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What we want from the Ubisoft Massive Star Wars game in the world




This prompted us to think: Given how tantalizing the idea of ​​an open game with Star Wars is, what would we want in one? Let’s start with a strong story.

Star Wars fans have broken down recently. Mandalorian rivals (or go beyond) most of the canon in terms of rich storytelling, stunning environments, and thrilling action. Oh, that Jon Favreau would oversee the script, or that Dave Filoni (creator of the Star Wars Rebels who worked on the animated series Clone Wars, as well as The Mandalorian) would write it. Respawn also nailed the script for her Star Wars game, Jedi Fallen Order. The bar is high for a game that can command up to 50 hours of play time.

It seems unlikely that any of the above writers get involved in this (though Lucasfilm holds the last word on everything, who knows?) So well just look for a story that is on par with those of Sonys unforgettable tales. as the first party as the Lord of War and the Last of Us. Okay, so it’s still shooting at the moon, but a fairy tale of its kind is what an open Star Wars game deserves. It may not be just a collection of side missions (which is more or less what The Rise of Skywalker was).

If Ubisoft Massive just gets one thing right for this game, the story should be that. Here’s what else they hoped for every time this game was played.

Unlike the announcement of game 007 by IO Interactive, which was a game made in paradise, the response to the announcement of this game has been a bit more silent. The developers of The Division series have not had an excellent record for releasing games that meet expectations. The first game took about a year to fix its ship and develop a healthy online community. The second game removed a lot of what the first game (eventually) got right, and although it was quite well received at first, the game was quickly thrown out as a live service.

Great Star Wars stories are not about finding loot. Star Wars stories have never been about chasing that other great weapon, which is what forms the core of loot grinding games. The rise of the Skywalker was widely considered because the whole plot revolved around finding a ship to find one thing to go to another planet to find another thing to find the last boss. I hope we have learned our lesson.

The booty premise works with games like Borderlands that revolve entirely around getting new weapons. It would feel absolutely stupid on a Star Wars adventure, no matter how many different types of cyber crystals there are. Whatever this open-world adventure, loot grinds (complete with color-coded statistics) should hopefully, completely off the table. Assassins Creed: Valhalla shows that Ubisoft is capable of moving away from this premise and here he hopes they stay in that lesson.

Space travel and fighting, not just hyperspace

Fast travel can not be done much faster than hyper space. And it would be very easy to make a game in which the worlds are connected by a single map and the players simply jump from one to the other through the speed of light (a Jedi Fallen Order of the Fallen). This would do a great disservice to any open Star Wars game in the world.

The Star Wars universe consists of two basic environments: Exotic worlds populated by different, fantastic beings and spaces. Every great Star Wars movie starts in space. It deserves to be a key component of this game.

Buying, maintaining and updating a spaceship is an essential fantasy for any Star Wars fan and will seem to sync well with an open world game. EAs Motives realized this part when it released Star Wars Squadrons, which allowed players to personalize their fighters with various weapons, defenses, and cosmetics. Merging this with ground combat would create the ultimate power in the gaming universe.

All that said, technical Views the requirements to allow a game to take place both in space and on earth are significant. What it promises is the power of solid state impulses, which can better facilitate a game where players can not only play in both environments, but move smoothly between them, getting up and down on planets and stations. spacecraft or capital ships without as much as a screen load, or at least a minimum. Just imagine descending from orbit into the jungles of Yavin IV.

Lightsabers (and suitable counter weapons)

As important as space travel / combat is the iconic Star Wars laser sword. No real open world game would be complete without them, even if the game does not involve Jedi / Sith / The Force (although the link is given between open world games and skill trees, this also seems natural) . So most games are a fantasy of power and there is no weapon more overloaded than a light, which can cut (practically) everything and deflect the laser.

But obviously games need to be balanced, so in addition to light belts there should be appropriate countermeasures. In Mandalorian we have seen that Beskar’s weapons and armaments fulfill such a role. The early extended universe used a material called cortex that essentially disabled a strip of light in contact. In the movies we have seen various energy weapons set by the honorary defender of Supreme Leader Snokes, fighting with glowing skills. Give us the lights of light. He gives us all.

