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QAnon was absorbed. Here’s how he escaped viral worship




Jitarth Jadeja discovered it in QAnon in 2017. The 32-year-old spent two years involved in virtual worship. His biggest regret? Sharing conspiracy theory with his father. CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan reported. One day in June 2019, Jadeja took to the streets to smoke a cigarette. He had been in the virtual cult of QAnon for two years. But now he saw a Youtube video that distinguished the last element of the theory he believed in. While he was smoking there, he would later say he felt “broken”. QAnon fell from the rabbit hole; now, out of there, he had no idea what to do next. QAnon’s most basic belief is that President Trump is a hero in the fight against the “deep state” and as a malicious cabal of democratic politicians and celebrities who receive child abuse. And an anonymous person inside the government named “Q” appears, allegedly sharing secret information about the fight through online cryptic messages. Travis View is a conspiracy theory researcher who organizes the “QAnon Anonymous” podcast. Believers in the theory “always fantasize that they save children and bring criminals to justice,” says View. “But QAnon only harms people. He hasn’t helped anyone.” #DonieOSullivan #QANON #CNN.



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