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Fact Check: Trump and Biden have dueled councils




Significant differences between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden were visible in competing town halls, and in no space was it less false than the size and frequency of their falsity. The cancellation of the second debate after the withdrawal from the virtual format proposed by Trump deprived Americans of the opportunity to see the two candidates fighting on the same stage. But where Biden scattered an hour-and-a-half of abuse or a few misrepresentations, Trump unleashed a plethora of unfair claims of about an hour. Trump falsely claimed that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 85% of people who wear masks take coronavirus, once again inaccurately arguing that there is widespread fraud with postal votes, which he defended as a mere “opinion.” and repeated repeated false or misleading remarks about the U.S. military, and its position on the pandemic, the Biden tax plan, job creation, and DACA, and its existing conditions. Biden falsely said that Trump did nothing after the expiration of the initial return of unemployed congressional support, wrongly said that there are more troops in Afghanistan today when he left the vice presidency, and he seems wrong to deny that his website was called Green. Address the “crucial framework”. #DanielDale #CNN #New.



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