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NHS workers ever killed because of the coronavirus




At least 50 NHS workers died after coronavirus infection.

The official death toll remains at 27, but compliments from local NHS trusts and loved ones have shown that the actual number is almost double, as announced by Health Secretary Matt Hancock yesterday. There is.

Mental health nurses, senior GPs, health care assistants and others lost their lives due to viruses.

Dr. Krishan Arora is the 50th health care worker believed to have died after being infected by the virus, as announced by the Southwest London Clinical Commissioning Group.

The 57-year-old was a senior partner in Violet Lane Medical Practice and was a Croydon practitioner for 27 years. He died on April 15th after a positive test for the virus.

When he was ill, he was self-isolated at home, following domestic guidance, and not working at the time of his death.

A colleague, Dr. Agnero Fernandez, said: “We are all very sad to the death of Dr. Krishan Arora. Krish is very well received, working hard to care for patients and improve services for everyone in Croydon. It was.

“Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with Krish’s family, friends, and close colleagues during this difficult time. I miss him.”

Jane Murphy, a clinical support worker, had worked at the Royal Edinburgh Clinic for about 30 years, but was initially retrained as a cleaner and clinical support worker.

A friend said: “Jane helps someone, but tells me if you’re wrong.”

“Very beloved” mental health nurse Gradism Jajati was described as having a warm and compassionate companion after her death after the Covid-19 contract.

According to the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Mujajati died in hospital after having quit her job for the past few weeks because of an underlying illness.

Known to his colleagues as Bob, radiology support worker Amrik Bamotla leaves behind his wife, daughter and son. The 63-year-old worked for four years at King George Hospital in Ilford, east London.

A co-worker said Mr. Bamotla “treated everyone like his own family.”

These are the names of health workers known by the PA news agency to have died during a pandemic.

– Jane Murphy, Clinical Support Worker

73-year-old Murphy has worked at the Edinburgh Royal Clinic for about 30 years. First retrained as a cleaner and then as a clinical support worker.

“Jane can help someone, but he’ll tell you if you’re wrong,” a friend said.

– Dr. Kryshan Arora, GP

Dr. Krishan Arora is a Senior Partner in Violet Lane Medical Practice and has been a Croydon practitioner for 27 years.

He died on April 15th after a positive test for the virus.

At the age of 57, he was symptomatic and self-isolated at home, following domestic guidance, when he was not working at the time of his death.

His death was confirmed by the Southwest London Clinical Committee Group.

A colleague, Dr. Agnero Fernandez, said: “We are all very sad to the death of Dr. Krishan Arora. Krish is very well received, working hard to care for patients and improve services for everyone in Croydon. It was.

“Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with Krish’s family, friends, and close colleagues during this difficult time. I miss him.”

– Gladys Mujajati, Mental Health Nurse

Dedicated to helping the people of Derby, the 46-year-old was described by Amanda Solway as the Minister of Science and was described by her colleagues as “very loved,” “warm,” and “compassionate.” I will.

According to the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Mujajati died in hospital after having quit her job for the past few weeks because of an underlying illness.

– Lourdes Campbell, Health Care Assistant

Known to her colleagues as “Death”, the healthcare assistant was remembered by the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust as “hardworking and caring.”

In a statement on April 16, Trust Fiona Nanoden’s chief executive said Ms. Campbell died after being infected with the virus in the critical care unit at Royal Bolton Hospital.

-Amrik Bamotra, Radiology Support Worker

Known to his colleague as “Bob,” Mr. Bamotla said, “I treated everyone like my family,” leaving behind my wife, daughter, and son.

The 63-year-old has been working for four years at King George Hospital in Ilford, east London, and is suspected of having died of the coronavirus. His death was announced on April 15.

– Andy Treble, Theater Assistant

A 57-year-old theater assistant at Wrexham Mailer Hospital in North Wales, died on April 15th in a sick test.

His younger sister, Maria Molloy, described her brother, who had been working at the hospital for about 40 years, her life as a profession and a “kind smile”.

– Linnette Cruz, Dental Nurse

According to NHS Wales, a 51-year-old senior nurse at the Brinteg Dental Clinic in Sketj died after being hospitalized at Covid-19 on April 14.

“She brings love, light and joy to everyone around her and will sadly be overlooked by everyone,” said Nick Patel, the practice owner of Brintegu.

