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2020 NFL Draft

Draft National Football League mock draft first round for 2020: Old Tagovailoa backs off top ten | Ovarian report Instant news




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Fasha Hunt / Associated Press

The NFL project is an oasis in the desert landscape of the current sports scene.

The league decided to continue working as usual – or as close as possible – so preparations for the event should continue.

The free proxy period is active despite conditions trying to change the NFL layout.

Tom Brady is now a member of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Philip Rivers joined the Colts Indianapolis. Coach / Houston Texas, general manager, Bill O’Brien, inexplicably trading DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona Cardinals for David Johnson. Jadeveon Clowney and Cam Newton are still available.

The world has turned upside down in more ways than one, but the NFL can handle most league transactions remotely, or “completely hypothetical,” according to commissioner-commissioner Roger Goodell.

The harvested pre-earning process will not stop the event from occurring. The team still has a hole to be filled and should do its best in light of the uncertainty – similar to expecting all 32 first-round options two weeks ago.

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Gerald Herbert / Associated Press

Options: QB Joe Burrow, LSU

There is no mandatory vote that should be considered without thinking because there is a risk in every choice. However, Joe Burrow to Cincinnati Bengals is the closest thing a process has ever encountered without thinking.

Burrow’s performance during the 2019 campaign is so good that it can’t be trusted. 60 Downs and 202 Back Quarter Rankings set a new record in FBS. The completion percentage completed 76.3 less than half a percent behind Colt McCoya’s note. The numbers reflect Burrows’ presence, unparalleled composure, and touches.

Additionally, it is ideal for the Cincinnati Attack Plan.

“[LSU] Bungals attack coordinator Brian Callaghan in February, according to Jeff Hobson, from the team’s official website, said the NFL scheme was being managed as far as possible. “We have many general concepts.”

The only concern is whether Burrow is a one-year miracle, but this is hardly troubling because the transparent nature of Heisman Award winner often achieves success at the next level.

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Jay Lapreet / Associated Press

Choice: EDGE Chase Young, Ohio

A year ago, Washington Redskins invested in domestic products by selecting 15 midfielder Dwayne Haskins. The team should take the same approach this year since Chase Young from Ohio State from Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

But this potential partner is much deeper than a shallow connection.

Young is a possibility not listed first in the next classes. The defensive side of 6, 5 inches and 264 lbs is devastating for the game with an unusual first-step rush, attack point strength and excellent technology and leverage. According to the 131 FIFA Focus Soccer ProYoung overall pressure was the most pressure by any college player in the past two seasons.

“We need a man to come and change our soccer team,” Washington coach Ron Rivera, the chief correspondent, said on Tuesday. “For me, there are some people on the board who are players like that.”

Young men are the kind of men and the right choice.

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Jay Lapreet / Associated Press

Options: CB Jeff Okoda, Ohio

Brief note before moving forward: Trades are not included in this fake draft. There is no reason to make forecasts so difficult.

If not, it might be better to use Detroit Lions for the third total lever as an additional asset. If the right agreement is not achieved, the Lions must stand and design the best defensive category.

Jeff Okoda from Ohio will be an immediate improvement in his defense, which won him 32nd last year.

Okudah has all required properties from a special closing angle. With a size of 6, 1, and 205 lbs, the length of the American (32 inches), its speed (4.48 seconds per page), and the explosion (a vertical jump of 41 inches) to fit wide receivers. He also has experience playing in both players and areas of coverage with a physical level to defend against running.

Black Darius Slay traded with the Philadelphia Eagles last month. Possible options give Black Okuda no angle. One real partner for Desmond Truvant.

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Chris Seward / Associated Press

Options: LB Isaiah Simons, Clemson

This year’s category features three potential game raiders. Joe Burrow is gone from LSU and Chase Young from Ohio. Isemah Simmons by Clemson is the third.

Simmons has the potential to become the ultimate defense weapon because a 6’4 “athlete, weighing 238 lbs with a burst speed of 4.39 seconds 40 yards as a striker, safety, nickel, and blazer can be used. Last season, 21- a 160-year-old defender played 160 rounds At least in four different positions, according to ESPN Field Yates it removes mismatches, and gives his mathematics the highest flexibility in any chart.

