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The culture of street life and nightlife has definitely moved to a new societal platform. Currently, American youth want to dress and live a rich lifestyle while displaying a distinctive style in youth circles. In addition, Americans love change: especially the change in brands capable of providing and maintaining competitive prices as well as a unique business model – which breaks the rules and structures of traditional fashion. His ambitious style but also his level of confidence. Recently, advancements in technology and increased competition have spawned a new brand of affordable, style-driven jewelry on an ultra-fast platform. In a nutshell, developing a stimulating new strategy is a smart solution to deal with the rapid changes in today's competitive market.

In short, the new environment of the consumer spirit demands different values, behavior and, above all, style. Choices, creativity, team spirit, a relaxed working atmosphere, refined work schedules and fresh, well-made jewelry and clothing are the new rules of a jewelry brand. progressives that I have recently observed. To survive today, brands must combine accessible and ambitious. The shift from a traditional way of doing business to a futuristic strategy has shaped a new path to follow that adheres to changes in taste levels of consumers. A brand must now cover a large space in the market and this should be its own accessible space.

These advances seem to be of great benefit to consumers who are delighted to have the freedom to wear their favorite pieces of a brand whose founders live and breathe their own lifestyle. It is transparency this is the keyword of the decade. As a business strategy, we must all be aware that choices offer more opportunities for significant sales growth. I recently met a young company that is still entering this brand of leadership. GLD (pronounced GOLD) rethought the traditional business model and creative strategy, lending itself to flexible and adaptable changes for their target audience.

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Co-founder Dan Folger was Pittsburgh connected to Wiz Khalifa. With the opening of the doors of Wiz and a first co-signer for GLD; today, he is still a friend alongside several other hip hop personalities. I have met the founders and I can tell you without reservation that these guys are ready to face the changes in the inevitable fashion and jewelry market. The brand that revealed to Forbes selling tens of millions, dominates all direct competitors, surpasses anyone in its line when it comes to marketing spend, proudly claims 1 million real fans on social networks; assert dominance in their category while creating doping trends and establishing solid partnerships!

Their story begins in Pittsburgh with childhood friends Christian Johnston and Dan Folger. They started out as street savvy guys and childhood friends who were still in school. They were intrigued by fashion and decided to create their own brand. They hadn't gone to business or fashion school, but rather aimed to create a brand that people could identify with and catch the mood. Entrepreneurs influenced by the art and urban culture of their city dreamed of creating a lifestyle by designing and producing jewelry, while inspiring others. GLD is now born.

What started in a basement in Pittsburgh PA has become an international brand with millions of stylish customers and Instagram followers. Currently headquartered in Miami, Florida, GLD is about to launch its flagship retail store while continuing to expand the brand by getting everyone to work hard, play hard and give back.

What I found particularly interesting is that each month the brand issues 5 checks in the amount of 1k each. The money aware goes to the consumer who posted the best picture wearing GLD and posting the picture from their respective personal Instagram while tagging @shopgld and #gldgang.

GLD has been fortunate to collaborate with leading celebrities such as ASAP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa and Trippie Redd as well as with the best athletes in the world, including Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Paul Pogba. Partners believe that these celebrities and each customer are a testament to the power of the brand. In addition, strategic partnerships like the NBA and Marvel Comics offer additional opportunities for GLD to create and inspire on the world stage!

I recently had the privilege of speaking with GLD co-founders, Christian Johnston and Dan Folger, how it all started, why their social impact is an interesting way to diversify and why they can say with confidence; we make entry level jewelry better than anyone around the world!

Joseph DeAcetis: Talk about the story, the brand's DNA and your personal history respectively. How did it all go?

Christian Johnston: We grew up together as childhood friends. We grew up in Pittsburgh. This culture is something that has always fascinated us with the colorful lifestyle, the jewelry, the urban vibe. This is something in which we have always been involved. We always had this idea of ​​creating a lifestyle brand or just something bigger than us that captured that energy.

Joseph DeAcetis: Why were you fascinated by this?

Dan Folger: When we were kids, we always drove our bikes to downtown Pittsburgh. The path we drove on had a ton of graffiti, skateboard stores, street fashion stores, basketball courts, places like that. Lots of things that were part of the culture, you know? Art, sports, music. There was always an emerging scene, there were pop-ups of local hip hop artists, local designers, events. So we were just young and exposed to this rise of culture among us and it was impossible not to be fascinated by it.

