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British scientists endorse Covid booster as studies show reduced antibody after jab | Vaccines and immunization




Scientists support Covid booster’s proposal in the fall after blood tests on hundreds of people reveal that protective antibodies can be substantially diminished within weeks of the second vaccination Did.

Antibodies are expected to decline after vaccination, which does not necessarily mean that people are more vulnerable to the disease, but researchers say that continued declines can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. I am concerned about that.

The· UCL virus watch Studies show that the antibodies produced by the two doses of the Oxford / AstraZeneca and Pfizer / BioNTech vaccines began to decline 6 weeks after the second dose, and in some cases dropped by more than 50% in 10 weeks.

Researchers emphasize that both vaccines are very effective against Covid, but the findings are especially for people who were vaccinated early and received Oxford / AstraZeneca injections. Says they support the plans for the booster campaign this fall.

Professor Rob Aldridge, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the University College London, said: “I’m worried that if they continue to decline at the rate we’ve seen, the protective effect of the vaccine will also begin to decline. The big question is when that happens.”

With tentative advice from the Institute for Genomic Research and Immunization (JCVI) last month, the NHS Preparing for the Autumn Booster ProgramHowever, no final decision has been made as to whether or not to continue. It is unclear whether vaccine protection is weak enough to justify boosters, and many experts argue that doses are more urgently needed in other countries.