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How many trucks can a dispatcher handle?




Any professional dispatcher will tell you that their work, or rather earnings, largely depend on the driver with whom he cooperates in a pair. The task of any truck dispatching company is to sell the services of a truck driver at a higher price to a broker. This is a mutually beneficial partnership in which all three parties are interested: a broker, a truck driver, and a dispatcher.

But to sell the services of the trucker, the dispatcher must get to know them: to study the method of work, the features of the cargo that he is ready to transport, the roads on which he prefers to travel, and, of course, establish friendly working relations with him. Make them “your driver.”

What is the dispatcher’s income based on?

The income depends only on the work of the dispatcher. If you look for the most profitable loads for your drivers, you get a good percentage in addition to the rate. Truck dispatching companies often let one dispatcher work with 3- 8 truck drivers. However, this is not the limit; the more drivers you have, the higher your earnings. The dispatcher can take as many drivers as they want, but you need to remember that when the quantity of drivers increases, the quality of the dispatcher’s work should not decrease. It can be physically and mentally challenging to handle more than eight drivers, requiring a lot of focus, communication, and attentiveness.

A dispatcher in the US trucking industry can earn $ 300-$ 500 per week at the start. If a worker copes with the tasks set and shows diligence, the truck dispatching company increases the salary depending on the output. Experienced dispatchers earn $1,000+ a week, but their workload is colossal.

Let’s summarize and make a couple of rules:

  1. the number of drivers that the dispatcher takes is not limited but usually comes down to no more than 8.
  2. the number of drivers directly affects the salary of the dispatcher.
  3. the quality of the work performed also affects the salary, which cannot be neglected in favor of the quantity.


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