Joseph DeAcetis: How old are you talking about?

Dan Folger: 15, maybe 14, we were teenagers. We filmed everything we did, we wore this little camera, it was called a flip kit, like a flip camcorder. We were biking in the city, we were filming each other, we were filming these artists painting a wall, recording musicians, catching snowboarders in the park, this and that, I feel like it & # 39; Is when we started getting into art, music, fashion, documentation of everything and its release. It is really interesting to see how culture and photography intertwine.

Christian Johnston: It got us into the culture and from there we always had the idea of ​​creating a brand. We ventured a bit into fashion, we made graphic t-shirts and hoodies, things like that. And that's when we transferred and started to focus mainly on jewelry, which we still make graphic t-shirts and clothing for, but jewelry became GLD.

Joseph DeAcetis: What was this turning point when you switched to jewelry?

Christian Johnston: It was a trip to New York. A trip to New York and a meeting there that could introduce us to the right people.

Dan Folger: It was actually related to the jewelry and it was like, guys, like you have to check that out. We went to see him and we're like, yeah, it's cool, it suits us like we feel like we can love him. We saw ourselves wear it. We started our Instagram and just started selling it here and there. We started small, we each put $ 1,000 to start.

Joseph DeAcetis: Have you incorporated the business?

Christian Johnston: We had an LLC, we launched GLD LLC and we started selling instantly right next to Instagram.

Dan Folger: Seriously, we were selling directly on Instagram. We would take really nice pictures of the jewelry. What was really cool, it was literally just Christian and I was just taking photos of each other wearing the jewelry. It was like for every photo we take, we are like I take a photo of you, you take a photo of me, or say that we are cycling through the city or whatever we are doing. We would have the bracelet, hold it in the sky to take a photo with Pittsburgh in the background. Everything was right, you know, him and me. I was doing this together. We would just focus 24/7 on GLD.

Christian Johnston: Yes, it was just a USPS cardboard box with all of our jewelry.

Dan Folger: We would come and go to everyone's house with this box and drink like 20 cups of coffee and grind it, take good photos, put them on GLD Instagram that night.

Joseph DeAcetis: And where would you make the jewelry? Would you do it yourself?

Christian Johnston: Basically, we had this guy who had the jewelry in New York, we bought it and sold it at first. We would earn some money, we would build a small bank, that was not much yet, but we had some money and we took it. That year, selling jewelry like that was also researching the industry and trying to innovate. We were very focused on a way to make this entry level piece of jewelry, but we wanted it to be of the highest quality that has ever existed. After finding a few sources, we took this money bank and created our fully personalized line, and that's when GLD really started. We have created our first line of a dozen totally personalized pendants, chains and objects. It all took place on a custom designed website.

Joseph DeAcetis: Magnificent. Why the name GLD?

Dan Folger: It suited us best in terms of what we wanted. We liked that it was three short letters. By hearing it, you would have understood what we were doing. When I told GLD to someone, it was simple: everyone gets it is Gold & amp; # 39; without saying it completely. Right from the start, when we said it, when we got the name, we said to ourselves, it's us, it's GLD.

Joseph DeAcetis: You are obviously succeeding here, as entrepreneurs, both in their twenties. In your opinion, what is your competitive advantage in the market today?

Christian Johnston:

For me it starts with quality and our versatility at different product levels. We are able to offer the level of entry into this space and do it better than anyone. We can confidently say that we are making entry level jewelry better than anyone around the world. We also have the option of creating a fully personalized piece for $ 150,000 for anyone who can afford it, such as a celebrity like ASAP Rocky or Trippie Redd. Weve made crazy pieces. Trippie Redd had one where the eyes light up, it is waterproof and fits perfectly on his neck and he can compete with any piece that has really been made. So we sort of have that versatility between the different price levels, and then we also deal with the NBA. You put it all together and combine it with the lifestyle we have made us extremely different and successful.

Joseph DeAcetis: Do you focus more on the lifestyle you have in terms of competitive advantage?

Dan Folger: The lifestyle. When you think of some of these other companies, they are just brick and mortar stores. They are not like us or our customers. Were there, the grinder. As business owners, we are on the ground, meeting our people, meeting celebrities and personally hosting events like Rolling Loud. People see this through our Instagram. We really work in the field with our team to build the brand. They want to support this.

