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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Review-Platform Perfection




Thanks to hindsight, the public has been able to realize the true value of Super Mario 3D World for many years since its launch. Core about its lack of ambition when it was first released on the Wii U, and how Nintendo chose to make its mainline debut in the series with a new console that isn’t focused on completely new ideas. There was no lack of disappointment among the Mario fan bases waySuper Mariohas was traditionally done, but instead chose to extend the idea of ​​the Super Mario 3D Land with a focus on handhelds.

But like most of the Wii U’s library, Super Mario 3D World was given a second lease on the switch. The improved re-release of this game will help to fully reveal that it is far more than anything else. Many initially recognized it as. WhatSuper Mario 3D Worldis is a fun bundle of creativity and pure fun. It’s one of Mario’s best outings in his illustrious history, and at Switch, it’s better than ever.

“Super Mario 3D World is one of Mario’s best outings in his illustrious history, and Switch is better than ever.”

And “creativity” is really the best word to describe this game. Almost each level of is completely unique in its own way, each focusing on a single central hook, idea, or mechanism to maximize use before discarding and proceeding to the next level. I will. What makes the breathtaking execution of all these mechanics even more striking is how infrequently Super Mario 3D World reuses ideas. Except for several stages with similar themes and boss battles that pop up multiple times, you rarely play a course that riffs ideas you’ve already worked on in the game. Each level takes a separate piece of Super Mario from its rich history and squeezes it until the last drop of potential drips from it. Given how thick the game is and how many levels there are in the dozen worlds, that level of creativity and variety is even more impressive.

Of course, it’s a creative level of design that helps. Whether it’s a relatively simple course with refreshing platform challenges, a strict time-limited course that you have to rush through, a large course with much more room for exploration, or a course that challenges you with a formidable platform gauntlet. Super Mario 3D World doesn’t fail where that level of design is involved. It’s no exaggeration to call it some of the best designs ever on a platformer. The excellent implementation of power-ups (especially Super Bell and Double Cherry) also deserves special praise.

On the other hand, there is also a surprising amount of replay value here. For starters, Super Mario 3D World offers a meat post game that has some of the highest levels throughout the game once the credits are rolled back. What’s more, because multiple characters play, each has its own move set that presents its own strengths and weaknesses, some of which are often considered for specific tasks within a particular level. ), Going through the old levels is somehow fun and feels fresh even during replays. Exploring hidden corners and crevices for stamps and stars you may have missed can also be a great motivation for quickly completing a course you’ve already cleared. In particular, the courses are usually fairly fast and refreshing. Finally, there are co-operatives that are an absolute blast and come with their own brand of chaotic fun. Playing a 3D world with friends is a completely different flavor than playing solo, but it’s still fun.

“Except for several stages with similar themes and boss battles that pop up multiple times, I rarely play courses that riff ideas that I’ve already worked on in the game.”

The re-release of Super Mario 3D World’s Switch boasts faster, cleaner movement and platform than the Wii U version of the game, transforming already good platformers into even better ones. Obviously, even if Nintendo stuck to bringing the 3D world to the switch, this would have been worth the price of the entry. However, a whole new 3D Super Mario Adventure has been added in the form of Bowser’s wrath. If Nintendo points the way forward in future Mario games, I’m looking forward to where the series goes from here.

Bowser’s Furyis is a completely independent mode, connected to 3D Worldonly via paper-thin similarities (such as the entire cat motif) and needs to be launched as its own independent game from the game’s splash screen. there is. Unlike the 3D world, set in a full 3D environment with full camera control, Bowser’s Furyadopts takes a sandbox open world approach similar to Super Mario Odyssey, Sunshine, 64. The central idea is as strange as possible-Kuppa is obsessed with the strange black goo that made him huge and huge, not only in size, but also in his general temperament. In his desperation, his son Bowser Jr. turned to Mario for help, and the two began looking for the glow of cats scattered across the many islands around Lake Lapcat. This allows you to defeat Fury Bowser and bring him back to normal. Bowser.

I’ve always believed that handmade linear platformers are much more fun than those done in a more open-ended sandbox environment. I certainly find the latter appealing, but it’s far more suited to my taste for the tightly focused, high-density platform challenges that the former approach offers (that is, when properly implemented). There is an undeniable charm. Bowser’s wrath, however, is the best of both worlds. From the beginning, you will be given complete freedom to explore Lake Lapcat and head in any direction you like. Your progress is often hampered by a black goo band (the same goo that captured Papa Kuppa) that covers a vast area of ​​the region. It can be cleared by collecting more cat shine and activating the lighthouse.

“In Bowser’s Fury, wherever you go, whatever you work on, you’ll always find fun activities.”

