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One-third of Covid’s newborns infected prenatally or during birth – Study | Coronavirus




A review of reported cases found that nearly one-third of neonatal coronavirus infections were transmitted from the mother in utero or at work.

Although Covid-19 is rare in newborns, doctors are keen to understand the potential risks faced if a test reveals that the baby is infected shortly after birth.

Doctor France We examined 176 published cases of neonatal coronavirus infection in which the infant was found to be positive at least once or had antibodies to the virus.

Most babies (about 70%) are infected in hospitals, and mothers, medical staff, other patients, families and all visitors pose a potential risk of infection. The remaining infections were inherited directly from the mother before or during childbirth.

Daniel de Luca, a pediatric and neonatal emergency physician at Antoine Beclair Hospital in Paris, has rarely said that newborns can be born with the virus or become infected during hospitalization. He said it was important to recognize. “At the beginning of the pandemic, some argued that this would never touch the baby. It’s rare, but it does exist,” he said.