Christian Johnston: The brand is essentially a reflection of our lifestyle, even since the days when we were cycling where everything was taking pictures of us crossing the city or wherever we are, these pictures are our real life. Our lifestyle has somehow transcended the brand, be it back then or now, it's always the same. It is always us in our daily life. Our history is still our daily life.

Dan Forbes: Even if you look at our IG feed or our stories, it's literally as if I were myself or a Christian every day.

Joseph DeAcetis: You have interconnectivity. Is this part of your competitive advantage?

Dan Folger: For sure. Personally, I don't see anyone doing it like we do. It & # 39; s real and people see it.

Joseph DeAcetis: Why do you think you have 1 million followers on Instagram?

Dan Folger: Again, I think it's because of the quality we provide. It is also partnerships and exclusive products like with the NBA. Important moments like the one we worked hard for. And it's the people and celebrities who support us.

Joseph DeAcetis: But, you had a million followers before the NBA.

Dan Folger: True. We have built a lifestyle brand by posting very relevant and interesting content. When someone looks at Instagram GLD, they say Wow, it's the American dream. Our people looked at us from our parents' basement with a jewelry box to where we are now. People see it, they are like. man, you need to check GLD. It is real, they are cool and we respect what they do. They watched us and now we are in Los Angeles to film our new advertising campaign. It has been a big blow for our brand in 5 little years.

Joseph DeAcetis: But it's also you. You are cool. You two are cool.

Christian Johnston: Yes, we are essentially GLD.

Dan Folger: I really think people look at us and are like … Dude, these guys are just two suburban kids, I can be like that! We get so many DMs saying that I'm going to create a brand because of you, I'm going to do it because you did it. People have literally seen us coming from our parents' house, where we are now. Our employees have followed the history of our entrepreneurs and now they follow us personally and the brand. They see us as the people behind the brand and can identify with it. We're also very transparent, we post about our challenges and say, man, if you fail, it's not over, keep going. We have failed 100 times, we are still on the verge of not looking back and continuing. Like we're very fat, hey, man, if we can do it, so can you. we are very motivating and inspiring. Everything is from us, its internal shooting, the customers see right now, in real life.

Joseph DeAcetis: Right now, internally, tell me with my readers about your internal social impact and your social impact strategy

Christian Johnston: I think it is really important for us not only to try to give back but to inspire people in a motivating way to give back in their own way. With our employees and our own team, we allow them to give back. Each month we have two employees who can choose a charity of their choice, and we donate money to these two charities. Each month, we help two different charities and focus on what matters to our employees.

Joseph DeAcetis: Two different charities each month. An interesting way to diversify your social impact. Are you promoting outside?

Christian Johnston: Now, internally, it's no longer an employee affair at the moment. We can expand it.

Dan Folger: We should also talk about the GLD Gang. We encourage our customers to post images of their jewelry and share it on social media. As a team, we choose 5 winners per month to earn $ 1,000 from us.

Joseph DeAcetis: How long have you been doing this?

Christian Johnston: We started it in 2019.

Joseph DeAcetis: In your opinion, who was the best customer who displayed a visual port? Limit it to one.

Dan Folger:We have very good ones, where's my phone? Let's look at some winners. It is difficult but personally I love skiing – it has done incredible things beyond what we could achieve. There are also people who are videographers, who have taken a long time to find models or friends, and they shoot them and make / edit all these crazy videos. There are a few that are really very good in their own genre.

Joseph DeAcetis: Tell me from the top of your head, which one is coming.

Dan Folger: Personally, I love skiing because I love the fact that he wears a Built from the Ground Up hoodie, then he goes away and loves 540 backflips. It’s so amazing. Once this guy posted it, like a week later, a bunch of other skiers posted videos in their GLD hoodies doing the same.

Joseph DeAcetis: And how long does it take for this beneficiary to receive the $ 1,000?

Christian Johnston: Every month, so at the end of the month, we send it to everyone who wins.

Joseph DeAcetis: Who chooses the one who wins?

Christian Johnston: We do it, we choose the 5.

Dan Folger: We go to Instagram and enter the hashtag #GLDGANG. And Christian and I scroll through, and the screenshots we like, the ones we think are the best. As owners, we personally look for the winners.

