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Hearthstone 20.0 Patch Note Details The Great Unnerfing




The Hearthstone 20.0 patch will arrive on March 25th and will be a “big patch” as it fits into such a large round patch number. This update weakens Nitroboost and makes some changes to Battlegrounds. More importantly, set up a table for future releases of Classic Format that will use all 240 of the game’s original cards in the original 2014 incarnation.

Introduced in February, Classic Format is similar to World of Warcraft Classic for CCG. Specifically, it returns the player to the early days. With the June 2014 patch, all subsequent balance changes will be undone. “In the classic format, Warsong Commanders can charge minions, Holy Smite can face each other, and Leroy Jenkins costs four mana,” Blizzard said at the time. I think this makes sense for the people who play the game. “If you want to relive the old-fashioned Hearthstone experience, Classic is for you!”

To achieve this, the patch mirrors the entire collection of related Basic, Classic, and Hall of Fame cards at public time and allows them to be restored for use in deck building. Classic cards appear in their own section of the Collection Manager, and you can use Classic Packs to further expand your collection. This will drop two versions of the card, one for classic format and one for legacy in wild, with different stats if applicable. ..

The classic format leaderboard will be released on March 30th with the release of the Forged in the Barrens extension. This replaces the new core set with the standard basic and classic sets. The cards that make up the core set are a little different from the ones that were first announced.

88 cards returned from classic (54 class cards, 34 neutral cards). 52 cards returned from Basic (41 class cards, 11 neutral cards). 55 cards returned from Wild (36 class cards, 19 neutral cards). 4 cards returned from Ash of Outland (4 demon hunter class cards). Four cards returned from the Demon Hunter Initiate. One card returned from the Hall of Fame (Shadowform). 31 new cards (20 class cards, 11 neutral cards).

“After reviewing community feedback, we replaced the previously announced coreset versions of Stonetusk Boar and Bluegill Warrior with two new minions, Emerald Skytalon and Redgill Razorjaw!” Blizzard said.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Blizzard has also updated the power of Shaman Hero to replace the Wrath of Air (Spell Damage) totem with a new totem, the Strength Totem. This will give a +1 attack to your minions at the end of the turn.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

In “The Great Unnerfing”, the nerf is returned to 36 cards and spins to Wild. There were five days between the release of the patch on March 25th and the set rotation on March 30th, and Blizzard warned that “I expected the standard meta to be very interesting this weekend.” The changes are as follows:


Mana Lime-Old: [Costs 2] 1 attack, 3 health. → New: [Costs 1] 1 attack, 2 HealthWrym Weaver 0-Old: [Costs 5] 3 attacks, 6 health. Spellbert: Summons two 1/3 mana worms. → New: [Costs 4] 3 attacks, 5 health. Spell Burst: Summons two 1/2 mana Wryms Conjurers calls-Old: [Costs 4] → New: [Costs 3]Dragon Caster-Old: [Costs 7] → New: [Costs 6]


Flare-Old: [Costs 2] → New: [Costs 1]Hunter Mark-Old: [Costs 2] → New: [Costs 1]Hungry Buzzard-Old: [Costs 5] 3 attacks, 2 health → new: [Costs 2] 2 attacks, 1 HealthDinotamer Brann-Old: [Costs 8] → New: [Costs 7]


Charging-Old: [Costs 1] Gives a friendly minion charge. You cannot attack heroes this turn. → New: [Costs 3] Gives friendly minions +2 attacks and Charge Bloodsworn mercenaries-Old: 2 attacks, 2 health. → New: 3 attacks, 3 HealthScion of Ruin-Old: [Costs 4] → New: [Costs 3]


Spirit Claw-Old: [Costs 2] → New: [Costs 1]Frame Totem-Old: [Costs 3] 0 attack, 3 health. → New: [Costs 2] 0 Attack, 2 Frost Health Invocation-Old: [Costs 2] → New: [Costs 1]Dragons Pack-Old: Provocation summons two 2/3 spirit wolves. If called twice, give + 2 / + 2. → New: Summon 2 2/3 Spirit Wolves by provocation. If called twice, give + 3 / + 3Corrupt Elementalist-Old :. [Costs 6] → New: [Costs 5]


Glove Keeper-Old: Attack 2, Health 2. → New: Attack 2, Traditional Health Ancient-Old: Select 1-Draw a card. Or 5 restore health. → New: Select 1 card-Draw 2 cards.Or 5 restore health


Powerword: Shield-Old: [Costs 0] Gives minions +2 health. → New: [Costs 1] Gives minions +2 health.Take the card


Cave Below-Old: Quest: Play 5 minions with the same name. Reward: Crystal Core (Your minion is 4/4 for the rest of the game). → New: Quest: Play 4 minions with the same name. Reward: Crystal Core (For the rest of the game, minions are 5/5) Edwin Van Clief-Old: [Costs 4] → New: [Costs 3]Blade Rally-Old: [Costs 4] → New: [Costs 2]Necrium Apothecary-Old: [Costs 5] → New: [Costs 4]Nightmare Gala Clonde (Applies to Upgraded Version)-Old: Draw a card. The cost is (1). → New: Draw a card. The cost is (0)


Call to Weapons-Old: [Costs 5] → New: [Costs 4]


Devil’s Ritual-Old: [Costs 4] → New: [Costs 3]


