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10 Ways To Find Out The Most Valuable Self Storage Units


In the era of maximalism, modern day lives have consummated the culture of buying everything in abundance, picking fast fashion over sustainable fashion and simply hoarding too many things at home! 

The nature of our jobs and lifestyle is such that there is a lot of moving involved for long periods. In such cases, keeping your rented apartment is not practical at all. Take a look at the top self-storage companies of the USA for guidance.

All of the items need to be compartmentalized to be packed and further placed in storage units. To organize all your stuff, label them so you don’t need to scrummage through a pile of things later on to look for something. 

Once you assign adequate space for each category of items and arrange them correctly, the next step is the self-storage units, which makes life much easier. If you are doing preemptive research to find out the criteria to choose the best self-storage companies.

Here below are the 10 Ways To Find Out The Most Valuable Self Storage Units:

  • Handling of items

Delicate items such as glassware, cutlery, are fragile and very easy to break. They need to be padded with cloth, packed and handled with utmost care and need to be placed in storage units with softer material on the inside.

It is hard for them to bear too much weight or collide into each other. Such easily breakable items need extra care.

  • End to end service

Self-storage companies in the USA have workers that assist you in packing of items to transferring them to the location and then back. This is less tedious as it is less hassle.

  • No loopholes

Storage units must be clean, dry and even surfaced, with no gaps for insects or rodents to enter and damage the items. Make sure you lock everything, there is a safe lock on the outside of the storage unit, with no cracks or crevices to break in.

  • Inspection

You must visit the site of the storage space and conduct your own inspection to check how hygienic it is and how well they maintain the place and the items of storage. The top self-storage companies take measures to protect things from getting ruined and maintain hygiene.

  • Trustworthiness

Are they professional and a well reputed company? Do they come under the top self-storage companies of the USA? Do a thorough background research by checking their website, read reviews and compare them with their competitors. 

They must have the unit under surveillance and include security clauses in your contract to give some form of guarantee.

  • Storage Fees

Do they have a storage deposit? How much is it? Do they take a one time cost every month, or ask you to pay a lump sum? You should not have to pay any more than your usage of the storage unit. 

Also, your credit card details must be safe and should not bill you for the months you haven’t used up the facility. Just in case you change your mind and choose to vacate the storage unit, you should have no excess money stuck with the storage facility.

  • Insurance

Insure all your items for the cost they are worth. It is the storage facility’s responsibility to look after the items. It must be mentioned in the contract that the company is liable to pay you a certain amount of money in case of theft or damage of properties due to negligence of the caretakers.

  • Air Circulation

Despite stacking all your stuff in boxes or other forms of coverings, there should be breathing space for basic ventilation. This also protects things from not getting damp/ spoiled in certain weathers.

  • Spaciousness

These units should be spacious if you are planning to store your furniture, mattresses and other bulky items. Start laying the base for the heavier and larger items on the bottom and stack them upwards. 

With less heavier things and finally at the top, the lightest, to avoid any breakage or denting. You need to map the plan correctly, so you don’t waste any space. At the same time, there must be little breathing space in between.

  •  Distance

How far is the facility from your house? This is an added expense of carrying the items to the storage facility and then back home. If the distance is not much, it is much more convenient and you can save up on some money.


There are many options for good self-storage in the USA. To pick the right one, keep these factors in mind for the entire process to go smoothly instead of wasting your time, energy or money. 



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