Joseph DeAcetis: 5 per month? Wow! Let me ask you this question before moving on to the next question, how many people enter?

Christian Johnston: IG stops counting after 1000, but since we started last year, I would say we have probably had 5000 publications using the hashtag.

Joseph DeAcetis: What idea was it to do this?

Dan Folger: We as a team. As part of our core team – we have a group conversation called GLD Final and we talk 24/7 – more than I speak to my girlfriend or anyone in my family.

Joseph DeAcetis: Talk to Forbes about the move from Pittsburgh to Miami and Los Angeles, respectively.

Dan Folger: I think it was one of the greatest highlights of our lives. Coming from Pittsburgh, it's cold and it's a great place to work. You are constantly grinding. Our childhood dream was to grind at least one warm place, so that we could look out of our office everyday and see the ocean or the beach. I think when we got out of Pittsburg it was an incredible achievement for us. And what's more, when we arrived in Miami, it was when GLD grew up.

Joseph DeAcetis: But do you bow to Pittsburgh? Because this is where you developed your creativity?

Dan Folger: Yes of course. Happy and proud to be born in Pittsburgh, it definitely showed us how to grind.

Joseph DeAcetis: See you in Pittsburgh? Is this on your agenda?

Christian Johnston: Last year we had a pop-up store in Pittsburgh. We brought out Wiz Khalifa, who is also from Pittsburgh, and we had a weeklong store and at the end of the week, we held a big party in the hometown where Wiz Khalifa played and released a song there with a local artist. It was a very personal moment for us.

Joseph DeAcetis: Was it sincere for both of you?

Dan Folgers: Exactly, yes.

Christian Johnston: It was cool too because everyone who was there still contacts us today and says it was the best night of their lives.

Dan Folger: It was more than a concert. There is a place in Pittsburgh, it's called Southside, and there are a ton of bars and shop windows – it's cool, it's the perfect place. And we had our little shop in the front, and in the back was like an empty room – imagine a party at home but with Wiz Khalifa. There were no barriers between him and our people.

Christian Johnston: Everyone was on the same level.

Dan Folger: You could be a normal kid and you're like (for Wiz Khalifa): what's up, man? We all hang out together. It was fun.

Christian Johnston: It was perfect. Wiz Khalifa was there and he stayed for about three and a half hours. He liked the atmosphere because it was small, very personal.

Joseph DeAcetis: What is your best compliment you could give your partner:

Christian Johnston: Dan is very creative. He's a great photographer – but I don't mean to say he's the only thing he has talent for. I mean he is amazing with a camera but he has a great social conscience with Instagram. He just finds things that interact really well through his images and videos. With his videos, he talks a lot about our almost educational or educational jewels. People recognize it and appreciate it. It is great to be a face of our brand. He is also very good with the creative direction of our visuals. It manages many visual elements, whether photos, videos or any creative element. He has a natural eye for. He is very skillful in different creative ways.

Dan Folger: I would say Christians are hard workers. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever known. As children, when GLD was very young, we were still quite young. When we wanted to go out, Chris was always the only one to relax and grind. When they say that the Mamba mentality of working hard or going home – that's for sure Christian. It's a good balance, as he (Christian) said, I can go out, meet people socially at night, and I'll come back to the office, and hell has things to do for me. I don't know how to do certain things that it does, so this is a good balance in our partnership.

Joseph DeAcetis: What is the biggest challenge or problem that you have had with each other as a partner for so long? What is the biggest challenge you face?

Christian Johnston: Honestly, I would say that we integrate very well. Opposed but were similar in many ways as well. We complement each other in this business.

Dan Folger: But if we have differences, we will talk about them. We are very open with each other. So we run a lot together. For example, if I ask him what you think of this pendant? I think we should change it. He would not take it negatively.

Joseph DeAcetis: So the solution to your biggest challenges is having communication.

Dan Folger: Yes, we speak every day.

Joseph DeAcetis: Let me ask you this: what has been your greatest success? You two, individually, since the launch of the brand.