Concerns arose about Simmons’ value in a particular role and whether he would play for a team with a defense coordinator who was creative enough to increase his potential.

New York Giants had to dribble on the chance of putting Simons in the midfield, pairing him with Gabriel Peppers and introducing one of the league’s most flexible midfield / minor group players.

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Matt York / Associated Press

Choice: QB Justin Herbert, Oregon

After a year of thinking about “Tanking for the Elder”, Miami Dolphins must be ready to go the other way while still discussing the midfielder.

Bleacher Report Matt Miller says Justin Oregon Justin Herbert “has the most fans in the Dolphins concept room.”

Herbert is a safe choice. He is also very talented.

Cup winner William F. Campbell (also known as “Academy Hesman”) has all the physical characteristics that a team wants in this position. 6’6 “quarterback, 236 lbs easily produces speed for all three levels with good expectation and accuracy at rhythm. Herbert is also a great athlete who will add other elements to any attack. His understanding of post-sudden readings must evolve, but the tools are there to be printed as the face of excellence.

Sheikh Tagovailoa is at great risk of injury at this time.

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Timothy D. Easley / Associated Press

Options: OT Mekhi Becton, Louisville

Los Angeles Chargers must decide whether to enter the 2020 campaign with Tyrod Taylor in the middle.

The next step is easy if the chargers feel comfortable with Taylor: Address left.

In this scenario, the organization has the opportunity to design anyone you think is the most likely class position.

Louisville golfer Mekhi Becton is a rare talent due to his combination of size (6’7 “, 364 lbs) and movement skills. The 20-year-old is physically skilled and offers excellent passes. His ability to dominate on the next level outperforms each other’s income, despite He is not the most polished at this point in his career.

In addition, chargers can always cover their bets in the most important positions in the game with the signature of Cam Newton or Jameis Winston.

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Chris Amira / Associated Press

Options: DT Derrick Brown, Auburn

Offseason Carolina Panthers makes no sense.

First, the organization abandoned contracts for veterans. This is the usual first step to start rebuilding. Then the organization signed Teddy Bridgewater and Robby Anderson, indicating efforts to maintain competitiveness.

Whatever direction the team took, Auburn’s defensive choice, Derek Brown was quite logical.

From the employees ’point of view, Brown compensated for the loss of Gerald McCoy and the Dontary Bow. As a player, the defender 6/5 “, 326 lbs has the potential to be a destructive force throughout the interior. Brown displays enough speed and leg strength at the point of attack to penetrate the brackets and becomes a constantly subversive force.

It will be even more needed if the panthers launch Kawann Short after the 2020 campaign because the veteran has $ 20.8 million of his salary that arrived in 2021.

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Justin Hayworth / Associated Press

Options: OT Tristan Wirfs, Iowa

On its surface, Tristan Wirfs from Iowa to Arizona Cardinals doesn’t look right. A powerful 320lbs line of attack is often seen as a top notch blocker that may be better suited in escort.

Of course, Wirfs cannot be the cardinals answer in dealing with the right. False. It is the perfect choice for Arizona.

First, this year’s top ten offensive linear players got the highest pass pass value in real pass among the top five possibilities for incoming attack attacks, according to Focus Soccer Pro.

Second, Wirfs is an unusual athlete who tests among the 100 percent NFL of Linemen offensive in the SPARQ rank (speed, strength, agility, reaction, and speed), according to Three Sigma Athlete’s. Zach Whitman.

Finally, the 21-year-old inhibitor is ideal for developing Cardinals floor game due to his expertise in Iowa heavy zone plans.

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Butch Dell / Associated Press

The Pick: DT Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina

Javon Kinlaw Derrick Brown may not be considered in this year’s concept category, but South Carolina products may have a good side, if not greater.

Kinlaw has exceptional value due to the potential in his expertise.

Despite being raw, the midfielder survived 6’5 “, 324 pounds grossed the highest overall score among college defenders over the past two seasons, according to Focus Soccer Pro. Its greatest asset is the ability to tear the bag down as a traffic maker .

Jaguar has moved from Calais Campbell and Marcel Darius this season. Kinlaw should slip easily next to Taven Bryan and maintain a strong internal defense in Jacksonville.

It is clear that Jacksonville must decide whether Gardner Minshew II midfielder is the answer if there is a high possibility. But it would be better for the team to go with Minshew, add veterans and build the rest of the list.