– Josiane Zauma Ebonja Ekoli, Nurse

My five-year-old mother, 55, was an agency nurse living in Leeds and working at Harrogate Hospital. She died on April 13th.

Her daughter said: “It meant everything was a nurse, as far as I remember – I’ve been doing it for over 30 years.”

– Dr. Peter Tun, associate expert

The two fathers have been working as neurological rehabilitation specialists at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading for over 21 years.

At the age of 62, he died in the intensive care unit of a hospital on April 12th. Two sons called me “Superhero Dad” in tribute.

“For us, he is simply the best person we know, and we will miss him every day,” they said.

– Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong, nurse

Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong died on April 12 at the beginning of the month because she was positive for Covid-19.

David Carter, CEO of NHS Foundation Trust at Bedfordshire Hospital, said:

– Cheryl Williams, ward housekeeper

North Middlesex University Hospital said Ms Williams will be remembered as a “very loved colleague.”

Williams, who worked as a housekeeper in an elderly patient ward at a hospital in Edmonton, northern London, died on April 12.

– Maureen Ellington, Health Care Assistant

Mrs. Ellington, a grandmother in her early sixties, died on April 12 after working at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

She has worked at the NHS for over 25 years, working at both French A and Southmead Hospitals.

Her family said: “She brightened the room she entered. She is always in our hearts.”

– Leilani Medell, nurse

Mrs. Medell, who worked as an agency nurse in South Wales, was described as “a wonderful and considerate person.” An employer of Cardiff-based Houpli recruitment said: “The nursing profession lost the warm, natural and beautiful nurses who cared for so many vulnerable people during their nursing career.”

– Amarante Diaz, hospital worker

Amarante Diaz, who worked at Weston General Hospital in northern Somerset, was described as “a highly regarded and much loved colleague” and “greatly overlooked.”

– Melujean Ballesteros, Nurse

A “dedicated and very caring” Filipina nurse (age 60) died two days after being hospitalized on April 12, at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London.

– Kevin Smith, Gypsum Technician

Doncaster Royal Infirmary confirmed the death of plaster technician Kevin Smith on April 12th, when he experienced a “brief but brave fight with Covid-19.”

He has been working in the hospital for over 35 years and is “famous for his warm personality, hard work and compassion,” said Trust.

– Oscar King Jr, Hospital Porter

At the age of 45, Oscar King Jr., a Filipino porter at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, died on April 11.

He has been in the hospital for more than 10 years and was said to “always work with enthusiasm and joy.”

– Elbert Rico, Hospital Porter

Rico, a colleague of King Jr of John Radcliffe, has worked as a porter there since moving from the Philippines to the UK in 2004.

– Gareth Roberts, nurse

“Very popular” Roberts’ death, retired in 2015, working from the 1980s, was confirmed by Cardiff and Veil University Health Commissions on April 11.

– Donna Campbell, Health Care Support Worker

A health care support worker at the Verindle Cancer Center in Cardiff, who was described as “beautiful and heartfelt” by a colleague, died at University Hospital Wales on April 10.

– Saladie Trolope, nurse

Mrs. Trollrope, 51-year-old mother of an Elderly Mental Health Service in Hillingdon in western London, died at Watford General Hospital on April 10 after being positively diagnosed with the virus.

The four mothers were described by their daughters as “examples for each of us”.

– Brianderington, Porter

Darlington, a porter at Mid Cheshire Hospital, was known for giving sweets to colleagues. He died on April 10th at the age of 68.

He is a 46-year-old wife, “He devoted himself to trust. As a family, we are grateful and grateful for all the kind words and messages we have seen and received.”

– Julie Ommer, nurse

A traumatic and orthopedic nurse at the 52-year-old Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, Worcestershire, died at home from autism on 10 April.

– Amor Gatinao, nurse

The nurse reportedly died in the morning of April 10, working at St. Charles Hospital in western London.

– Amy O’Rourke, nurse

At the age of 39, the nurse and mother died at Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Hospital (QEQMH) in Margate, Kent, who worked on April 9th.

– Dr Abdul Mabud Chowdhury, Urology Consultant

At the age of 53, he posted on Facebook and asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson to urgently provide personal protection to all NHS workers just five days before they died on the night of April 8th.

