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12 Ways to Relieve (and Prevent) Migraine Headaches




Migraine headaches are more than just headaches. This is a complex neurological condition that can cause a variety of symptoms.

If you have a migraine, you know how painful the condition can be and how difficult it is to get rid of it. Prevention and early action in the event of a migraine are key to managing this condition.

Here are 12 tips to help you treat migraine early and keep it from getting worse.

If you’ve ever put an ice pack on an injury or a heating pad on a back pain, you know the power of temperature therapy. This is also useful in the following cases: Migraine..

Cryotherapy has been used to treat migraine headaches for over 100 years, but few scientific studies suggest why it can help relieve some people’s pain. Some theories suggest that cryotherapy may help constrict blood vessels and slow down the nerve signals associated with migraine headaches.

Even recent studies have not been identified exactly how Cold helps relieve migraine painHowever, in two recent studies, Ice band around the neck, Also Ice pack applied at the onset of migraine It can significantly reduce the perception of migraine pain.

Experiments may be required to determine what works best for you. Some people find that the ice pack applied to their head provides soothing and numbing relief. This is especially useful if the sun or heat causes migraines.

Sensitivity to light and sound is one of the most common migraine symptoms. If possible, stay away from these things. This can help you find relief from your pain and relieve stress.

Lie down and watch your breathing. Take a slow, deep breath through the diaphragm. You will feel your stomach rise when you inhale and lower when you exhale. This will help you relax.

Dehydration can cause headaches and migraines, but new research shows that hydration can reduce or even prevent headache pain.In studyThose who drank the recommended daily fluid intake had the following headaches:

  • Infrequent
  • Not so serious
  • The period is short

If you don’t drink enough water on a regular basis, you can increase your intake to reduce migraine pain and prevent repeated seizures.

A cup of coffee may help stop a migraine. Many over-the-counter painkillers contain caffeine because it can increase the effectiveness of the drug.

Be careful not to drink you toomany. Drinking more than a cup of coffee can later cause you to suffer from caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

People with migraine who use caffeine more than 3 days a week can develop addiction. This can lead to more headaches. Moderation is important in caffeine, but it helps many find peace of mind.

People need to eat to survive, and chewing is an important part of eating.But the research is Excessive chewing It may be associated with more headaches and even migraines. Researchers focused on chewing gum for research and found that tension and migraine headaches are more common in people who chew gum frequently.

Eating is unavoidable, but if you are experiencing regular migraine headaches, it is advisable to reconsider chewing gum. Are you clenching brush teeth During sleep as this can have similar effects.

Extreme stress, changes in sleep habits, and even intense physical activity are associated with migraine headaches.

in the meantime Take a deep breath When relaxation Exercise Migraine alone may not be completely curable, these techniques have been shown to reduce stress levels and may reduce the duration and severity of migraine pain. Regular meditation and stress-relieving strategies can also help prevent the development of migraine headaches in the first place.

Massage may be a good way to relax and practice self-care, but it can also help relieve tension and even prevent headaches and migraines. In one study 8 out of 10 A single massage treatment halved the pain in the headache, and most people reported near-immediate relief.

The place where you get a massage can also play a role.investigate Acupoints and reflexology In managing headaches, it suggests that even foot, hand and earlobe massages may help relieve migraine pain.

Some foods can cause migraines, while others can help get rid of them. Ginger is one of these study Ginger has been found to not only reduce nausea and vomiting that may be associated with migraine headaches, but also significantly reduce migraine pain in 2 hours.

Most studies have used ginger powder, but there are all kinds of products that may provide relief, such as tea and candies.

When many people have a headache, the first thing to look at is the drug, and migraine headaches make no difference in this sense. There are many products that can help relieve migraine pain. These include over-the-counter painkillers and more targeted prescription therapies.

Below is a list of medications used to treat the pain of acute migraine headaches.