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Brett Carlson / Associated Press

Options: PL Andrew Thomas, Georgia

General Manager Andrew Perry certainly made his mark during his first season with Cleveland Browns. Target Berry and sign the best available offensive treatment (Jack Conklin) and narrow end (Austin Hopper) at the free agent and leave the team with only one slot: left treatment.

This approach should not be considered incidental because this year’s offensive category was published.

Georgia Andrew Thomas is a delivery and delivery player after three years of success in the toughest college football division. The 21-year-old blockade is allowed only 37 pressures in 1075 jobs that have been blocked and classified as SEC’s best blocker during the 2019 campaign, according to Pro Football Focus.

Some may question Brown’s schematic suitability, who will adopt a heavy-blocking approach to Kevin Stefanski’s crime. Schemes require unusual lateral movements. Thomas was in the first six places between the offensive attack line in NFL Scouting Combine in both the short shuttle (4.66 seconds) and triple cone exercises (7.58 seconds).

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Fasha Hunt / Associated Press

The Pick: OT Jedrick Wills, Alabama

New York City Gates Director Joe Douglas is trying to build the best offensive front to help develop Sam Darnold. The organization signed by Connor McGovern, George Fant, Greg Van Rotten and Alex Lewis at Free Agents.

However, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported that the “current plan” of the planes was to choose an attack attack in the first round this year.

Three of the first four options are already on the board, but Alabama Jedrick Wells is not a condolence award. In fact, it is the most prepared option.

Wills provided the best technology from the group with NFL ready-made group permits. Also, Lineman’s 6’4 ”line, 312lbs is a destructive shutdown. Wills may not be completely inverted, but it is the perfect plug and play option for airplanes.

With wills in the right direction, Fant and Chuma Edoga can compete to cover the blind side of Darnold.

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Fasha Hunt / Associated Press

Options: Old QB Tagovailoa, Alabama

It seems that the old Tagovailoa stock draft has reached all or nothing in the past few days. One team felt comfortable with him and his extensive medical history or not.

According to the former NFL team at the executive office, Michael Lombardyon failed in the physical heart of Alabama. This is not only due to hip dislocation last year. Tagovieloa also suffered from ankle and wrist injuries while in Tuscaloosa.

Miami Heraldthis Barry Jackson spoke to two current NFL members who insisted on choosing Tagovailoa among the top 10 “risky” choices.

When will the prize exceed the risks?

Lefty Gunlinger is a very skillful and subtle arcade with lightning fast versions when in good health and in the field. His talent will outweigh the fear of Las Vegas Riders and his chief coach John Groden, who finally received the excellence talent caliber to replace Derek Carr.

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Butch Dell / Associated Press

Options: WR Henry Henry Ruggs III, Alabama

No one doubts the overall quality and depth of this year’s wide recipient category. However, there are a few questions about which prospect will appear first.

Henry Rogs III of Alabama brought something different from the others on his site with a 40-page rush of 4.27 seconds.

“I think he is the best in this concept,” an anonymous resident told Matt Zenitz. “I’ll take over my geode. He has a rare trait. When you see Jerry Judy – height, weight, speed – he’s above average in all areas. Ruggs has a rare trait and he’s not the typical speed receiver.”

San Francisco 49ers continue to search for # 1 wide receiver this season.

Roges’ explosive ability will make Kyle Shanahan’s attack stronger because he will act as a vertical threat and a capable target after the capture.

14 out of 32

Sue Ugruki / Associated Press

The Pick: WR CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma

Tampa Bay Buccaneers has much more urgent needs than recipients. However, the team is now in victory mode after recruiting Tom Brady into a free agent and cannot ignore the opportunity to add another dynamic weapon to the traffic attack last year.

Yes, the pirates already own Mike Evans and Chris Goodwin. And yes, they both booked more than 1,100 yards last season.

However, imagine the threat of a third-class recipient to be exploited by Brady.

Oklahoma CeeDee Lamb is arguably the most complete potential customer in the class this year. It might not be as fast as Henry Ruggs III or faster than a road runner like Jerry Jeudy, but the 21-year-old is advancing in every stage. It creates separation, produced after capture, extends to the field and makes obstacles difficult.

