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Beginner’s Guide To Old School RuneScape



Beginner’s Guide To Old School RuneScape


For a game that’s been around since the early 2000s, Old School RuneScape boasts an impressive player base – and there are more players joining all the time. The online player counts were even hitting upward of 100,000 people in 2020! With the launch of mobile and the game’s release on Steam, more players have started playing the game. 

With so many people online it’s entirely likely some out there have never played RuneScape before – and aren’t sure where to start off with everything from skills leveling to quests completing on their own? Well good news: We’ve got a wealth of knowledge about how best RuneScape beginners can get started playing OSRS.

What Happens After Tutorial Island?

There are plenty of things to do in Lumbridge after Tutorial Island is done. Why don’t you start with beginner’s quests? Questing is a great way to get used to the world, nature of NPC’s, and how exploring works. You could try The Restless Ghost or Cook’s Assistant for starters!

Without the help of quests, it will take at least 24 hours to make a decent amount of money using the Grand Exchange. You can pick up Imp Catcher from the wizard in his tower while doing The Restless Ghost for new players who want bragging rights.

What Is The Grand Exchange In OSRS?

The Grand Exchange allows players to buy and sell items with one another. If you are a seller, list an item for sale at the price suggested by Jagex or set your own price. A buyer will purchase it from you if their offer matches yours exactly.

The Grand Exchange is a great way for low-level players to get their hands on items that would otherwise take a lot of time to acquire. It’s also an excellent method for turning raw materials you collect or other items into gold, as long as the market demands it and there aren’t any roadblocks in your way (e.g., very high prices).

The Grand Exchange is a complex marketplace that some people have compared to the stock market, but it’s far more complicated than this. It can be used for many things including flipping items between prices and a good way to earn some OSRS gold.

What Is The Best Way To Make OSRS Gold?

To make substantial amounts of money, you can try to level up your skills by Woodcutting, Mining, or Slayer. You will need a lot of gold at some point while leveling these skills so it’s best to buy OSRS gold online as a beginner to make things easier for you.

To make gold in OSRS, you should chop trees and sell them on the Grand Exchange. However, this is a slow process that takes time before it becomes profitable. If you want quick money instead of taking your time to gather items for skilling methods like woodcutting then killing monsters such as cows would be helpful because they drop valuable things which can be sold immediately at a higher price than other methods.

Quests can get you small rewards of gold, but this is a much slower method. If you’re not trying to make money fast, quests are fun and they provide other benefits like rare OSRS items.

Should You Buy RuneScape Membership Or Not?

RuneScape is a game that features two types of players: Free-to-Play and Members. Players who are members pay for membership to play, while F2P players can only access free content provided in the game. I recommend playing as a F2P player until you get interested in member’s exclusive content because it will save you money on your subscription fee.

RuneScape is an awesome MMORPG that you can enjoy as a free-to-play player. Although the paid content might be tempting, I recommend trying out all of its features before making any purchases since most of your time will probably be spent doing things already available to nonmembers.

As a new player, it is best to focus on leveling your skills and completing quests. The members-only content can be difficult for those who are starting out their journey in Old School Runescape.

Hopefully, this OSRS beginners guide was able to answer some of your early questions about the game.


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