them were reunited in the Karni Ilyas club and on this occasion Fadli Zon insinuated that Fahri Hamzah was suitable to be an adviser to President Jokowi.

The satire was not without reason, as Fahri Hamzah, as vice president of the Gelora party, admitted that his party supported Jokowi’s son and son-in-law in Medan and Solo Pilkada.


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