As for Tampa Bay, he would be very good at Z-receiver with Evans like X and Godwin in the slot.

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Fasha Hunt / Associated Press

Selection: WR Jerry Jeudy, Alabama

Denver Bronco will be very keen to see a pair of future prospective clients coming out of the board directly around the clock with the comprehensive fifteenth choice.

In this scenario, the organization still gets the best trip option in Jerry Judy Alabama for partnering with the Courtland Sutton.

Ultimately, the goal is to build the best cockpit around the Drew Locke back for the second year.

A year ago, Emmanuel Sanders was second among Broncos’ wide recipients with 30 receptions for 367 yards despite circulating in San Francisco 49ers in October.

Geode is an attractive option in the scheme because it can be played outside or from the slot. The methods are second to none in the classroom, and it constantly creates a chapter on the trunk, which will help provide Bronco with two widely valid options.

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Richard Shiro / Associated Press

Choice: S. Xavier McKinney, Alabama

Xavier McKinney isn’t the most straightforward option for Atlanta Falcons, but his added capabilities to the deal operate at different levels.

The hawks are worried about the back and striker, as well as lower safety levels due to two consecutive knee injuries at the end of the season Keanu Neal.

Like Isaiah Simons, McKinney’s experience should not be seen as a specific stance. Last season, All-SEC’s first defender played at least 26 percent of his shots in all safety, box safety, and a free corner slot, according to Austin Gayle of Pro Football Focus.

This means that he can take on many roles. A NFL resident assesses McKinney with Earl Thomas III, according to this mathematical illustration by Albert Brier. The comparison is very interesting, especially because Dan Quinn served as the Seattle Seahawks defense coordinator before becoming the Hawk Coach.

The same talent can change Atlanta’s defense style.

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Jimmy Sabao / Getty Images

Choice: Cesar Ruiz, Michigan

Dallas Cowboys reputation has recently been built around a great offensive front. Some of the pieces were replaced, and some weaknesses began to appear. But the core of the group – tackling left Tyrone Smith, Travis Frederick Center and right guard Zach Martin – have maintained high standards for a long time.

However, Frederick retired this season.

Dallas re-signed Joe Looney on a one-year deal worth $ 2.4 million, but this could be much better in this situation.

Cesar Ruiz of Michigan is one of the best potential customers to enter the league in a while. He has the ability to move defenders and excel at work in space. Michigan training staff regularly attract the 20-year-old as a major barrier.

Owner Jerry Jones indicated that he wasn’t afraid to press Frederick’s trigger sooner than expected in 2013. He had to do the same with Ruiz.

18 out of 32

Michael Wake / Associated Press

Choice: OT Josh Jones, Houston

Miami Dolphins got her ex-back before. Now, the front office should protect his investment.

General Manager Chris Greer spoke to Miami at the Free Agency with the signature of Ereck Flowers and Ted Karras. The next step involves finding a datum for Jesse Davis.

The top of the offensive attack category this year is often described as the “Big Four” as Mekhi Becton, Tristan Wirfs, Andrew Thomas, and Jedrick Wills are expected to emerge from the board in the first 12 to 15 options.

Josh Jones should not be excluded from Houston. It’s an easy crowd that looks almost boring sometimes because things come to it naturally. Four-year-olds get the highest blocking value from Focus Soccer Pro last season.

Some might argue that the 6’5 “block, 319 pounds dominated lower competition, but the level of performance didn’t drop during his time at Mobile, Alabama, at Senior Bowl.

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Rogelio F. Solis / Associated Press

Options: WR Justin Jefferson, LSU

Nelson Aguler’s last signature from Las Vegas Raiders front team office should not prevent the formulation of Justin Jefferson LSU. There is no comparison between the two because they mainly work from the aperture.

Jefferson can beat coverage in every imaginable way.

Goal 6’1 “, 202 lbs has the speed (4.43 seconds lunge 40 yards) to take over the defense. He posted the highest level of disputed capture last season among this year’s wide receiving category, according to Focus Soccer Pro. This adult player 21 years old through traffic and creates after catch.

Jefferson is not only classified as a slot receiver when he shows the ability to play a full path tree with properties to defeat the NFL defenders. He could supply anyone starting midfield next year – in this case, Tua Tagovailoa after dropping to 12th overall overall – with the # 1 legal receiver, which would also allow better use of Tyrell Williams.

