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5,000 people lost their lives in the earthquake that hit Erzincan




Erzincan earthquake

July 23 is the 204th day (205 in leap years) of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. There are 161 days left until the end of the year.

Railways July 23, 1939 French soldiers withdrew in Hatay and the Payas-Iskenderun line was delivered. Olaylar 1784 – In the earthquake in Erzincan, Turkey, 5 thousand people died. 1821 – The Greeks, who captured the city of Monemvasia during the Peloponnesian Revolt, kill 3,000 Turks. 1829 – William Austin Burt invented the typewriter, the first version of the typewriter. 1881 – The International Gymnastics Federation, the oldest sports federation in the world, is founded in Liege, Belgium. 1888 – The International Anthem is sung for the first time by workers in Lille, France. 1894 – Japanese forces occupy the Royal Palace in Seoul and overthrow the King of Korea. 1903 – Ford sells its first car. 1911 – Nearly 300 homes are damaged in a major fire in Aksaray Yesil Tulumba in Istanbul. 1911 – Hurriyet-i Ebediye Hill by architect Muzaffar Bey opened. 1919 – Erzurum Conference begins. 1926 – Fox Film Corporation patents the “Movietone” sound system, which makes it possible to record sound on film tape. 1929 – Fascist government in Italy, foreigners ban the use of the clarinet. 1932 – The master plan, called the Janssen Plan, prepared by German architect Hermann Janssen is approved for Ankara. 1939 – Following the decision of the Hatay Assembly to join Turkey on June 29, 1939, French forces leave the state of Hatay. 1951 – The Treaty of Paris enters into force. 1952 – The Free Officers Movement in Egypt led by Gamal Abdel Nasser overthrew King Farouk and put an end to the monarchy. 1960 – The Turkish Literary Guilds hold an extraordinary meeting. At the meeting; Bayami Safa, Samet Ağaoğlu and Faruk Naviz Jamlibel were expelled from the union on the grounds that they were supporters of the repressive regime before the May 27 coup. 1961 – The Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) is established in Nicaragua. 1963 – France refuses to join the “Test Ban Treaty” concluded in Moscow to limit nuclear tests. 1967 – One of the bloodiest riots in US history begins in Detroit, Michigan. when the events are over; 43 dead, 342 wounded, and nearly 1,400 buildings burned. 1974 – in the three-day campaign in Cyprus; The number of martyrs reached 57 martyrs, 184 wounded and 242 martyrs. 1976 – The research vessel Seismic-1 (Hora) is launched into the Aegean Sea with a ceremony from İstinye Shipyard. 1983 – Buddhist majority in Sri Lanka massacres about 3,000 Tamils. About 400,000 Tamils ​​fled to neighboring countries. The event took place in Sri Lankan history as “Black July”. 1986 – Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson marry. 1993 – Armenian separatists occupy Agdam. 1995 – Comet Hale-Bopp is discovered. 1996 – Aydin Administrative Court; Gökova accepted the request to stop the activities of Yeniköy and Yatağan thermal power plants on the grounds that they harm the environment. 2000 – Yasemin Dalkılıç, underwater sports; He broke two world records with 120m in unlimited diving and 100m in limited variable weight freediving. 2005 – Bombs explode at three different points in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, killing 88 people. 2010 – The band One Direction is formed. Born 1649 – eleventh. Clemens, Pope (died 1721) 1821 – August Wilhelm Malm, Swedish zoologist (d. 1882) 1854 – Ernst Balfour Pax, English socialist journalist and philosopher (died 1926) 1856 – Pal Gangadhar Tilak, Indian scholar, lawyer and mathematician, philosopher and nationalist leader (d. 1920) 1870 – Frederick Alexander McCustin, British lawyer and politician (d. 1940) 1878 – Sadri Maqsudi Arsal, Turkish Tatar statesman, lawyer, academic, thinker, and politician (d. 1957) 1882 – Kazim Karabekir, Turkish soldier and politician (d. 1948) 1884 – Emil Janning, German film actor (d. 1950) 1888 – Raymond Chandler, American author (d. 1959) 1892 – Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia (d. 1975) 1894 – Alfred Kinsey, American biologist, professor of entomology and biology Animal (d. 1956) 1897 – Ali Mumtaz Arollat, Turkish poet (died 1967) 1899 – Gustav Heinemann, 3rd President of Germany (died 1976) 1906 – Vladimir Prelog, Croatian-Swiss chemist and Nobel laureate in Chemistry (d. 1998) 1908 – Bhagat Kemal Çağlar, developed the poet of Kish (d. 1969) 1920 – Amalia Rodrigues, Portuguese singer and actress Fado (d. 1999) 1 924 – Ghazanfer Bilge, Turkish wrestler and businessman (d. 2008) 1925 – Arif Demar, Turkish poet (d. 2010) 1931 – Jan Troel, Swedish screenwriter and filmmaker 1933 – Richard Rogers, Italian architect in 1934 – Hector de Boring, player Former international footballer Argentine French (born 1993) 1942 – Anne Asserod, Norwegian art historian (deceased 2017) 1943 – Tony Joe White, American funk rock musician, songwriter and singer Blue (d. 2018) 1950 – Namek Korhan, Turkish Cypriot diplomat 1951 – Eddie McClurg, American actress, comedian, and voice actor 1951 – Liman Sam, Turkish singer 1953 – Kazim Aksar, Turkish theater and film actor 1953 – Najib Razak, 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia 1953 – Ahmet Sezrel, Turkish film actor 1956 – Atila Sertel, Turkish journalist and politician 1957 – Theo van Gogh, Dutch film director, producer, screenwriter, author and journalist (d. 2004) 1959 – Mauro Zuliani, Italian athlete 1 961 – Martin Gore, English musician, songwriter and composer (Depeche Mode) 1961 – Woody Harrelson, American actor and 1964 Emmy Award winner – Bekir Ilıcalı, Turkish businessman and president of Erzurumspor 1964 – Nick Menza, German musician and drummer (d. 2016) 1965 – Slash, English guitarist (Guns N’ Roses) 1965 – Jörg Stubner, former German professional footballer (died 2019) 1967 – Philip Seymour Hoffman, American actor and Academy Award winner (d. 2014) 1968 – Gary Payton , American basketball player 1969 – Marco Budd, German football player 1970 – Charisma Carpenter, American actress 1971 – Alison Krause is an American bluegrass singer, songwriter and violinist. 1972 – Elber Giovanni, Brazilian footballer 1972 – Elber Giovanni, Brazilian footballer 1972 – Marlon Wayans, American actor, producer and comedian 1972 – Swat Kilic, Turkish lawyer and politician 1973 – Monica Lewinsky, American public servant and former White House intern 1975 – Alessio Tacinardi, former Italian international footballer 1976 – Jonathan Galant, Canadian guitarist (Billy Talent band) 1976 – Ozturk Elmaz, Turkish rock singer 1976 – Judit Polgar is a Hungarian chess master 1979 – Mehmet Akif Alakor, Turkish actor 1979 – Sotiris Kyriakos, Greek footballer 1980 – Michelle Williams, American gospel singer, R&B singer, songwriter, actress and dancer 1981 – Susanne Hoeke, German actress 1981 – Dmitri Karpov, Kazakh athlete 1982 – Gokhan Unal, Turkish footballer 1982 – Omer Aysan Barış , Turkish football player 1982 – Paul Wesley, American actor 1983 – Aaron Peirsol, American swimmer 1984 – Walter Gargano, Uruguayan footballer 1984 – Brandon Roy, American basketball player 1985 – Anna Maria Muhe, German actress 1 987 – Serdar Kurtulus, Turkish footballer 1987 – Julian Nagelsmann, German coach 1989 – Porcu Kiratli, Turkish actress 1989 – Daniel Radcliffe, English actor 1992 – Konstantinos Tzortzio, Greek e-athlete 1996 – Danielle Bradbury, American country singer 1996 – Sinan Kurt is a Turkish-German football player. 1997 – Umar Atljan, computer programmer of Turkish origin Weapon 1160 – Al-Fayez becomes the thirteenth Fatimid Caliph during 1154-1160 (born 1149) 1497 – Barbara Fugger, German businessman and banker (born 1419) 1596 – Henry Carey Eighth King. Son of Henry by Mary Boleyn (born 1526) 1645 – Michael I, Tsar of Russia (born 1596) 1756 – Eric Brahe, Swedish noble Count (born 1722) 1757 – Domenico Scarlatti, Italian composer (born 1685) 1802 – Maria Caetana di Silva, One of the famous models of the Spanish aristocrat and painter Francisco de Goya (born 1762) 1875 – Isaac Singer, American inventor, actor, and businessman (born 1811) 1885 – Ulysses S Grant, 