  • Acetaminophen (Exedrin, Tylenol)
  • aspirin
  • Diclofenac (Katafram)
  • Ibuprofen (Adville, Motorin)
  • Naproxen (Alive)
  • Almotriptan (Axert)
  • Eletriptan (Relpax)
  • Frovatriptan (flowback)
  • Naratriptan (Amage)
  • Rizatriptan (Maxalt, Maxalt-MLT)
  • Sumatriptan (Imitrex)
  • Sumatriptan and Naproxen (Treximet)
  • Zolmitriptan (Zomig)
  • Chlorpromazine
  • Droperidol
  • Metoclopramide (Les Grands)
  • Prochlorperazine (Compadin)
  • Promethazine (Fenergan)
  • Dihydroergotamine (DHE-45, Migranal)
  • Ketorolac (Trador)

Other drugs can be used, but the goal of these drugs is Prevent migraine Instead of dealing with them. Here is an example:

  • divalproex (depacoat)
  • Metoprolol (Lopressor)
  • Propranolol (Inderal)
  • Timolol (Istalol)
  • Topiramate (Topimax)
  • Amitriptyline
  • Atenolol (tenormin)
  • Nadolol (Corgard)
  • Naratriptan (Merge)
  • Venlafaxine (Effexor)

Which of these medications or a combination of medications you use depends on your health condition, the other medications you are taking, the severity of your migraine headaches, and your symptoms. Avoiding triggers is important to prevent migraine headaches.

If you are suffering from regular migraines, talk to your doctor about how to prevent them from happening. One of the best ways to do this is to identify and avoid what can cause migraine headaches.

Many doctors recommend that patients with migraines keep a record of what they ate and did when they developed the migraine to look for patterns. Triggers vary from person to person, ranging from sleep patterns to specific foods.Even lack of food, and Hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia As a result, it can lead to migraine headaches.

If you identify triggers, try to avoid them. If you haven’t done so already, consider keeping a headache diary to track the trigger.There is even App Available to help you track and analyze triggers.

When it comes to treating migraines, timing is everything. If it takes too long to deal with migraine symptoms or take precautions, the frequency and severity of migraine headaches can increase.

Some people receive a warning sign called an aura that tells them that they have a migraine. NS American Migraine Foundation It is advisable to take the drug during the prodromal phase of the seizure. Prodrome is a warning sign that migraine is developing. Early treatment of symptoms is the best chance to avoid more severe migraine headaches.

One of the challenges of early treatment is knowing the signs. Prodromes vary widely from person to person, but often include:

  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Mood changes irritability, anxiety, or euphoria
  • Concentration problem
  • Thirsty for food, usually carbohydrates
  • Fatigue and yawning

If you have a long-standing migraine, you may be able to easily find prodromes. This helps to be positive rather than responsive when it comes to treating pain. If you have frequent or unnoticed migraine headaches, it is advisable to always carry your migraine medication with you so that you can take it as soon as the attack begins.

It is important to build a good relationship with your doctor who is helping you manage your migraine headaches. Check your symptoms and triggers with your doctor. Together, you can create a treatment plan that not only helps you manage the pain when it happens, but also prevents it from developing in the first place.

Appropriate treatment plans should include:

  • Identify the type of migraine you have
  • Trigger identification
  • Avoiding triggers
  • Take steps to promote overall health, including good sleep and good diet
  • Continue hydration
  • Identify medications and other strategies that help prevent migraine headaches
  • Plan for treatment of acute migraine
  • Talk to your doctor about when to ask for additional help

The severe pain associated with migraine headaches can be severely debilitating. Talk to your doctor about when to seek emergency treatment.

Severe pain is usually not considered an emergency, but if it interferes with your ability to complete your day-to-day work, it is definitely a situation that requires more attention. If you cannot see a doctor, we recommend that you consider emergency or emergency medical services.

If you have severe headaches such as:

  • Uncontrollable vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizures or seizures
  • Blurred vision or other changes in vision
  • Loss of balance or adjustment
  • Lightheadedness
  • Pounding chest and high blood pressure

There are many things you can do to prevent and treat migraine pain, but not one treatment is always effective for everyone.

The key to treating migraine is to know your triggers, avoid them, treat symptoms early, and find the most effective medications and treatments to relieve certain types of migraine pain. ..

You also need to develop a support system that you can rely on when you have a migraine. While dealing with migraine pain, you may be limited in what you can do, and support from others is a powerful coping tool.




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