Faster bikes and blurrges!

The worst part of open world gaming? Walking. Yes, it is good to stop and appreciate the scenery every once in a while, but blazing through the Beggars Canyon at a speed would be just as much fun. And when traveling from one point to another on a map is a central part of a game, travel efficiency and enjoyment should be a focal point. Case in point: Her journey is more fun going through New York City as Spider-Man than traveling through the American Southwest like Arthur Morgan, and both experiences are beautiful.

Adding some fun options (like faster bikes, troop transport, AT-ST or even oh-so-weird mounting blurrg) would be a welcome component.

No Skywalkers or people calling themselves Skywalker

Let’s leave the lights of Luke and Leias buried in the Tatooine sand and move on. Regardless of exactly how long, long ago this particular chronology of games falls Old Republic, Empire, New Republic, Post-Republic, etc. lets agree to give up the family around which the galaxy far, far away has rotated since its inception.

Cameos would be fine, but there are so many great threads from Star Wars spinoffs that can be woven into this game history. A story centered on Ezra Bridger after his fight with the Grand Admiral Thrawn would be a fun approach. But give us something other than the stolen identities of Anakin, Luke, Leia and Reys.

That said, I would not be interested to hear about the characters that have made up the main line of saga history through interactions with non-player characters. It would actually be quite wonderful to have some kind of Game of Thrones-style word-of-mouth device where the game protagonist hears the tales of these legendary figures, but not everything is 100 percent accurate. This type of device made Westeros much more interesting, hearing a story about a character and later learning their tale or reputation did not match well enough.

One of the small but extremely enjoyable elements of Assassins Creed: Valhalla is the ability to play a dice-based minigame, called Orlog. Star Wars has two popular games in its universe, Dejarik (holographic chess game played by Chewbacca and C-3PO) and Sabacc, a card game played by Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, among many others.

While Orlog was created specifically for Valhalla, (although it is his) soon in the real world) already has Sabacc card decks floating around the internet. A deviation in the game like that would be an extra and great way to earn some credit through betting.

Determine the advantage of this over the Avatar game

In 2017, Ubisoft Massive announced that they were working on Project A, a massive open world game based on James Camerons Avatar, the blockbuster, box-office-buster of a movie that no one remembers watching.

From the studio site, it looks like it still is hiring for that project, although there has been very little news. Hopes Massive can focus on one massive brand at a time. No matter how big the studio is, a focused studio is likely to come out a better product.

Have a unique art style

The game will run on the Ubisofts Snowdrop engine, which powers other mass series publishers like The Division and Assassins Creed, as well as all Tom Clancy titles. All the characters in these games look the same. The Snowdrop engine also powers games as diverse as the Immortals Fenyx Rising and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a powerful, versatile tool.

Star Wars is known for having unique character designs, fashion and unique look. While EA has been a worthy custodian of the Star Wars franchise, her storytelling on stage left little to be desired, largely because of what the realism of the world looked like. Although it is not necessary, it would be fascinating to watch a game using the aesthetics from the excellent animated endeavors in Star Wars, namely The Clone Wars and Rebels. This is a chance to give us something we have not seen before, plus that frees the studio to be more creative in its world design.

A hope that Ubisofts open world excellence can attract even a non-Star Wars fan

Ubisoft has established itself as one of the best studios when it comes to designing open worlds, whether through historic destinations in Assassin’s Creed like Ancient Greece, or modern environments like San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2. If Ubisoft Massive makes a attractive product, can become Star Wars games that attracts newcomers to the Star Wars franchise.

Say whatever you want about the Ubisoft Massives story in The Division 2, but from an open world design perspective, this game can play with the power of studios. Washington, DC, portrayed in The Division 2 it’s impressive. Heres hoping the new Star Wars game continues along a similar path.

What do you want to see from an open world Star Wars game? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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