18th President of the United States (born 1822) 1916 – William Ramsay, chemist Scotsman and Nobel laureate (born 1852) 1926 – Viktor Vasnetsov, Russian painter (born 1848) 1932 – Alberto Santos Dumont, Brazilian pilot (born 1873) 1941 – Kamil Akdik, Turkish calligrapher (born 1861) 1942 – Nikola Fabsarov, Bulgarian poet (born 1909) 1942 – Waldemar Poulsen, Danish engineer and inventor (born 1869) 1944 – Edward Wagner, II. General of the Nazi German Army who served in World War II (born 1894) 1944 – Hans von Sponeck, German general, gymnast and footballer (born 1888) 1948 – DW Griffiths, American film director (born 1875) 1951 – Philip Petain, Field Marshal French Field and President Vichy France (born 1856) 1951 – Robert Joseph Flaherty, American director and producer (born 1884) 1955 – Cordell Hull, American politician from Tennessee (born 1871) 1966 – Montgomery Clift, American actor (born 1920) 1967 – Ahmed Kutsey Tesser, Turkish poet, writer and educator (born 1901) 1968 – Henry Hallet Dale, English pharmacologist and physiologist (born 1875) 1971 – Van Hevlin, American actor (born 1910) 1972 – Suat Dervish, Turkish journalist and writer (born 1903) 1973 Eddie Rickenbacker, US Medal of Honor as an ace pilot in World War I (born 1890) 1976 – Mehmet Ertogroluoğlu, Turkish Cypriot politician and diplomat 1979 – Josef Kessel, French writer and journalist (born 1898) 1981 – Ivan Eklind, Swedish football referee (born 1905) 1983 – Jörg Aurich, French composer (NS. 1899) 1989 – Cevat Direli, Turkish painter (born 1900) 1989 – Donald Barthelemy, American short story and novelist (born 1931) 1991 – Ertan Anapa, Turkish author and singer (born 1939) 1996 – Aliki Vuyuklaki, Greek actress (b. 1934) 1997 – Chūhei Nambu, Japanese athlete (born 1904) 1999 – II. Hassan, King of Morocco (born in 1929) 2000 – Cenk Koray, Turkish writer and journalist (born in 1944) 2003 – Sinan Erdem, Turkish volleyball player and President of the Turkish National Olympic Committee (born in 1927) 2004 – Serge Reggiani, Italian-French actor and singer (born in 1922 2007 – Ernst Otto Fischer, German chemist and Nobel laureate in Chemistry (born 1918) 2007 – Zahir Shah, Shah of Afghanistan (born 1914) 2007 – Ziya Demirel, Turkish theater artist and director (born 1919) 2008 – Fethi Nasi, writer and Turkish critic (born 1927) 2011 – Amy Winehouse, English singer and composer (born 1983) 2012 – Sally Ride, American astronaut and astrophysicist (born 1951) 2013 – Rona Anderson, Scottish actress (born 1926) 2013 – Galma Santos, player Brazilian footballer (born 1929) 2014 – Dora Brian, English actress (born 1923) 2016 – Hüseyin Alten, Turkish singer and composer (born 1958) 2016 – Thorbjörn Fälldin, Swedish politician (born 1926) 2017 – Elliot Castro, Puerto Rican sports commentator , sports historian, and author (b. 1949) 2017 – John Kundla, Basketball Coach Former American and College (born 1916) 2017 – Mehmet Nuri Nas, Turkish agricultural engineer and academic (born 1969) 2017 – Bob Demos, former American football player and coach (born 1927) 2017 – Flo Steinberg, American cartoonist and publisher (born 1939) 2018 – Marion Bateman Allen, American journalist, author, and politician (born 1925) 2018 – Oksana Shachko, Ukrainian artist and activist (born 1987) 2018 – Giuseppe Tonotti, Italian politician (born 1925) 2019 – Prince Ferdinand von Bismarck, German lawyer, businessman and nobleman ( Born 1930) 2019 – Gabe Koth, Canadian actor and voice actor (born 1972) 2019 – Danica McGuigan, Irish actress (born 1986) 2019 – Lewis Willey, American journalist, editor and columnist (born 1931) 2020 – Lamine Bachichi, Algerian politician (born 1927) 2020 – Hasan Berijani, Swedish actor (born in 1961) 2020 – Lida Ramo, Estonian actress and theater director (born in 1924) 2020 – Tamila Sait Kizhi Rostimova-Krastenich was a Soviet, Russian actress and pianist of Azerbaijani origin (m. 1936 2020 – Jacqueline Scott, American actress (born 1931) 2020 – Stuart Wheeler, English financier, businessman, politician, activist and lawyer (born 1935)




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