Undertaker-Old: Each time you summon a minion in Death Rattle, you gain +1 attack power. → New: Every time you summon a minion with Death Rattle, you get +1 / + 1 Reaper Gnome-Old: 1 attack, 1 health → New: 2 attacks, 1 Health Knife Juggler-Old: 2 attacks, 2 health. → New: 3 attacks, 2 Health Frenzied Felwing-Old: 3 attacks, 2 health. → New: 3 attacks, 3 HealthBad Luck Albatross-Old: [Costs 4] → New: [Costs 3]Salonite Chain Gang-Old: Battle Cry: Summon another Salonite Chain Gang. → New: Battle Cry: A mysterious golem that summons a copy of this minion-Old: Attack 4, Health 4. → New: Attack power 4, physical strength 2. ChargeBonemare-Old: [Costs 8] → New: [Costs 7]Archivist Elysiana-Old: [Costs 9] → New: [Costs 8]Dragonqueen Alexstrasza-Old: Battlecry: If there are no duplicate decks, add two other random dragons to your hand. They cost (1). → New feature: Battle Cry: If there is no duplication in the deck, add two other random dragons to your hand.They cost (0)

Magical Spell School is added to the standard and wild spells previously released by the patch. “We’re adding synergies and new layers of depth to the entire collection,” Blizzard said. This update also changes the Hearthstone Rewards track prior to the first update on March 30th. This doubles the number of core reward levels from 50 to 100 and halves the amount of XP required to reach the new level.

Once the patch is released, incomplete Madness and Duels achievements in Darkmoon Faire gameplay will no longer be granted Rewards Track XP and will be available in the new Forged in the Barrens Achievements. Blizzard also distributes the Golden Classic Card Pack to everyone who logs in after the 20.0 update is released, so you’ll probably want to get one as well.

Not surprisingly, this update also includes various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Check out the full list below and the full patch notes on

Increased the number of available deck slots from 18 to 27. Moved the seasonal rank reward chest to the deck selection screen. In addition, the March Seasonal Rank reward offers forged in barren packs rather than the madness of the Dark Moon Fairpack. Added a progress bar to each achievement category in the journal. Updated the Guaranteed Weekly Quest Win 5 game in Rank Play Mode. -rollable. Updated some loading tips to reflect recent changes. Updated Arena Rewards to include Forged in the Barrens pack and no Classic pack. Update TavernBrawls to reward the Phoenix pack for a year instead of the Classic pack. Both have been newly updated. The player’s Legendary Quest Line allows you to complete several quests on the battlefield, offering pack rewards from recent expansions instead of classic packs. Remove repeater missions against Malflion, Tilande, and Hackers, and update the Legendary Quest Line to reward a total of 15 card packs from recent expansions. Updated free decks for new and repeaters (recipe is here). * Updated Boo. k of Heroes unlocks a class when you complete all Book of Heroes missions for that class. Updated the Demon Hunter class so that you can unlock it by playing against the class in play mode or defeating the class in practice mode. Completing the Demon Hunter Prologue unlocks the class, but players who have not yet completed will be rewarded with one Demon Hunter Class Pack. Fixed a bug where wildcards wouldn’t appear in the collection without unlocking the demon hunter. Zephrys the Great did not offer Mass Dispel or Shadow flame when the board was full. Fixed a bug where cards targeting Deathrattle minions, such as PlayDead, would continue to work in Deathwarden. Fixed a bug where Cadogar wouldn’t show the Deslatle icon and wouldn’t copy the effect of the Pegged Hatchling Bectus Des Rattle. Fixed a bug where Spark Joy Cheat would trigger an opponent’s counter spell to activate the secret when casting a secret from their hand. Counter spells no longer activate. Fixed a bug where Shenanigan wouldn’t activate if the first card the opponent drew was a “cast when drawing” card. Fixed a bug that caused shadow clones to fire even when the board was full. Fixed a bug during play. Crystal Core and Humble Blessing in the same match did not give the second-played permanent stats effect. Fixed a battleground bug where minions buffing others wouldn’t visually update all minions spawned during combat. Wall Hero Power did not show the correct number of turns remaining for players other than Tikatus. Fixed a battleground bug where secrets generated from prestigation showed a gold cost even though the cast didn’t cost gold. Fixed a Duel bug that could cause the Victory Counter to appear- 1. Fixed a Duel bug that could cause duplicate card buckets to appear. Fixed a bug in Duel where the deck wasn’t displayed at the end of the run screen. Fixed a bug in Duel that caused Death Strider to appear. Treasure could cause a crash when triggering multiple treasures. Fixed a Duels bug that could cause SoulcialStudiesHeroPower to appear as a Coming Soon. Fixed a Duels bug where the Prince Malchezaars game start effect would not be activated when the Prince Malchezaar was pulled out of a small pouch. It has been fixed. Fixed a bug where clicking the victory banner in Solo Adventure did not end the match. Fixed a bug in the Trial by Felfire that would not show that the adventure was completed after earning each completion achievement. Fixed a bug in Trial by Felfire. The dragon killer may lock the game. Fixed a bug in the Book of Heroes Valeera where minions drawn by Varian Urin wouldn’t be placed on the board even though there was plenty of board space. Fixed a bug where AI would play Sleep with the Heroes Valeera. Worthless fish. Fixed a visual bug in the Book of Heroes Valeera where playing minions seemed ready to attack during the mulligan at the start of the match. Fixed A visual bug in the Book of Heroes Valeera that caused Rehgar Earthfury to attack but not appear to attack. Fixed a visual bug in the V-O7-TR-ON entrance animation. Fixed a visual bug that seemed to be temporarily given by imprisoned phoenix. Dormant spell damage buff. Fixed a visual bug where some of Zhuge Liang’s Undoin and Diaochan’s hero skins weren’t animated.

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