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How to Add the Grammarlys SDK to Your Google Sites in 7 Minutes | Grammarly Developer Blog


Building on the Internet is fast these days. Buy a domain, create a website, and deploy it all in one day. I love internet magic as much as the next person, but sometimes I wonder how it’s even possible. We waited days for DNS records to move across continents and oceans and become part of top-level domains.

As a Grammarly Developer Advocate, I spend most of my work week creating and maintaining pages across the Grammarly for Developers documentation site. Our documentation often mentions that adding the SDK to your app is fast and that adding the SDK to your application only takes minutes. So, naturally, I had to check if this was true. Is adding the SDK to your application really fast? Especially as someone new to the team, can you really do it in minutes?

This article describes how to create a Google Sites that leverages the Grammarlys Text Editor SDK. My site is called Grammar Checkerit, uses the free version of the SDK, and has different pages that you can explore to check your grammar according to different dialects and writing styles, such as academic or business writing.

In the Grammar Checker website screenshot above, you can see the Grammarly Text Editor plugin has been added to the text area, with the Grammarly button in the lower right corner, and a suggestion card displayed in the editor.

Add Grammarlys SDK to Google Sites

If you’re anything like me, building something is probably more fun than just reading about it, so let’s build a website together. , which still works and contains the core elements of the Text Editor SDK.

Here’s what I was trying to build. As I mentioned earlier, it only takes a few minutes to create a Google Sites and add his SDK. It only took about 7 minutes for me as shown in the version history section of the screenshot below.

Here are the steps to create a website that leverages the Text Editor SDK. At the end of this guide, you will have a new Google Sites with a text area with the Grammarly Text Editor Plugin added.

1 On Google Sites,[新しいサイトを開始]>[空白]Choose.

2 In the right sidebar, tap[挿入]>[埋め込み]>[埋め込みコード]Choose.

3 In the embedded content,