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Epidemiologists track COVID outbreaks using Google Maps



A group of researchers at the University of California, San Francisco wants to use location data from mobile phones to more accurately map where and how the new coronavirus is spreading in the Bay Area.

“If you have a Google account and you have Google Maps on your phone, Google Maps stores data every 2 minutes and has an accuracy of up to 6 feet, so your data is stored continuously,” epidemics said. Professor Yulin Hswen explains, UCSF Biostatistics.

Dr. Hswen and her team are looking for people to volunteer to collect smartphone data so they can more accurately identify where they are and who they are in contact with.

Participants in the COVID Seeker survey will upload location history and report symptoms and test results.

“Therefore, we actually collect retroactive data, so if someone tests positive, what we do is collect data before and two weeks after the test,” Hswen said. The doctor said.

Participants can also request notification if they indicate that they have come into close contact with someone else who has tested the data positive. They know that the best way to predict future behavior is to understand past behavior, and seeing how the virus has spread in the past knows when and how different sectors will resume. Useful for.

Data is aggregated and anonymized to protect the privacy of participants.

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