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Dungeons & Dragons: 10 Ways to Play Using Theory Fans


Dungeons and Dragons has one of the scariest and most attractive fan bases in gaming history, and for good reason. Its open structure allows entry into the space an infinite number of game styles for Dungeon Masters and adventurers alike

The game not only contains literal gaming stories, theories that can be embedded in the game, but the mechanics of character building and meeting encounters allow fans theories of all nerves to come together in one place.

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Check out this list of ways Dungeon Masters and players can use fan theory to improve their next campaign!

10 Mind flyer among us

The insincere, known as mind numbers, are the monstrous, two-dimensional, octopus psychic creatures that have become a popular hit with the Netflix series Stranger things, They can take control of people’s minds to do their bidding, and since they are cross-dimensional, there is a reason that they might as well be here in our world.

At the start of a “normal” campaign, the DM selects and secretly informs one player that they are, in fact, agents of a flaw. This player’s job is to turn the rest of the party into dinghy drones by performing a ritual during a break between dungeons. This ritual requires magical components (at the discretion of the DM) that stumbled players must acquire discreetly, and in no time can discover their true preferences. Nothing like inspiring paranoia among friends!

9 Mind Flyer Among Us – Version 2

Here’s another mode inspired by the idea that the Illithids have access to our kingdom: In this setting, the Dungeon Master would run players through a series of repetitive dungeons, always looking for the same goal of tasks that would constantly avoid them. Players will leave clues about a mindset that will loosely describe the true identity of Illithid – the Dungeon Master.

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In this scenario, DM / illithid has already enslaved the minds of the entire party and holds them in an endless loop of dungeons. The only way to defeat ilithids is to face them in real life and do the unthinkable – stop playing the game.

8 You are the spectator

D&D 5th Edition co-creator Mike Meals challenged stir when he thought the entire Dungeons and Dragons multiverse might just be the dream of the beholder, a giant floating cyclop. For this campaign, the DM will place one viewer per player somewhere in the world where the party can meet them. These holders represent the connection of real players to the game world. If a party unknowingly kills a viewer, a player connected to a particular viewer loses control of their character and is taken over by the DM.

In order to “connect” with his character, the player must solve the puzzle in the real world in isolation while the party tries to solve the puzzle in the game together. Once both puzzles have been solved, the player can reconnect.

7 Confirm that R&D is actually the path of Satanism (ironically)

As long as Dungeons and Dragons it was around, there were stories and controversy about how he secretly tries to turn young men into a life of the devil. Test your players’ moral beliefs and maybe turn them to the Prince of Darkness with this mechanic.

Routinely introduce your players to simple ethical decisions – save a cat, give money to a beggar, etc. If they behave like brave citizens, go ahead and increase the challenge score for each encounter in small steps. If they act as non-cracked dirt bags, reward them with gear or lower the challenge rating if too high. It may be difficult to change character alignments, but human morale is pretty fluid, right?

6 Become fast and furious

It’s no secret that Vin Diesel, star of the Fast and Furious franchise, is a big fan of R&D. Some have even speculated that the dramatic increase in the power and constitution of movie characters can be attributed to the fact that the characters exist in a R&D campaign. The Verge went so far as to create downloadable character tables for Dom, Hobbs and Tej as part of an April joke.

Maybe Dominic Torette’s ancestors came from Waterdeep, or maybe Hobbs is a descendant of the mighty half orc. Either way, rollover a Fast and furious the character in issue 5 is much easier than you might think. Start with a human fighter, select the “Mounted Fighter” feat, and select level three Cavalier subclasses. Get a horse – the fastest and most generous horse money you can buy – and knock down that horse with your enemies. Then decorate the barbecue, resurrect Han and steal a faster, even more rabid horse. Because family.

5 Enter Middle Earth

The original version of D&D, published in 1974, included hobbits, not what is now called halters. Copyright wars ensued and as a result Dungeons and Dragons and Lord of the Rings they have been kept separate for over forty years.

But an open-game license in 2016 allowed for creation Adventures in Middle Earth, an adaptation of LOTR’s Role Playing, compatible with the 5th edition of D&D. The main difference is generally the removal of magic and magic, so no, there will be no Gandalfs party to summon the Great Eagles to fly above Mount Doom and peek through the alley through One Ring in Mount Doom. Ask all your old Sam and Frodo fans and get ready for some cannon punching charisma checks.

4 Become Jim Hopper from Other Things

R&D fans speculated that Stranger things it’s actually a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, instead of showing just one. Can’t wait to see what happens with Hope between season 3 and 4? The folks at Nerdarchy did a great job playful Sheriff Hopper character using the rule of 5th edition, which goes so far as to receive input from actor David Harbor.

There are arguments that Hopper plays as a Fighter, Rogue, Ranger, or more classes. For a full experience with Hope, start as a man, take the Tavern Brawler feat, Background Investigator, and talk to the DM about incorporating firearms into your campaign.

3 Dungeons & Dragons is a post-apocalyptic world

This one fan theory Reddit postulates that the R&D world is actually a post-apocalyptic nightmare that is the result of the magical equivalent of nuclear war. He claims that orcs and elves are nothing more than ordinary humans who have mutated as a result of a cataclysmic event in the past.

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Further evidence of this disaster – the multitude of dungeons that seem to lie in the landscape are actually abandoned shelters of long forgotten generations. This theory contains many interesting ideas that DM could use to enrich his stories and build a deeper sense of immersion in his players.

2 Every NPC has a past

Individuals who are passionate enough about DM are more fans of R&D than ordinary players, and in a way, each of their campaigns they create is a grand theory of the world and the experiences within them. It must be frustrating to devise an elaborate campaign full of puzzles, riddles and networks of interconnected NPCs, only for the party to chase, stab, and pillage all the lively ones they encounter.

Consider playing a campaign where assault, robbery and murder are treated with the same moral strength as in this world. No action would be without consequence. Even starving zombies, a family member would need an explanation as to why this particular corpse needed desecration. This is the perfect opportunity for DM to work on his storytelling and acting skills. Don’t be afraid to send your players to civil litigation!

1 Explore Wildemount

After the huge popularity of the D&D series Critical role, The Wizards of the Coast have released a new original book called Explorer’s Wildemount Guide, This not only introduces three new subclasses, a new branch of magic, over a dozen monsters and magic items, as well as the entire campaign.

The book is designed for fans of the series and newcomers similar to. For those looking for an extra deep dive, be on the lookout for A world of critical role, is expected later this year.

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