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Discussion: Is ‘Cancel Culture’ or ‘red herring’ in the UK real?




The government will nominate a “champion of free speech” for English universities as part of its commitment to protecting academic freedom and freedom of expression. (Subscribe:

Visiting speakers without a platform may sue the university for compensation, and student unions must also ensure that members have the right to freedom of expression. All of this, critics say, is fighting a “ghost threat”. Tonight we were expected to speak with Education Secretary Gavin Williamson about the moves to defend freedom of expression on university campuses. But he refused our request, as he had done for 18 months. We would like to invite Mr. Williamson to come and discuss the “unacceptable silences and censorship” that is happening in universities in an article in today’s Daily Telegraph. We spoke to journalist Peter Hitchens, who says he has been “suspended” from college events, and writer Nels Abbey, in his novel Think Like a White Man, highlights issues about racism in the UK. ———————– Follow us on Instagram – .



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