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Biden backs down on WeChat and TikTok




Biden backs down on WeChat and TikTok

Former US President Donald Trump tried in his last months in office to crack down on TikTok with all his might. The new government under Joe Biden wants to interrupt the crackdown on the Chinese app.

The new US administration is interrupting the crackdown on Tiktok and WeChat initiated by Donald Trump for a further review of the apps. Among other things, one wants to determine whether the video app and the chat service actually pose a threat, according to the Justice Department’s petitions at the courts of appeal in Washington and San Francisco.

The Trump administration had labeled TikTok and WeChat as a risk to American data and banned the apps in the US. However, it was stopped by US courts with injunctions.

The new review could become a lengthy process, with government requests for updates to the court every 60 days

TikTok and WeChat: New review could take up to two months

Tiktok as an entertainment platform belongs to the Chinese company Bytedance. Trump wanted to force at least Tiktok’s US business to come under the control of American owners. The government in China torpedoed talks about a sale, but in the fall with a new rule that forbids the export of software algorithms without special permission. In addition, a judge came to the conclusion that the prohibition orders of the US ministries were very likely not sufficiently covered by the law and therefore granted an injunction. Trump’s government went to the appeals court.

In the case of WeChat, US judges ruled that banning the app would violate the constitutional rights of users who depend on it.

Shortly before the end of his presidency, Trump had targeted other companies such as smartphone provider Xiaomi. The new administration of President Joe Biden must now decide how to deal with these measures.


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