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[Opinion] The next DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate must be a Mario representative




Source: Nintendo

The smash community has almost unanimously decided that future DLC fighters should not be Nintendo characters. And I disagree at all, so I say almost unanimous. I want a Mario representative.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans are quite pleased with the recent DLC Fighter Pass. There were a variety of fighters, including Banjo & Kazooie for gamers who crave nostalgia, and Sephiroth for swords who want longer swords. DLC fighters are extremely diverse in terms of playstyles and franchises and amaze the community every time.

But the smash community is never completely satisfied. So far. And the amount of work Sakurai does is not enough. Basically, the day after Pyra & Mythra was announced (introducing Tag Team Fighting to Smash), fans began to wonder who the last two DLC fighters were and devised new wild patterns and theories.

Is it Crash Bandicoot? Eggman? Master Chief? sky? To be honest, one of these would be great (except for crashes and boos), and I’m okay with any of these characters participating in the smash. But I’m not going to lie. What I want most is another representative of Nintendo, no more third-party characters.

Smash has more Mario representatives than any other franchise. I haven’t denied it. Mario’s playable characters include Mario (obviously), Dr. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Rosarina and Luma, Bowser Jr., Daisy, Piranha Plant, Wario, and Yoshi.

Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and King Kruul are also basically Mario characters, but like Kirby and Pokemon, they have their own worlds and games. Basically, the list grows even further if the smash community generally claims that it doesn’t want more fighters from the Nintendo franchise. This is also a general argument, with the majority of smash players rooting for third-party characters such as Crash Bandicoot and Sora.

But not me.

I want more Mario staff. And I want them directly from Mario’s universe itself. why? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a Nintendo game. Mario is a mascot (although I count Kirby because Kirby is the only character who can survive properly). Would you like to go back to basics and go to some classic characters? What is the harm?

Nobody really cares about enough anime swords and retro characters until it’s time to discuss Super Smash Bros. DLC. It’s time for Mario officials to join the battle.

Captain Toad Source: Nintendo

Toads have been a faithful subject of peach since 1985. For thirty years he was basically portrayed as some annoying jerk quads who told you that Peach was in another castle. He often barked in the shadows and was portrayed as quivering for fear of super-stupid things like cardboard bauzer and goomba. His only redemption moment was in the Wario’s Woods in 1994, when a toad defeated Wario.

But then Toad was given his own game in 2014. Captain Toad had Toad as a hero. He was no longer waiting for savings. And this—again—showed the true potential of Toad.

Whenever I bring this up (and I bring it up a lot, believe me) the main argument for Captain Toad is that Captain Toad can’t jump. Well, did the Piranha factory always have a foot? Smash took a lot of freedom with other characters and made them feasible. So why not a toad? But let’s say you didn’t give Captain Toad the ability to jump. The joke is with you because you made him stronger than ever.

In Wario’s Woods, Toad was able to run up the wall. Greninja can stick to the wall, which is great. However, toads can literally walk up and down the wall. Captain Toad simply ties the rope to the pickaxe, throws it to the side of the stage, turns around, and climbs the rest of the road. Alternatively, Captentood can use cat or helicopter suits like those worn in 3D World or New Super Mario Bros. Captentood can take one of them out of the backpack and equip it to get serious air.

The captain toad is basically unstoppable, so I can’t tell me in any other way.

Others may point out that Captain Toad is weak. He doesn’t look as strong as Donkey Kong or Kirby, for example. How do you counter Captain Falcon’s muscular legs and Mewtwo’s psychic powers? To be honest, it’s very easy. You should not know the true range of toad strength.

Remember that the toad defeated Wario in Wario’s Woods? Guess how he did it. It was simply by abandoning other characters. You might be wondering, “Is it a fluke? Is it just a random depiction of a toad that can be easily thrown away to end this intolerable debate?” But you are wrong. Super Mario Bros. 2 described the toad as “the strongest and fastest character.”

And since you’re completely denying, he can counter the attack even if you don’t want to believe that Captain Toad is Almighty. Peach uses the Super Smash Bros. toad to release toxic gas, not only saving her from attacks, but also damaging her enemies. Apparently that’s what Toad can do because he’s literally just a god.

At this point, you’re probably willing to give up and accept that Captain Toad is not only a great choice for DLC fighters, but also the most powerful character ever designed. But I’m not done. The toad is not only the strongest character ever, but also the fastest, making it an S-layer fighter that always demands that those who dislike it be nervous. However, Captain Toad cannot be nerfed.

In Mario Kart, toads are called “speed demons.” At Mario Party 7, Toad’s special item is a golden mushroom that can move more space than anyone else. And in 3D Mario World, the advantage of Toad is that he is the fastest character. Toad’s special skill in most Mario games is that he is fast. Incredibly fast.

So are you really willing to deny the smash captain’s spot so you can survive the fantasy of your Sora and Crash Bandicoot? Captain Toad will really claim that he hasn’t gained a roster position after all these years, which was absolutely the fastest, strongest, and most talented of all Mario characters. Is it? Why is Wario constantly being rejected by Captain Toad as he walks the path to smash?

King Boo

Source: Nintendo

You should hear the truth. This article was created solely for the purpose of claiming that Captain Toad must be in Smash. But satisfactorily, I continue. I think King Boo is also a great choice. No, it’s not just because Boo and his laughter are adorable.

King Boo has a long history in Mario’s universe. He was the majority of Super Mario 64 and the bad guy who trapped Luigi. He is the prestigious villain of Luigi’s Mansion, torturing Luigi again. King Boo also participates in the Olympic Mario Kart, Mario Baseball, Mario & Sonic. My arms are short and I have no legs. There was also an inspirational character at Mario Party.

King Boo had participated in more games and series, but now he has the big picture. It’s time for King Boo to pay the membership fee and use all these skills in his smash. King Boo will have great counters and evasions. He also had the ability to trap people in the breath of fire, paintings, reproductions, size shifts, psychokinesis, and control of other boos. Oh, he is immortal too.

Bird Source: Nintendo

Birdo (aka Catherine) is an interesting Nintendo character in need of redemption. Bird was first portrayed as a villain. After that, they became friends and played with Mario Heroes at Mario Kart and Mario Party.

Bird was also mentioned in Super Mario Bros. 2 (known as Badetta) as a character who “thinks he’s a girl.” For some time, Nintendo fandoms speculated that they were transgender. But later, all references to this were removed and Bird was portrayed as a woman (and Yoshi’s girl). Since then, it has been unclear whether Birdo was transgender, non-binary, or cis all the time.

Nintendo doesn’t seem to know what to do with this funny character, despite its fun design, cheeky personality, and funny abilities. Despite appearing in various party games like Mario & Sonic and sold as stuffed animals, it never reached the level of popularity that other Mario characters have.

Birdo has definitely proven to be symbolic. Now is the time for them to get the right attention. Well, only if Captain Toad does that too. But it’s okay.

Bandana Waddle Dee Source: TylerRunItBack

Waddle Dee participates in basically all Kirby games and he is about as powerful and as adorable as he is. Waddle Dee has many identities such as Snowball Waddle Dee, Cyborg Waddle Dee, Missile Waddle Dee, and Parasol Waddle Dee. Basically, Waddle Dee is completely adorable, and Kirby needs another rep, so get this good boy in the game.

The community spoke. Do it already. do not be afraid.


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