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Ed Zorga / Getty Images

Options: CB CJ Henderson, Florida

Imagine trading two of the league’s top corners in a six-month period. Jacksonville Jaguar did this when they sent Galen Ramsay and A. Bouye to LA Rams and Denver Bronco, respectively.

guess what? Jaguar needs help from the back corner. Shock, right?

The organization’s inability to resolve the agreement with Darqueze Dennard did not help. Tri Herndon, DJ Hayden and Rashaan Melvin who have just been hired are currently the top three corners in Jaguar.

Henderson’s fitness and bad countermeasures will be asked, but it shows smooth hips and excellent coverage skills. The 21-year-old defender is also a prominent athlete. It has high speed (4.39 seconds dash 40 yards) to cover all receivers and bursting capacities (37) vertical inch jump to fight larger targets.

The combination of Henderson’s previous election and Gavon Kinliff had to make a big difference in the Jacksonville pass defense.

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صور بيتر جي أيكن / جيتي

الخيارات: إل بي كينيث موراي ، أوكلاهوما

قام فريق فيلادلفيا إيجلز بتحصين خط الدفاع والخط الثاني بفارق إضافي كبير. يمكن أن يكون Javon Hargrave و Darius Slay و Nickell Robey-Coleman صانعي الاختلافات في الوحدة.

ومع ذلك ، لم يتغلب الفريق بشكل كامل على الظهير. ساعد توقيع جاتافيس براون ، لكنه لم يعوض بالكامل خسائر نيجل برادهام وأنت يو جروجير هيل.

تحتاج فيلادلفيا إلى خط ظهير شرعي من أسفل الثلاثة لتوفير رابط بين الأمام والخلف.

أوكلاهوما كينيث موراي هو أفضل لاعب نقي خارج الكرة في صفه بمهارات تترجم إلى مباراة اليوم. عرض أداء فريق All-Big 12 الرئيسي نطاقًا جانبيًا إلى جانب مع غريزة وسرعة (4.52 ثانية اندفاعة 40 ياردة) للعمل في الفضاء وإغلاقه بحامل الكرة. تراكمت موراي على 257 مباراة ، وخسرت 29.5 ضربة خلال الموسمين الماضيين.

ال 6 ’2 ، مدافع بوزن 241 رطلاً يمكن أن يتولى اللعب كلاعب وسط نسور مبكر ، ولن يكون خارج الملعب.

22 من 32

صورة غريغوري شاموس / غيتي

الخيارات: EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson، LSU

محظوظا مينيسوتا الفايكنج لأن لديه احتمال عيار K’Lavon Chaisson في هذا الوقت. تشيسون هو مدافع ماهر ماهر تعكس مسيرته المهنية في الكلية زميله في الجامعة الأمريكية دانييل هانتر.

قام الفايكنج بتجميع Hunter في الجولة الثالثة في عام 2015. قد لا يذهب Chaisson بالسرعة المتوقعة في هذا السيناريو ، لكنه لا يزال مؤهلاً للجولة الأولى من الاختيار بفضل إمكاناته غير المحدودة تقريبًا جنبًا إلى جنب مع أداء أفضل في جميع أنحاء حياته المهنية . الموسم الماضي في الحرم الجامعي.

أظهر المدافع البالغ من العمر 20 عامًا سرعة رائعة في الخطوة الأولى ، ومرونة لتكون منخفضة ومتغيرة ، وأكثر من قوة أساسية كافية للدفاع ضد الحاصرات وتم توجيهها نحو الوسط. حافة الصهر مريحة أيضًا في السقوط في الفضاء.

هدية تشيسون الطبيعية واضحة ، على الرغم من أن إنتاجه غير متناسق. بالنسبة للفايكنج ، يمكن لـ Hunter توجيه الصاعد ، بينما يحل الدفاع محل Everson Griffen.

23 من 32

جيرالد هربرت / اسوشيتد برس

الخيارات: QB Jordan Love، Utah State

سوف ينتهز شخص ما الفرصة في قلب الأردن جوردان لوف في الجولة الأولى من هذا العام بسبب قدراته المغرية الطبيعية.