Dan Folger: Honestly, I would say, when you walk into our head office here in Miami. When you walk around this big office, when you look around, I like wow … there's 10 people doing our customer service. We have nearly 50 employees. I always get butterflies. When I say we built this from scratch, it's true. I would love to have pictures of us in my parents' basement or in his basement, with a USPS box in which we just have our stuff. We have built it from the start. So when you come in and see how many people are here (at the office) and again, we're 26 and 27, you see people who are even older in their thirties, forties who work here, that’s ; is just crazy. We built it. This is my greatest achievement, looking around the brand and seeing where it stands and seeing people in an office all together and being proud to work for GLD is probably my greatest achievement.

Christian Johnston: And now be able to provide them with benefits. It’s really important to us.

Christian Johnston: From what Dan said, my answer will be our new office where we will be moving. But I mean, every office – from our first office in Pittsburgh for GLD, we literally went from this box in our parents' basement to be able to have our own office, and it was a place where we lived essentially. We ate there, slept there, woke up there.

Joseph DeAcetis: So you think this is your greatest achievement, now going to the new Wynwood excavations. Can you talk about it?

Christian Johnston: Our new office is three times the size of this office. It's about 11,000 square feet. Its two floors in the heart of the new arts and culture district of Miami. It really matches our atmosphere. We know it, we love this office. We have fond memories here. But we are really, really excited about the move to Wynwood. We just feel like the overall vibe, the more Wynwood culture, the office itself, it's a perfect fit.

Joseph DeAcetis: I wanted to talk about your determination in the market. It has been said that GLD has made comparisons with Nike. Many suggest that you are the Nike of men's jewelry? Thoughts?

Christian Johnston: For sure. Obviously, Nike is an incredible company and everyone was humbled by the comparison. Nike is at the top of its industry in terms of products and popularity, but its value actually lies in innovation. And I think that from the beginning until today, we have also continued to innovate to get into our market.

GLD innovated on our products, which is what established our dominance in the market.

There is really no one who can compare us in any way, be it product design, quality or lifestyle.

The versatility and popularity of the products we have, we can break them down into numbers – site visits, monthly sales, anything in that sense, there is simply no comparison with anyone in the industry next to us. In addition, we are growing at a faster rate than anyone in our space and are becoming a household name. We impose ourselves as leaders to follow.

Joseph DeAcetis: I wanted to talk about the watch and the launch of your new watch. Il y a donc tellement de montres sur le marché en ce moment, ce qui rend votre montre différente et désirable par les consommateurs dans une mer inondée de montres.

Christian Johnston: La première chose qui différencie GLD de quiconque sur le marché est le sertissage manuel de la pierre dans les montres. Nous avons tous les paramètres personnalisés, c&#39;est très proche les uns des autres, toutes les pierres se touchent, c&#39;est quelque chose que vous verriez comparativement comme une montre à 40000 $. Il n&#39;y a vraiment pas d&#39;autre moyen d&#39;y parvenir que d&#39;obtenir cela d&#39;un Audemars Piguet ou Rolex ou quelque chose comme ça où c&#39;est super, super haut de gamme. Ce que nous offrons également ce prix mais vous donne une qualité comparable pour 899,00 $. Avec GLD, vous obtenez la meilleure montre de qualité avec ce niveau de réglage. Normalement, le travail sur une pièce comme celle-ci serait même 10 fois supérieur à ce prix.

Dan Folger: Voir dans cette montre comment son combiné. Vous pouvez voir que les diamants se touchent, lorsque vous achetez des bijoux, beaucoup de gens veulent que les diamants soient aussi proches que possible, ce qui s&#39;appelle un sertissage de fleurs. Beaucoup de montres ont un réglage de machine qui donne une apparence de rangées et ça a l&#39;air mauvais.

Joseph DeAcetis: Donc, s&#39;il y a une chose qui se démarque sur le marché horloger pour le consommateur de cette montre, que pensez-vous que ce soit? Qu&#39;est-ce qui va le séparer du pack?

Christian Johnston: Je dirais le mouvement continu sans le tick tick tick (sur l&#39;horloge des montres). Ce serait donc le mouvement, le cadre, puis l&#39;esthétique globale et la qualité de la montre.

Joseph DeAcetis: Parlez-moi en général de vos accords de licence que vous avez actuellement chez GLD?

