Today is a busy day at 4-H Fairgrounds, Hamilton County, Noblesville.
All COVID-19 vaccine reservations postponed on Tuesday have been rescheduled for today due to bad weather. Hamilton County Office was closed on Tuesday due to a winter snowstorm.
Originally located in the Hamilton County 4-H Fairgrounds Annex in Noblesville, the Hamilton County Health Department’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic earlier this month to secure more space. Moved to the exhibition center in Noblesville.
The exhibition center site has about 240 vaccine reservations daily.
As of Friday, the county health department’s vaccination clinic had a total of about 5,500 vaccinations.
As of Friday, throughout Hamilton County, the Indiana Department of Health (ISDH) reported 31,551 positive COVID-19 cases, 377 deaths, and 175,128 tests.
The county was initially assigned 800 COVID-19 vaccines a week, but the number was expected to double by this week. According to the county health department, the exhibition center offers six times as much space as the annex, and the health department can handle doses up to 3,600 times a week.
“There are 17 vaccination sites throughout Hamilton County, providing more than 50,000 initial doses of COVID-19 vaccine, and approximately 25,000 residents are fully vaccinated,” said a county health department spokesman. One Christian Walker said on Friday.
“We are directing this vessel around Hamilton County! This week we vaccinated an additional 5,000 people in the county and reported only 340 new positive COVID-19 cases,” Health said. The provincial Facebook page posted on Friday at 2:15 pm.
It is important that people wear the right mask, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently proposed that people double their masks, double masking, on a one-time mask. It is also important to put a cloth mask on top of it. CDC recommends.
According to the State Department, an estimated 51,000 Fusher living in certain health conditions that may increase the risk of hospitalization or death if infected with COVID-19 will soon be vaccinated. According to the state, these health risks include those who are on dialysis, those who have sickle cell disease, those who have had a solid organ transplant, those who have Down syndrome, those who have cancer, or the past three. Includes people who have been treated for cancer each month.
On Wednesday, it was announced that a winter storm was delaying the shipment of COVID vaccine to Indiana. When the vaccine becomes available, it will be offered to people over the age of 60 and then over the age of 50. On Wednesday, Hamilton County’s COVID-19 advisory level was lowered to yellow, and Governor Eric Holcomb’s executive order restrictions were reduced.
The CDC issued a statement that people who were completely vaccinated with the two vaccines no longer needed to be quarantined after being exposed to people with COVID-19, as long as they were asymptomatic. According to another statement, pets can also be susceptible to COVID-19, so if you are ill, do not snuggle up with your pet.
For more information on booking the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit www.ourshot.in.gov. Individuals can also call 2-1-1, AARP, or Hamilton East (Noblesville or Fischer’s), Hamilton North, Carmel Clay, Sheridan, or Westfield public libraries for registration support. ..
The Hamilton County Health Department announced on Friday that it would mark the first anniversary of COVID-19 on the night of the reflection on March 13. County and city leaders set fire to downtown Noblesville lighting to honor the approximately 400 inhabitants who died from the virus. .. The community can effectively watch the ceremony on Hamilton County TV and show support by placing a battery-powered candle in the window at 7:00 pm on March 13.
Also, according to the Ministry of Health, February is Teen Dating DV Awareness Month. From this link on the CDD (https://go.usa.gov/xAhpv), parents can teach their children how to find signs and what a healthy relationship looks like.

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