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Emerging AI and Machine Learning Trends to Watch In 2021

Emerging AI and Machine Learning Trends to Watch In 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the introduction of artificial intelligence in various areas and business processes of companies around the world, according to analysts. Thus, the importance of artificial intelligence is growing significantly, and in all countries of the world. That is why the machine learning development industry has become one of the most demanded in the IT sector.

AI growth in medicine

Market participants are primarily associated with events significant for the industry either with the COVID-19 pandemic itself or with its consequences. For example, diagnostic tools for the disease appeared, which were quickly introduced into the practice of medical institutions, airports, banks, and other strategically important government facilities around the world.

Moreover, due to the urgent need, the rules for registering medical software, including those with the use of AI, were simplified. Market participants consider this to be one of the most notable changes in healthcare. This gives innovative products the opportunity to shorten the state registration procedure by several months, which is significant in a dynamically developing market.

AI segments in telecommuting and banking

The transition to remote interaction has accelerated dramatically and, as a result, the list of services requiring remote identification and verification has grown, while the requirements for the quality and security of these services have increased significantly. If before isolation, remote identification by means of AI was more of a premium segment, today for banks and companies in the financial sector, medical centers, insurance companies and many others, remote user identification has become a must-have.

Experts note the high importance of voice interfaces in 2021, and also name two other AI directions, the development of which has noticeably accelerated. You can ask questions on this topic at

Customer service and e-commerce

The demand for intelligent assistants, voice and text robots, and speech analytics has grown. Voice and text robots have previously been used to improve customer experience. During a pandemic, when the load on contact centers for processing customer requests in finance, retail, telecom, and e-commerce has grown, the winner is the one who was able to connect with their customers using AI solutions. The results of the year show that the business that implemented such solutions not only did not lose, but also showed growth, and this dynamic continues.

AI in the security sector

The demand for contactless systems has also increased. Until 2020, the face recognition system was used primarily to ensure safety and comfort, and now there are more and more cases of its use to minimize contact.

Multimodal biometrics have become more visible. The pandemic also influenced the growth of distance, digital, online activity, and triggered the development of digital avatars. The digital twin can represent a person in both the physical and digital world. But any representation on our behalf requires timely and adequate authentication and verification, for which biometrics are increasingly used. With the help of biometrics and new technologies, you can remotely confirm your identity, make purchases, order food, contactless (even without interacting with the passport control service) go to the airport, fitness center, or office. Now the benefits and convenience of such implementations are becoming obvious to everyone.



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