هل فريق New England Patriots هو الفريق؟ قد يكون التوافق موضع تساؤل ، لكن الاحتياجات بالتأكيد ليست كذلك.

أصبحت الحياة بعد توم برادي حقيقة واقعة. نظر الوطنيون في إمكانية دخول حملة 2020 مع جاريت ستيدام وبريان هوير كظهيرهم. هذا لا يمكن أن يحدث.

الحب يعطي تقييم مثير للاهتمام. يبدو مدهشًا في السنة الثانية مع نسبة لمس إلى اعتراض تبلغ 32-6. إنه غير مستقر كصغير مع 17 اعتراض. كان أداء الموسم الماضي مليئًا بالضعف اللاحق والعديد من التمريرات القسرية.

لكن الشباب ما زالوا يقدمون موهبة ذراع مذهلة لإعطاء الكرة بسهولة ولمس مستويات مختلفة.

إذا كان الوطنيون على استعداد لتحمل المخاطر ، فيجب أن يكون الحب خيارهم العام الثالث والعشرين.

24 من أصل 32

داني كارنيك / اسوشيتد برس

الخيارات: LB Patrick Queen ، LSU

يتم تقييم الظهير بشكل مختلف اليوم. هل لدى العميل المحتمل سرعة كافية لتغطية مساحة كبيرة ومستوى راحة في التغطية؟ كلا السمتين تقرر ما إذا كان لاعب خط الوسط يحصل على فرصة ويبقى في الملعب.

لا يلزم تطبيق أدوات التشغيل. لهذا السبب تعتبر Oklahoma Kenneth Murray و LSU Patrick Queen موهبة الجولة الأولى. إنهم مدافعون عن الخط الثاني يمكنهم الركض دون استغلالهم في اجتياز المباريات.

راتو ، على وجه الخصوص ، يتفوق في التغطية.

استنادًا إلى Focus Soccer Pro ، لم يسمح الظهير البالغ من العمر 20 عامًا بقبول أكثر من 20 مترًا في 488 تغطية مهنية. بعد ذلك ركض المدافع الذي يبلغ طوله 6 بوصات ، بوزن 229 رطلاً 4.50 ثانية ، واندفاع 40 ثانية في اتحاد الكشافة.

في غضون ذلك ، ودع نيو أورليانز القديسين أ. كلاين ، مانتي تيو وستيفون أنتوني خارج الموسم. ديماريو ديفيس هو واحد من أفضل لاعبي خط الوسط في الدوري الوطني ، لكنه يحتاج إلى المساعدة. يمكن للقديسين أن يضعوا الملكة في خط وسط ضعيف ويسمح له بالجري طوال اليوم.

25 من 32

ستيف كونر / اسوشيتد برس

الخيارات: OT Ezra Cleveland، Boise State

يواصل Minnesota Vikings تحسين الخندق من خلال اختيار الجولة الثانية من الجولة الأولى. هذه المرة ، وجد الفريق خيارًا لاستبدال رايلي ريف على الجهة اليسرى.

تدرس المنظمة إزالة مانع مخضرم لحراسة آخر موسم. ووفقًا لما جاء عن ذي أتليتيك مينيسوتا تشاد غراف ، فإن المدير الفني مايك زيمر يفتح الباب أمام الاحتمالات في حالة توفر مرشحين متفوقين.

عزرا كليفلاند من ولاية بويز ستحسن بشكل كبير جبهة ألعاب القوى بشكل عام.

الفايكنج رياضيون للغاية في المركز ويتعاملون مع اليمين ، لكن مهارات الحركة في كليفلاند تفوق بشكل كبير مهارات ريف. تم اختبار برونكو السابق في النسبة المئوية 92 في سبارك.

ستكون السرعة الجانبية الأولية للمشارك إضافة رائعة إلى مخطط منطقة وزن الفايكنج تحت إشراف غاري كوبياك. أنهى كليفلاند أولاً في كل من المكوكات القصيرة (4.46 ثانية) وثلاثة مخروط (7.26 ثانية) بين البطانات الهجومية في اتحاد الكشافة.

26 من 32

جون بازمور / اسوشيتد برس

الخيارات: آر بي داندر سويفت ، جورجيا

الانتهاكات والانتهاكات والمزيد من الانتهاكات هي الاتجاه الصحيح الذي يجب أن تتخذه Miami Dolphins مع ثلاثة خيارات لمسودة الجولة الأولى.

