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Trump again refuses to denounce QAnon




President Donald Trump has doubled down on QAnon’s refusal to denounce theoretical conspiracies, and said on a national television program that they are “very much against pederasty” and agrees with that sentiment. In a tough exchange, NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie asked Trump if the main conspiracy invented by QAnon could not be true. “I don’t know anything about QAnon,” Trump replied. “I just told you,” Guthrie said. Trump backed out, “What you’re telling me doesn’t have to be true.” QAnon’s main conspiracy theories — they have no basis at all — claim that dozens of politicians and A-list celebrities who worship Satan work with governments around the world in child sexual abuse. Followers also believe that there is a “deep situation” in an effort to destroy Trump and that the president is secretly working to deal with these pedophile crap. The president claimed that everything he knows about the movement that has been present at his campaign rallies is “very much against pedophilia” and that he agrees with that sentiment. Followers of the group, which the FBI has called a threat to domestic terror, have also denounced baseless theories about mass shootings and elections and falsely claimed that 5G cellular networks spread the coronavirus. During City Hall, the president also tried to differentiate himself from a recent reissue of conspiracy theory from an account linked to QAnon. It was unfounded to say that former Vice President Joe Biden orchestrated the killing of Seal Team Six, the founder of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden. “I don’t know anything about that,” Trump claimed. “That was a twist. That was someone’s opinion. And that was a twist. I’ll put it there. People can decide for themselves.” But Guthrie replied, “I don’t get that. You’re the president. You’re not someone like a crazy uncle who can tweet anything.” Trump has frequently used his social media platform to promote various QAon-related accounts and related theories. He had previously refused to condemn the group in August and enlisted their support. “I don’t know much about the movement that I understand, and I appreciate that,” Trump said in August. “I hear that the popularity is growing,” Trump said, acknowledging how QAnon followers managed social unrest in places like Portland, Oregon. “I’ve heard that they are people who love our country and don’t like to see it.” #Trump #DanaBash #CNN.



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