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Uganda: More than 600 people living with HIV/AIDS fail to collect Arv


A total of 654 people living with HIV/AIDS in the Ajmani district have not collected antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) from healthcare facilities for the past 6 months.

They also do not participate in viral load testing or adherence counseling sessions at various healthcare facilities.

Health officials responsible for HIV/AIDS control, Drorens Inyani Manet, said measures taken by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus prevented people living with HIV/AIDS from going to health care facilities. Stated.

“While some of the HIV/AIDS patients were banned from the district, others, primarily refugees who illegally went home, were captured in South Sudan,” he said.

At least 3,158 people in the Ajmani area are being treated for ARV with HIV/AIDS.

“If HIV/AIDS patients don’t take ARV, infected people are more prone to opportunistic infections because the amount of virus in the blood increases and immune cells are destroyed,” Mane added. It was

The district is currently embarking on a sensitization campaign for a local radio station, mobilizing people living with HIV/AIDS back to the health center to collect medication.

Godfrey Manga Illemaiya, Deputy Health Agent for the Adjumani district, said he hopes to partially relax Covid-19’s restrictions on passenger transport services and allow patients to resume drug retrieval.