الظهير الأيسر والتدخل الأيسر هي مناطق مطلوبة بشكل واضح. لكن امتياز الامتياز لديه أيضًا الفرصة للحصول على أفضل أداء في الفصل هذا العام لمنح المتصل المبتدئ زوجًا من الخط الخلفي زوجًا لاتخاذ بعض الضغط من الموقف.

D’Andre Swift من جورجيا عداء خاص. السرعة التي يقطعها دون تباطؤ تسمح له بالعبور عبر الحفرة وتجاوز المدافع. سجل المدافع البالغ من العمر 21 عامًا رقمًا قياسيًا قدره 40 ياردة 4.48 ثانية.

حمل البوندر 212 أكثر من 2267 ياردة يندفعون خلال الموسمين الماضيين. وهو أيضًا متلقي قادر على الخروج من الخط الخلفي بـ 56 حفل استقبال خلال نفس الفترة الزمنية.

سيبذل الثلاثي الهجومي الجديد جوستين هربرت وجوش جونز وسويفت جهودًا ناجحة من الجولة الأولى من الدلافين.

27 من 32

باري ريجر / اسوشيتد برس

الاختيار: EDGE Yetur Gross-Matos ، ولاية بنسلفانيا

تبدو إمكانية عودة Jadeveon Clowney إلى سياتل سي هوكس ضئيلة. وفقًا لـ Spotrac ، لدى Seahawks 12.3 مليون دولار فقط من مساحة الراتب المتاحة. سيتم إنفاق معظم الأصول المالية المتبقية للمنظمة على فئات الدخول الواردة.

إن Penn State Yetur-Gross Matos أبعد ما يكون عن كونه منتجًا نهائيًا ، ولكنه يحمل المهارات اللازمة للتطور إلى لاعب متناسق. طول النهاية الدفاعي 6’5 “، 266 رطلًا (34 بوصة من الأذرع) والسيولة يسبب حل المشكلات الهجومية.

عندما يواصل لاعب فريق All-Big Ten تطويره مرتين في الفريق الأول ، سيكون من الصعب التعامل معه بشكل متزايد. في ولاية بنسلفانيا ، يتحسن الصغار كل موسم. ارتفع إنتاج الأكياس من 1.5 كعضو جديد إلى 9.5 كعضو جديد. وجمع لاعب خط الوسط الدفاعي 35 تمريرة لخسارة خلال الموسمين الماضيين أيضًا.

يجب أن يمنح جروس ماتوس مع اختيار الجولة الأولى العام الماضي ، إل جي كولير ، سياتل ثنائيًا شابًا جذابًا للدفاع.

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صورة دون خوان مور / جيتي

الاختيار: S Jeremy Chinn ، جنوب إلينوي

أفرج The Baltimore Ravens عن توني جيفرسون في فبراير بعد ثلاثة مواسم. لعب أمان قوي في خمس مباريات فقط في العام الماضي بفضل تمزق ACL ، والذي سمح لـ Chuck Clark بلعب دور.

جيريمي تشين المتمركز هنا لا يعكس بالضرورة كلارك. كما هو الحال مع الإجراءات الوقائية الأخرى المثبتة في هذه الجولة الأولى ، تضيف منتجات Southern Illinois أكثر بكثير من لعب دور معين.

“لدي خلفية خلفية ، ولكن لدي الحجم للعب لاعب خط الوسط ، ومن الواضح أنني ألعب بأمان ،” قال في بطولة كبار ، وفقا ل Indianapolis Starthis Joel A. Erickson. “يمكنني أن ألعب ثلاثة مواقع في ملعب كرة القدم”.

إمكانية Chinn 6’3 “، مع الظهير 221 رطلاً في عبوات معينة هي إمكانية مثيرة للاهتمام للرافنز ، الذين يحتاجون إلى أن يكونوا أكثر رياضية على طول خط دفاعهم الثاني.

يمكن أن تفكر بالتيمور في المستقبل في نهجها في التنسيب الدفاعي واستخدام منتجات المدارس الصغيرة بطرق مختلفة.