Christian Johnston: Thank you. Je suppose que nous pouvons parler de la licence de la NBA. Nous avons aussi Marvel maintenant. Alors Marvel Comics et la NBA. C&#39;est super, c&#39;était un rêve devenu réalité pour nous. Premièrement, il s&#39;agit d&#39;une énorme réussite pour toute l&#39;équipe GLD. C&#39;est quelque chose dont nous sommes vraiment fiers et nous pensons que cela ne fait que commencer pour nous. Tout récemment, nous avons sorti nos pendentifs avec logo NBA x GLD avec les 30 équipes et nous vous avons donné un petit aperçu de la chaîne cubaine des Chicago Bulls que nous avons lancée lors du All-Star Weekend. Nous avons beaucoup plus de choses en magasin qui ne sont pas seulement basées sur les logos, mais incorporant des éléments de conception des équipes dans une toute nouvelle pièce créative que personne n&#39;a jamais vue auparavant.

Dan Folger: Lorsque vous allez sur notre site, il nous appelle un partenaire officiel et a le logo NBA et le logo GLD – juste pour voir que, comme, encore une fois, vous obtenez des frissons. Vous êtes comme, allez mec – c&#39;est incroyable. Nous travaillons avec la NBA et Marvel.

Joseph DeAcetis: Permettez-moi de vous poser cette question, l&#39;une des dernières questions est quelle est votre stratégie? Marketing, Creative, quelle est votre stratégie pour l&#39;avenir? Nous entrons dans un marché mondial maintenant; Quelle est votre stratégie? Où avez-vous l&#39;intention de prendre la marque?

Dan Folger: Pour continuer à innover avec nos produits. Toujours avoir de nouveaux produits en baisse constante pour toujours garder nos collections fraîches et les clients reviennent pour de nouvelles pièces. Pour s&#39;étendre à l&#39;échelle mondiale. Encore une fois, même avec la licence NBA et Marvel, comme cela apporte une tonne de nouveaux yeux à la marque. Notre street marketing, être dans des festivals de musique, faire ces pop-ups, comme celui que nous venons de faire lors du week-end NBA All Star. Nous sommes en fait sur le terrain avec ces personnes. Je pense que c&#39;est bien, son bouche à oreille.

Joseph DeAcetis: Ils prennent des photos avec toi?

Christian Johnston: Oh ouais, bien sûr. J&#39;allais vous dire pour l&#39;une des meilleures réalisations que je n&#39;ai pas dites, mais l&#39;une des choses est juste de marcher dans la rue où que je sois, et de voir quelqu&#39;un dans nos pendentifs et ils marchent et disent – vous êtes Chrétien de GLD? Ils en sortent un morceau et disent que j&#39;ai ça et je vous aime les gars, je vous apprécie les gars. Cela signifie tellement, cela me rend si heureux. C&#39;est vraiment, comme je vois à quel point ils portent nos affaires et ça me rend heureux.

Joseph DeAcetis: Parlez-moi rapidement de la transition vers l&#39;habillement. Et pourquoi le produisez-vous aux USA?

Christian Johnston: Donc, les vêtements, nous les fabriquons tous en Amérique, tout est fabriqué, conçu et créé à Los Angeles.

Joseph DeAcetis: 100% fabriqué aux USA?

Dan Folger: Oui, à Los Angeles

Joseph DeAcetis: Et pourquoi est-ce que?

Christian Johnston: Je veux dire, nous essayons de garder tout local et aux USA autant que possible. C&#39;est notre pays. Cela a également du sens pour nous. C&#39;est peut-être un peu plus cher mais la qualité est vraiment bonne. Je pense que les consommateurs apprécient que vous essayiez de faire cet effort pour arriver ici. Nous utilisons les vêtements pour nos principaux clients, nous ferons des baisses limitées là où ils se vendent et nous voulons les garder vraiment exclusifs. La qualité doit donc être vraiment élevée. Nous ne voulons donc pas sacrifier la qualité juste pour économiser de l&#39;argent. C&#39;est notre conception. Ils sont toujours incorporés par GLD, le logo est toujours incorporé.

Joseph DeAcetis: Sur un plan durable, la fabrication durable aux USA. Parce qu&#39;il y a moins, moins à l&#39;étranger. Avez-vous des efforts durables dans votre entreprise?

Christian Johnston: Oui, je veux dire que c&#39;est très tôt, mais c&#39;est quelque chose dont nous sommes conscients. Nous faisons de notre mieux pour suivre.

Joseph DeAcetis: Donnez-moi des adjectifs qui décrivent votre marque.

GLD: Bio, innovant et badass!

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