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Tips for playing Tales of Arise




Screenshot: Namco Bandai / Kotaku

Tales of Arise, the latest entry in Bandai Namco’s long-running game series about a boy with pointed hair shouting your bastard !!! And stab an evil man. This is a significant deviation from the established formula. As you can imagine, it’s not an action-oriented RPG, but an RPG-oriented action game. Yes. A big change is happening.

But Tales of Arise is still a completely Tales game, implying cheesy jokes about all the weird outfits and food. Here’s how to navigate this brave, new, but unique kind of world.

In combat, try filling the boost gauge.

This may sound counterintuitive, but winning a battle in Tales of Arise is not a matter of doing as much damage as possible as soon as possible. A quick, continuous landing of simultaneous attacks will do better by filling in the unnamed gauge, which is indicated by a diamond icon floating above the enemy you are currently targeting. When the gauge is full, you can press any direction on the directional pad to force the party members to perform what is called a boost strike. This allows you to remove rank and file monsters with a single hit. Bonus: Boost Strike doesn’t stop looking like Kick Ass completely:

Gif: Bandai Namco / Kotaku

The boost gauge can be easily filled as the enemy’s health decreases. There is no strict threshold, but if the enemy has less than half the health left, you can usually fill the enemy with one solid combo. Also, instead of using the same thing over and over, alternating Artes (Tales term for special attacks) tends to drive things forward.

Bank boost attacks.

Tales of Arise has both a boost attack and a boost strike. It can be confusing. Boost attacks are a bit weak. A single hit won’t kill anyone, but it has a unique effect. Alphen is fairly standard (defeats enemies), but the other five usually have the effect of stopping the enemy’s path.

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Use Linwell when you see the enemy preparing the spell, indicated by a circular gauge that gradually grows purple. Use Kisaras when you see enemies running very fast towards you. Use Doharim when fast-moving enemies are stationary. Damn seconds. It slows them down. Use the law against people in armor. Use Shionnes against enemies in the air.

A diamond icon for each party member appears in the lower left corner of the screen. These icons slowly fill up over time. Once it starts to shine, you can activate the party members to intensify their attacks by tapping the directional pad in the corresponding direction.

If the enemy glows blue, the boost attack bonus will not work.

Fortunately, it usually doesn’t happen unless you’re on the verge of death.

Also, shiny enemies will be healthier.

Watch out for its golden glow.Screenshot: Namco Bandai / Kotaku

Seeing the enemy glowing golden makes you stronger than usual. be careful.

Spam Artes.

Tales of Arise blows up established formulas in one big way. In other words, Artes no longer needs MP. This is a reserve that is not automatically replenished between battles. In fact, MP doesn’t even exist in Tales of Arise. Instead, Arteseven, the most powerful spell in your move set, is directed by the AG. It usually recovers within a few seconds in the middle of a battle. In other words, yes, you can use Demon Fang 117 times in a single battle without affecting the next battle.

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Artes is superior to standard attacks in almost every respect. They fill the enemy boost gauge faster. They do more damage. And sometimes it comes with elemental effects that do even more damage. There are no reservations for spamming them into hell.

Investigate the enemy.

Press and hold L1 to pause time and allow enemies to circulate on the battlefield. In the upper left corner you can see how healthy they are and, decisively, what they are. Tales of Arise has six elements that match in pairs of mutual assured destruction, each type dealing double damage to the other side. Fire hits water (and vice versa). The wind beats the earth (and vice versa). The darker one hits the brighter one (and vice versa).

Disable spells as needed.

Despite a simple elemental matchup, your party members can’t understand the core concept. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to turn off spells that your enemies resist. Pause the fight, go to the Arts menu, scroll through the list of Rinwells Artes (always Rinwell fucks), for example, the spells listed when fighting a flock of birds and a green wind icon When prompted, press Square.

You won’t need to do this in normal combat, but it’s very useful in boss battles.

The orange gel needs to be cherished, cherished and hugged as if it were a gift from the gods.