– Dr. Edmond Adedeji, Doctor

A 62-year-old woman died “on the job of interest” on April 8 after working in the Emergency Department of the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, Wiltshire.

– Fayez Ayache, GP

A 76-year-old general practitioner and grandfather were diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia and coronavirus and died at Ipswich Hospital on April 8.

– Elsie Sazuze, Care Nurse

Mrs. Sazuze, who worked for Wolverhampton-based agency Totallycare, died on April 7 at Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield, according to the BBC who spoke to her husband Ken.

– Leilani Dayrit, nurse

Daylit, a Filipino nurse working at St. Cross Hospital in Rugby, described as “The Ray of the Sun,” died on April 7.

– Donald Suert, nurse

A 51-year-old working at Hammersmith Hospital in West London, she died on April 7 after she self-isolated due to coronavirus symptoms.

– Alice Kit Tak Ong, Nurse

Born in Hong Kong, the 70-year-old died on April 7 after working for 44 years at the NHS. She was described by her daughter Melissa as “generous to others before herself.”

– Janis Graham, nurse

A 58-year-old healthcare support worker at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) became the first nurse in Scotland as a result of the April 6 outbreak of the coronavirus.

– Syed Haider, GP

My family doctor worked in Dagenham, eastern London, and died in hospital on April 6, believed to have developed coronavirus symptoms.

– Patient Discharge Planner, Barbara Moore

The Liverpool University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was described as a “unknown hero,” whose 54-year-old grandmother died on April 6th.

– Dr. Alfa Sadu, Doctor

A 68-year-old woman who returned from retirement died on April 6 at Whittington Hospital in northern London.

– Jitendra Rathod, surgeon

Lasod, a “highly acclaimed” sub-specialist in cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Wales Hospital, died on the morning of 6 April.

– Lynsay Coventry, Midwife

Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex, announced the death of a 4-year-old, a 5-year-old at the age of 54.

– Emily Perugia, care worker

Perugia, a care coordinator in Hillingdon in northwest London, was just 29 at the time of her death confirmed on April 5.

She was described by a colleague as “a lovely woman who never opposed any requests.” Her mother, sister, brother, and fiance all work for the same NHS trust that she represented.

– Glen Corbin, nurse

A 59-year-old, she has been working at the Parkroyal Center for Mental Health Center in Harlesden in northwest London for more than 25 years and the London Central and Northwest London NHS Foundation Trust announced his death on April 4. .

– Rebecca Mac, nurse

The 29-year-old died on April 5 after entering symptomatic self-isolation. Her friend Sarah Bleden Kemp said she was an “incredible nurse.”

– Liz Granister, nurse

Aintree University Hospital said the staff of the nurse died on April 3 and her family described the loss as “more than just words.”

– Dr. Anton Sebastianpillai, Consultant

According to Kingston Hospital in southwest London, an elderly consultant died on April 4, four days after being admitted to the intensive care unit and two weeks after completing the final shift on March 20.

– John Aragos, nurse

Mail On Sunday reported that a 27-year-old nurse who was treating a patient with coronavirus at Watford General Hospital died after the April 3 shift.

– Areema Nasreen, nurse

Nasreen died on April 2 at the age of 36 after receiving intensive care at Walsall Manor Hospital in West Midlands. I worked for 16 years.

– Sami Shousha, Researcher

The 79-year-old professor, who had been working at the British Cancer Institute at Hammersmith Hospital and Charing Cross Hospital in London since 1978, died on April 2.

– Thomas Harvey, nurse

On March 29, a 57-year-old medical assistant, seven fathers who worked at Goodmayes Hospital in Ilford, east London, died at home.

– Dr. Amged El-Hawrani, Consultant

At the age of 55, he was an ear, nose, and throat consultant for the Derby College Hospital and the Burton NHS Foundation Trust, who died on March 28 at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester.

– Pooja Sharma, pharmacist

According to a Just Giving page created in memory, Sharma, a pharmacist at Eastbourne District General Hospital, died suddenly on March 26.

– Dr. Habib Zaidi, Doctor

The Leigh-on-Sea GP died on March 25 at the age of 76 at the Southend Hospital in Essex due to intensive care.

– Dr. Adil El Tayar, Transplant Surgeon

A 63-year-old man died on 25 March at West Middlesex College Hospital in Isleworth, West London, and worked as a surgeon before he died.


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