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The letter gives NHS advice on Covid Jab’s consent to a British school | Coronavirus




British students who want Covid Jab but their parents refuse to agree are told to go to a mass vaccination center instead of going to school. NHS The advice has already been distributed to the school.

Details are given in a letter sent to the head teacher by the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, which also clarifies that children who agree with their parents but refuse the vaccine itself will not be forced to vaccinate. ..

Schools are worried that they may be involved in a family dispute over vaccination, and the health team responsible for delivering jabs should keep school staff out of the fire by addressing consent issues. We are asking the minister to confirm that we will do so.

The letter the Guardian saw addresses some of those concerns. It states: “The well-being of all children who participate in the vaccination is of utmost importance. If the parent / guardian agrees to refuse the vaccination, they will not be forced / forced to vaccinate.

“Discussion with children is conducted to confirm the reasons for their refusal and their wishes are respected. Young people participating in vaccinations without parent / guardian consent are at school. Not vaccinated. These young people will be provided with information about the vaccine and will be directed to a mass vaccination center. “

The letter continues. “Clinical governance of this program is provided by NHS England. The Oxford Health NHS Trust is the lead provider of programs in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire and is therefore responsible for local clinical monitoring of the program. . “