29 من أصل 32

جوناثان باتشمان / جيتي إيماجيس

الاختيار: OT Isaiah Wilson ، جورجيا

فاز أشعيا ويلسون بجائزة “الرجل الأول خارج الحافلة” هذا العام. تعامل مع احتمال 6،6 “، 350 رطلاً وجودًا مخيفًا مع أو بدون منصات ، ويأسر الفريق بإمكانياته.

قال اثنان من المديرين العامين لشبكة NFL دانيال إرميا بهوا ويلسون akan dipilih pada putaran relama tahun ini.

Tennessee Titans mencari tekel kanan baru setelah Jack Conklin pergi dengan bebas. Tim kembali menandatangani Dennis Kelly، tetapi Veteran 30 tahun lebih baik menjabat sebagai معالجة الأرجوحة.

Wilson tidak cocok dengan sistem yang dijalankan Tennessee setahun lalu. Koordinator ofensif Arthur Smith tidak akan dapat memanggil zona luas sesering ini. Kelas bawah cocok tagihan sebagai penggerak orang.

The Titans mungkin harus lebih mengandalkan prinsip gap, tetapi mereka akan memiliki bakat di depan untuk menciptakan lubang besar bagi Derrick Henry.

30 dari 32

Rick Scuteri / Associated Press

Pilihan: LB Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech

Green Bay Packers membahas linebacker tetapi tidak menggantikan tackle terkemuka Blake Martinez.

Organisasi itu menandatangani Christian Kirksey untuk kesepakatan dua tahun, $ 13 juta sebelum agen bebas. Cleveland Browns merekrut Kirksey pada 2014 untuk bermain dalam skema Mike Pettine, tetapi dia adalah gelandang lemah dari sisi perdagangan.

Oren Burks diproyeksikan mulai di sebelah Kirksey, yang absen dalam 23 pertandingan selama dua musim terakhir karena cedera.

Texas Tech Jordyn Brooks menampilkan jangkauan luar biasa dengan kecepatan 4,54 detik dasbor 4,54 detik. Brooks bermain dalam 46 pertandingan, memimpin Red Raiders dalam tekel dalam tiga dari empat musimnya dan mengumpulkan 20 tekel karena kalah selama 2019.

Organisasi NFL jelas memperlambat statusnya karena operasi bahu Desember. Jika evaluasi medis Brooks dihapus, ia benar-benar gelandang tiga bawah yang layak untuk seleksi babak pertama.

31 dari 32

Marcio Jose Sanchez / Associated Press

Pilihan: CB Jaylon Johnson, Utah

San Francisco 49ers memiliki sedikit fleksibilitas finansial untuk mengoperasikan offseason ini. Tim berkonsentrasi pada penandatanganan ulang keselamatan Jimmie Ward dan pemain bertahan Arik Armstead dan memperdagangkan DeForest Buckner ke Indianapolis Colts.

Tidak ada yang dilakukan tentang area masalah terbesar tim: cornerback.

Richard Sherman continues to perform at a high level, but he turned 32 last month and was exposed a bit in Super Bowl LIV. The other starting spot, meanwhile, remains in flux. Emmanuel Moseley hasn’t proved himself as Sherman’s bookend.

Utah’s Jaylon Johnson is a physical corner who excels at redirecting and disrupting routes. The 49ers can play him near the line of scrimmage and let the 6’0″, 193-pound cornerback bully wide receivers at their release point.

Based on Focus Soccer Pro, the two-time first-team All-Pac-12 defensive back allowed only three touchdowns in 1,256 coverage snaps.

32 of 32

Nati Harnik/Associated Press

The Pick: RB Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin

Bleacher Report Matt Miller reported Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach “wants to add more premium targets” for quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor isn’t a target, per se. But the Chiefs already re-signed Demarcus Robinson and restructured Sammy Watkins’ contract, so let’s substitute “weapons” for “targets.”

A serious running back upgrade would make the Chiefs offense scarier than it already is. No one on the roster managed more than 498 rushing yards last season. Imagine if opposing defenses had to account for a dynamic runner too.

Taylor is a workhorse back with breakaway speed (4.39-second 40-yard dash). The two-time Doak Walker Award winner carried the ball 926 times and became major college football’s sixth all-time leading rusher in only three seasons.

With Taylor, Kansas City would feature difference-makers at quarterback, tight end, wide receiver and running back.


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