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The 3 Golden Rules For Crypto Trading



The 3 Golden Rules For Crypto Trading


In the modern world of advanced internet technology, one relatively new feature stands out the most. Cryptocurrencies are gaining rapid popularity for their various usage. They can be utilized to buy goods and services. Much of the appeal in these unregulated currencies is to exchange for profit, with stockholders at times driving prices skyward.

Crypto trading has become an online substitute for the stock market, and it is no surprise that it attracts people’s attention on a daily basis. Even though it is an unpredictable market, experienced crypto traders have few rules they follow in order to maximize their earnings. From the sea of tips and tricks they use, three of them stand out the most.

Invest only the amount you can afford to lose

The first rule is to invest only the amount you can afford to lose. The Crypto trading business is as unpredictable as any other investment method. And oftentimes traders experience loss even if they did everything correctly.

If we take the January 2018 crash as an example, we could see that the price of Bitcoin lost 65% of its value as the cause. This resulted in the rage of the owners of this cryptocurrency. This just shows how irregular the market could get. Many websites like, have mentioned it and offered pieces of advice.

This only proves the golden rule of crypto trading: not investing more than you can afford to lose. No matter what you are trading, money return is not guaranteed. There are various reasons for investment losses, from other investors’ bulletproof strategies to even government laws. Therefore, before making any type of investment, backing away, and taking time to carefully assess the current financial situation is a good idea.

If investing in crypto trading is something you can’t afford at the moment, don’t make rash decisions such as applying for debt, or using your credit cards. Instead, patiently wait for a better financial situation, which will allow you to invest.

Choose a reliable broker

The second rule would be to choose a reliable broker. Most successful traders would say that finding the right broker is the battle half won. There are hundreds of online brokers that offer crypto trading options. That doesn’t mean that you should pick the first broker you find.

A reliable and trustworthy broker will maximize your potential earnings. When money is at stake, you need to be completely sure who you put your trust into. It is equally important to check whether the broker of your choice is regulated. They offer high-quality customer support if needed, as well as the best prices, and security measures.

Another feature to look for in the broker would be demo accounts and learning resources that could help you expand your knowledge of cryptocurrency trade. The question imposes itself: How could you find the best broker from such a large pool of online brokers? The answer is more or less simple. It is all about quality research.

Thanks to the internet, pieces of information have never been more accessible. Online browsing would help you find everything about the specific brokers, such as reviews, recommendations. It goes without saying that you should avoid those that seem unreliable and without any previous successes.

Diversify your investments

The final, but the no less important rule would be to diversify your investments. According to research, there are over 7000 cryptocurrencies available today. As experienced crypto investors know, it would be a bad idea to place all your assets on a single one. Although you have a higher chance of obtaining a large sum of money when investing in a single coin, the risk of losing all of it is equally high, sometimes even higher.

The smartest thing to do in that case is to diversify your investment and invest in different coins. That way, if one currency’s value decreases, the other coin could potentially make the damage less significant, or it could lead to some extra earnings.

The main problem with diversification is the fact that all digital currencies are correlated. For example, when Elon Musk declared that Tesla would not accept Bitcoin as their form of payment, the price of other coins plummeted as well. It is still unclear why this is the case, but some experts argue it is because Bitcoin enthusiasts are also enthusiastic about other coins, as well.

In the end, to win the crypto trading race, one has to be willing to develop an elaborate plan, in order to maximize potential earnings. Patience and skill win the race.


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