The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are investigating a new outcome-based reimbursement strategy for the COVID-19 test, InsideHealthPolicy Report.. CMS administrator Seema Verma said at a US health insurance planning meeting Tuesday that the organization has plans to move swiftly to policy changes that affect reimbursement.

“We are currently paying for two different types of tests, but when you think about it, is that the right way to redeem your tests?” Berma said. “Maybe we need to focus more on the results and results of the test, not just the specific type of test, so we are considering a redemption strategy.”

Verma also hinted that future CMS policies would be available for reimbursement from “introduction”, adding that CMS policies usually tend to take longer to develop.

Mr. Berma also said that the CMS is working to increase confidence among Medicare beneficiaries for the final COVID-19 vaccine. The prevalence of influenza vaccines on a daily basis is just over 50% of the population, and organizations are concerned about whether they welcome the COVID-19 vaccine, Berma said.