And wherever you go, whatever you work on, you’ll always find fun activities. Most of these are rigorously designed platform gauntlets that bring back the best design philosophy of Super Mario 3D World itself, and overall, there are plenty of game activities to please you in the run, You can continue to be amazed. As you progress, the region will continue to evolve and change, often presenting you with new challenges and opportunities. In other words, it is also encouraged to return to the previous area of ​​the area. Riding Precy around the lake is again a big focus, and some of the activities and challenges that focus on it are much tighter and more enjoyable with full camera control in tandem. Because of that, it’s so much fun.

It’s completely free, so you have the freedom to explore the island and engage in your favorite activities. Bowser’s Fury also implements an interesting effort to collect and replenish power-ups. You can stockpile a total of 5 of each power-up item in the game at any time, and you can switch between them at any time to choose another item. It’s a very smart system that works very well with the structure of the game and allows you to quickly swap power-ups depending on the activity you’re working on at Lake Lapcat.

Occasionally, Fury Bowser also wakes up from sleep. This is an event closely related to the dramatic storm. With these dynamically occurring weather changes, Fury Bowser will attack you with everything from fireballs to huge stone blocks to flame jets. Meanwhile, I am doing business in an open world. This is a great way to inject tension and diversity into the procedure, especially as these sequences add new elements to the world that do not otherwise exist. On the other hand, the Fury Bowser sequence does not exceed their welcome. It won’t last that long as it is, but if you get Catshine while Fury Bowser is awake, you’ll fall asleep quickly.

“Dynamic changes in the weather cause Fury Bowser to attack everything from fireballs to huge stone blocks to flame jets while doing business in an open world. This is a tension in the process. A great way to inject diversity. “”

There are also some cat glows that can only be reached in these sections, as they are blocked by obstacles that can only be destroyed by the Fury Bowser attack. I think this is one aspect of the dynamic weather mechanism that is a bit frustrating. Waiting for Fury Bowser to wake up and waiting for me to reach the glow of the cat I wanted to go only helps to stop the game at an otherwise excellent pace. In the meantime, after you sometimes take Fury Bowser in set-piece boss battles and collect a certain number of cat shines, these battles are by no means challenging, but it’s always so much fun to confront the huge bad stuff. Is a giant cat Mario. The scale of these battles is amazing, a visual sight that I wouldn’t expect to see in a Mario game.

However, it’s a bit disappointing that Bowser’s Furyfeels’ core platform move set is limited to 3D Mario adventures. In the past sandbox SuperMariogames was defined by the infinite freedom of expressive movement. You can chain jumps and operations indefinitely to reach places that look like areas that are normally inaccessible, but Bowser’s Fury uses the same move set as the 3D World itself. However, while that move set works perfectly within the context of a more condensed linear adventure like the 3D world, having that limited move set in a sandbox Mario game is completely free. I think it is in conflict with the central premise.

Co-op in Bowser’s Fury also has many requests. When two players play together, one controls Mario and the other plays as Bowser Jr., but the latter isn’t that much fun to play. He seems to be a slightly better version of Cappy in the Super Mario Odyssey scoop. Bowser Jr is always hovering. This means you don’t have to use the platform when playing as Bowser Jr. Also, he will not be damaged. In other words, there is no challenge. He can attack enemies and draw graffiti in certain parts of the world to create Mario’s power-ups, but he rarely feels more than a retrofit.

“The scale of the boss fighting Fury Bowser is amazing, and it’s a visual spectacle you’ve never seen in a Mario game.”

Aside from a few issues, Bowser’s Furyis is an excellent new chapter in the long and illustrious history of this iconic franchise. It’s 3-4 hours long and it’s also a pretty plump adventure. It also contains a lot of post-game content, so you can easily explore Lake Lapcat in 6-7 hours. On the other hand, Super Mario 3D World itself is as good as ever. In short, it’s one of the best Mario games ever created. Needless to say, this package is a must for anyone who has a switch.

This game has been reviewed on Nintendo Switch.

Good things

Super Mario 3D World has some of the best and most diverse levels of design ever on a platformer. Lots of replay value; chaotic and fun co-operatives in the 3D world. Moving and platforming in 3D World is faster than the Wii U release. Bowser’s Fury provides the perfect balance between sandbox exploration and a well-designed platform. A smart implementation of power-ups in Bowser’s Fury. Bowser’s wrath expedition is almost always rewarded with fun and diverse activities. Bowser’s Fury’s dynamic weather system adds even more variety to your experience. The boss battle with Fury Bowser is an unexpected visual spectacle.

bad person

Reaching the Cat Shine, which is only available in the Fury Bowser sequence, can be a bit of a pace killer. Bowser’s Fury’s limited move set feels in conflict with the sandbox approach. Bowser’s angry co-operative is disappointing.

Final verdict

There are no two ways about it-if you have a switch, you should definitely not miss the wrath of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser.

A copy of this game was purchased by the author for review purposes. Click here for more information on our review policy.

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