If you’ve played Tales games before, you might laugh at this, but the orange gel isn’t the most valuable item in the game. Combat Artes can be abandoned and used, but healing spells (such as the very useful Fairy Ring) and buffs (such as barriers that temporarily increase the defense status of allies) are limited. Both of them will be eaten up at your treatment point, it’s a well shared between your parties.

Cure points do not recover between battles. To recover healing points, you can rest in a camp, inn, or in a healing light (a giant glowing circle on the ground). Alternatively, you can use an orange gel. And for the first 20 hours or so, you can’t buy orange gel in the store. Please use with caution.

Always leave the beaten road.

JRPG Rule Number One: If the quest marker tells you to turn right at the fork, move to the left. Nine out of ten, you’ll find items that deserve trekking and intermittent battles. Probably even an orange gel!

The blue icon with a question mark is where you need to go. The circular room just south is where the treasure lives.Screenshot: Namco Bandai / Kotaku

Similarly, as you explore the dungeon, you will come across rocks, ice walls, and fields of green power blocking the road. You can use some healing points to destroy these. Again, 9 out of 10 times, you’ll end up with an item that’s worth the cost. But if you’re on the fence, you can always save healing points before burning, knock down walls, and reload files if you don’t think the loot is really worth it.

Unlock statistics, not skills.

The Tales of Arise skill tree is a bit different from the regular RPG skill tree. You can win a new title for your character in just a few seconds by completing certain actions such as making a particular meal or meeting 80% of the owls. Each time a character wins a new title, a new branch is added to the skill tree. Every branch has 5 skills associated with it. Unlocking all five (the first one is free) gives the character a permanent stat increase.

After unlocking the second skill in the tree, check the tree to the end. Status boosts are far more useful than any other skill.

One caveat: Get KO prophylaxis as soon as possible.

KO prevention skills are arguably the most useful passive ability in the game. If one of the party members is killed by an enemy attack once per battle, that character will survive with 1 HP left, helping to maintain life bottles and healing points. (Revival spells cost more than regular healing spells.) Different party members pave the way for KO prevention at various points in the game. You should get it for everyone as soon as possible.

Some bullshit: Those who have a non-standard version of the game that is more expensive can quickly track this process.

Find an owl.

Owl Royal Screenshot: Namco Bandai / Kotaku

The required magician character, Linwell, is always accompanied by a companion to the owl named Huttle, who has his own dramatic and tragic story. You see, Hootle wants to find a friend of the missing owl. They are all lost in the Tales of Arise world (and all are launched with a high fashion flair). It’s worth noting that finding most owls unlocks Linwell’s new skill tree. Some tips:

If Hootle pops over your shoulder as you enter a new area, that doesn’t mean you’re in the immediate vicinity of the owl. That simply means that there is one in the area. However, if Hootle pops over your shoulder while walking around, it’s probably close to one. Listen to hoot-hoot-hoots. Please look up.

In the second area of ​​the game, you will come across a mythical owl forest. The King and Queen of Owls appreciate the service of sending lost owls back to their legitimate homes and present cosmetic options at various intervals. If Linwell says something is happening in the forest, it’s your clue to get there.

Have a forged weapon.

You can then resell them with a fair amount of pennies, and once those sweet and sweet orange gels are available, you may be tempted to do so. please do not. You need to have those weapons at hand for a more powerful version in the future.The game probably won’t tell you that these versions exist until you already sell the base version

But sell your armor.

Tales of Arise does not make armor. Feel free to burn with cash when you have finished using a particular armor.

Please do not fall from the waterfall.

trust me. You will know it when you see it. The ladder isn’t too bad for Metal Gear Solid 3, but it’s still well above.

Yes, you can skip cutscenes.

Tales of Arise, this is not an exaggeration, it’s about 60 percent chat. If you’re impatient and want to start punching right away, like me, be aware that you can skip the scene. Just hold down R1 (on the PlayStation) and press X.

Just press X to skip the line in the current conversation. This is a good way to quickly move through uninteresting scenes. However, keep in mind that this is not possible in plot-critical cutscenes.




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